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Top 5 things that freshers need to know about DU

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1. Prepare to have hours of free time. You WILL be having a lot of time on your hands- in between classes, waiting for your friends to come (because you will want to travel in packs), waiting for the lecture to begin, and then praying for the lecturer to leave!

2. Choose your friends carefully, since you’ll be making a lot of them, some for life. That said, try to avoid hostelites unless you’re living in a hostel, otherwise you will constantly hear them whine about curfews they have to meet etc.

3. Ragging. There isn’t much ragging now in DU anyway, after the crackdown. Don’t be nervous, it’s not all that bad. Try and enjoy it if you can. And keep your ego at home.

4. College societies are important. Not only will you make a lot of friends, it will give you a sense of purpose .DU gives a lot of options from the usual Debating and Dramatics to the off-beat ones like Film Appreciation, African Culture or Photography. And of course, you can always start your own society.

5. Try to avoid your car/bike to college. You will unnecessarily get caught in traffic jams. Car-pool, if possible. It’s an excellent way of making new friends and bonding with someone who understands exactly the ordeal you will go through to travel to and from college. Note-when planning taking the U-especial, make sure you have nothing planned for the rest of the day!

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