Last week, we came out with an article which laid out the most common base technologies, whether hardware or software, that you’ll essentially require to make your DU experience smoother and more exciting. While that list catered to the necessities, this one, ‘Tech for Freshers- Part 2’ caters to all your temptations.

We begin by mentioning the loner in the hardware side:


1. Bluetooth Speaker

This invention purposefully solves the problem of frequent requirement of loud music at a cheap cost. Whether you are on a department trip or a birthday party of one of your friends, a Bluetooth Speaker can ensure that you never go out of the supply of loud music. Oh and did we forget to mention? You can force your choice of music on others too.

Source: i.ytimg.com

And the better part of the software side:

1. For Dating Needs:

Tinder, Badoo, TrulyMadly, Lovoo – Gone are the days when love in college life meant love in the college campus. Like many other things, finding love or dating has changed for the 21st century. If you don’t find connections in your college, the tech cupid will help you find one using these apps.


Sources: Tinder icon: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tinder&hl=en
Badoo icon: https://badoo.com/
TrulyMadly icon: http://trulymadly.com/
Lovoo icon: http://www.appsforpc9.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/lovoo_logo.png

2. For Transportation Needs:


Uber, Ola, Jugnu – Even though the Delhi Metro will serve as the main source of your transportation, there will be times when your actual destination won’t be a walking distance from your ‘nearest’ metro station or when you’re carrying luggage that you can’t drag in the metro, especially while visiting NCR. These apps will help you get around the city at affordable rates.

Sources:Uber icon: https://2q72xc49mze8bkcog2f01nlh-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/New-Logo-Vertical-Dark.jpg
Ola icon: https://naushad.me/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Ola_Cabs_Logo.png
Jugnoo icon: http://www.businessofapps.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/jugnoo_app-copy.png

3. For Shopping Needs:

Flipkart, Amazon – Local markets are where you’ll do most of your shopping but at times, you’ll need stuff that’s just not available there. These apps will help you get that stuff right at your doorstep.
Paytm – As we get more technologically equipped, exchange of paper money moves towards obsolescence. Paytm wallet is the largest e-wallet in the country and has recently started to root its way into local markets. The day is not far when you’ll paytm the local paan wala for a cigarette or a chewing gum. Paytm also lets you transfer Paytm cash to your bank account for a small fee.


Sources: Flipkart icon: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/c/c9/Flipkart_logo.png
Amazon icon: http://cdn.wccftech.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/amazon.png
Paytm icon: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/4/42/Paytm_logo.png

4. For Event Needs:


Bookmyshow – Cinema will have a very big space in your college life. Sitting in the canteen after bunking classes gets redundant and boring after a while. At one point you will want to move out of the college and go someplace else. This app will help you find the movie or play of your choice that you and your gang can go to.

Sources: Bookmyshow logo: https://in.bookmyshow.com/job-listings/wp-content/themes/bms-listings/images/logo.png

5. For Fashion and Styling Needs:

Wooplr & Roposo – The first impression you impart on your peers is made by the way you carry yourself and your clothes. There is no doubt that fashion and styles have their own social bonuses. These two apps will help you stay on top of all the latest trends and new ways to expand your wardrobe.


Wooplr logo:https://res.wooplr.com/image/upload/h_120/assets/website/icon/wooplr.png
Roposo logo: http://www.biifund.com/wp-content/uploads/roposo-transparent-500×250.png

6. For Food and Beverages Needs:


Zomato and Swiggy – Someone has rightly said – You are what you eat”.
Don’t take it literally. It doesn’t mean that you’ll turn into a potato if you eat one. Food and choice of food can really define your personality. Also, in your journey as an undergraduate, you’ll encounter many moments where you’ll find yourself wanting to eat at places different from your regular ‘addas’. Zomato will help come in handy at that time. Swiggy is for times when you’re hungry and lazy, and want your food delivered to your doorstep which is not served by a fast food chain such as McDonalds or Pizza Hut.

Sources: Zomato icon: http://logos-download.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Zomato_logo.png
Swiggy icon: https://2q72xc49mze8bkcog2f01nlh-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/pune/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2015/09/swiggy-logo.png

Therefore, with this, we wrap up our list of a general tech guide for all students stepping into the university. Since every student is different, there are some apps which are better suited for some than others. Also, since the needs of a student are ever expanding, new techs are always emerging, both, on the hardware and the software/application fronts. Do let us know if there are some other essential technologies that we’ve missed out on.

You can also check out some other apps in this article which would help you sail through your college life and make it much more memorable.

Image Credits: Featured image- natashascrazylife.blogspot.com
Others- As cited above, respectively.

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College life is driven by a lot of factors. Although, technology is not a very major one, it helps you to keep tab on various aspects of your college life. So, here’s the first part of the list of the hardware that we think would really help you in your undergraduate journey:

  1. Smartphone 

    Source: pixabey.com

With time changing more swiftly than weather, a smartphone is a must for all new fuchchas out there unless you want to get on back foot for losing out on the random WhatsApp chats and latest class time updates and last minute changes declared by your popular class representative (CR). From taking a perfect selfie to calculating your monthly expenses, your smartphone can be the gateway to the world.




2. Earphones

Source: www.publicdomainpictures.net
Source: www.publicdomainpictures.net

From the drum beats of the theatre society to the noises of students bunking classes, you have to face a whole new level of distractions while trying to concentrate on something in college. In this situation a good earphone can come as a great rescue in time. With a great combination of right volume and right music it has the power to shift you to a different world where you can focus on your work in hand. No doubt some awesome companies like Google, Facebook and apple have earphone vending machines on their office premises.


3. Power Banks

Source: wikimedia.org
Source: wikimedia.org

From waking you up in the morning for the 8:30 classes to satisfying your soul with music during break within classes, your phone works harder than you. With WhatsApp and Facebook notifications pinging up in every ten minutes your phone’s battery life is going to get tired like you at the end or even middle of the day. A good power bank can ensure that your lifeline i.e. – phone doesn’t go out of its life and make your life more difficult. Go get one, before you decide between whether to make a last call of the day or to play your favourite song.




Having the right hardware is just not enough. One needs to know how to use it. Else it’s just dead weight that you’re carrying. So here’s the first part of the list of apps and software that would really help you in your undergraduate journey:

  1. For Social Needs

WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat – These are the four pillars of a good social life in not just DU, but in any university across the nation. Most of you, are already on Facebook and WhatsApp. Instagram and Snapchat are the ones on which many of you still aren’t. For an all-round social life, you need to be on the other two as well. You’ll realise their importance once the fest season comes. So register yourself right now and like the DU Beat pages (Yes! That is essential for a very cool social life as well. True Story!).


2. For Documentation and Project Needs

Open Office & Libre Office – These three are free license office suites which will help you to do all your digital assignments, presentation, reports and projects on Laptop or PC. Microsoft Office suite is one the best but it is paid. These are the best free alternatives.

53. For Utility

Truecaller – If you have an active social life in college or you’re involved in various co-curricular activities, you’ll need to filter out the incoming calls. This app comes in handy. It’s a universal caller ID which gives you the name of the person along with some additional information. User can also block numbers, making it an excellent ‘pervert management tool for girls.

ColorNote– The app is one of the best apps for taking quick notes and messages on your phone. You can make check lists and can even pin your TODOs in the notification bar. It’s available for Android and Windows phone. Similar variants are available for Apple iPhones easily.

Pocket– The ultimate apps for bookmarks. There are various links leading to articles about plethora of things on various social networks which will resonate with your personality. This app helps you save such links so that they can be read anywhere, on any platform or device. You can even save them offline and load it later. All you need to do is save them under your pocket account.


We wrap up the first part of our tech list here. Stay tuned for more. Do tell us about your personal experiences with apps and software in similar categories.

Image credits: natashascrazylife.blogspot.com

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If I ask people about their most-used platform for daily news, majority of them are likely to speak of social media platforms. This is the reality of today. Due to the emergence of digitalization and an immense growth of technology, people of all age-groups are heavily relied on websites like Facebook and Twitter to get their daily dose of updates from all around the world. News channels are seen investing in mobile applications to keep up with the pace of technology and provide timely updates to the readers.

All of this is giving people a power. One, no longer, has to switch on their television set to become aware of the latest debates in the world, and nor do they have to wait around for the arrival of any newspapers. One can actively broadcast news and watch it unfold without any lapse of time.

So, all in all, traditional platforms and social media have become two powerful forces which are working towards a common goal of spreading awareness as efficiently as possible, despite the differences.

But, every power comes with a responsibility and its own set of pros and cons. As we already discussed the pros above, let us now look at some of the disadvantages posed by such a change.

“Half knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance”

This becomes significant in witnessing the relations between the users today and their news-reading habits. Through the help of status updates, shared posts and various 2-minute videos, we sure know what the latest news is all about and have a general idea or an overview of the specific situation; but do we really make an effort to know the whole story?

We know that Donald Trump is contesting in the US elections but do we even know anything about him? Do we understand why he’s being criticised by so many people? He said something about Muslims, right? But what did he say, why did he say so, and what is so wrong about it- do we ever question that?

Also, most of the times, when we come across a piece of news through the social media, we are so constantly involved in doing something else that we are likely to get distracted easily. There is also a fat chance of the article that you read, which is slowly forming your opinion, being factually incorrect because of its autonomy provided by the social media and a lack of stringent fact-checker.

So, somewhere, I believe, reading the headlines in our notification bars alone is creating a false sense of security among us. It sure helps us seem not-so-dumb in a social gathering because, “hey, at least I know there was some movie which was in news for being censored” but this is soon going to harm us in the longer run.

So, use the power, wisely. While the internet is a wonderful place with social media making everything accessible for everyone, do not run away from your own efforts. Read extensively from different authenticated platforms and then form an opinion. After all, knowledge is power, right?

Image credits: www.thehindubusinessline.com

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We’ve always heard of major portion of the Indian youth entering into engineering colleges, but we hardly come across any Indian names in the field of technology. Strange, right? Well, don’t worry, as DU Beat brings to you some technical personalities which might help to sweep away Mark Zuckerberg’s charm a bit.

  1. Ajay Bhatt

Well, you should thank him every time you plug in your phone for charging; every time you connect your external HDD; transfer photos from phone to your PC. He is the man behind USB standard. It is because of him that we are moving towards a unified wire for all sorts of electronic purposes.


Credits: america.pink

  1. Vinod Dham

He is the man behind the revolutionary processor from Intel that changed the standards of speed in the heads of consumers. Yes, he is the father of Intel’s Pentium Processor. He rose to the ranks of VP of Micro Processors in Intel and then changed to AMD, Intel’s biggest rival in 1995. He is now a venture capitalist funding various start-ups in India.


Credits: iammadeinindia.com

  1. Vic Gundotra

Google’s social media man, Vic is credited with being the man behind the Google+ social network. Before being a Google Guy, Vic was a Microsoft Man joining the company in 1991 and working there as a general manager of platform evangelism. He made sure independent developer’s get Microsoft’s services. He left Microsoft in 2007 to join Google.


Ccredits: idownloadblog.com

  1. Amit Singhal

“Google it” – this phrase wouldn’t have ever caught on if Google wouldn’t have keep doing best what is does best- search. Not among the senior management, Amit Singhal is the man overseeing the service which is at the tip of your fingers- Google Search. He is responsible for algorithms and techniques that Google uses to produce search results when someone queries for anything.


Credits: youtube.com

  1. Ruchi Sanghvi

Men are not the only ones representing Indian achievements in the field of technology. Ruchi Sanghvi was Facebook’s first female engineer. She was part of the team that developed Facebook’s most critically panned feature at the time of the launch- The News Feed. This feature became one of the main features later on but just after launch it was criticised heavily, which led to her and her team to go under a 48 hour coding session amounting to the first rendition of Facebook’s complicated privacy setting. She co-founded Cove, a start-up in 2011 which was acquired by Dropbox in 2012 where she currently serves as a VP.


Credits: radicalnews.in

  1. Rashmi Sinha

She is the brains behind the website that most of you would probably know as the place to get presentation on any topic – slideshare. She founded the website in 2006 which lets the user upload their work in form of presentation. The company was acquired by LinkedIn in 2012 for $199 million dollars.

Credits: women2.com

Featured Image Credits: nytimes.com

Every New Year our expectations from technology grow more with the question “What’s next?” in our heads. The existing tech, however innovative seems stagnated fueling our desires for a newer generation which is usually termed as “need of today” by the marketing folks and advertising people. Whatever may direct the course of development; there are some moments throughout the year which stun the wits out of people into realizing the epitome of innovation achieved by the technology sector. Some of those spectacular moments expected to put a trance in consumer’s heads in 2016 are:

1.) IoT(Internet-of-Things)

Image source: http://dataxoom.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/IoT-Featured-image.jpg

Internet and things are among the most common words in English language. Two hyphens and attaching an ‘of’ in the middle of the two words gives rise to a completely new and upcoming field of technology. So what exactly is it?

You may not noticed the most recent ad from Philips where ranbir kapoor impresses shruti hassan by changing the color of his house lighting via his mobile app. Seems so fancy and unnecessary. Now imagine that control over your washing machine, microwave, TV, fridge and every other electronic device or appliance in your home with your personalized mobile app. And by control, I don’t mean changing colour of the appliances. That connectivity between your devices creating their own network is Internet of Things (IoT).

2016 will see major tech conglomerates focusing on convergence of their devices and working towards IoT to bring customers with one device, to well, “rule them all”.

2.) Apple watch and iPhone

Apple Watch
Image source: http://www.apple.com/in/watch

Building up to one of the strongest brands, Apple devices have become among the most anticipated products of any year. 2016 will not see any break in that trend as Apple will be releasing two of its major products: Apple Watch 2.0 and iPhone 7. While Apple Watch 2.0 will be more an upgrade over this year’s newly released Apple Watch, iPhone is expected to bring about some new and exciting features. Rumored to be equipped with fingerprint sensor on screen, wireless charging capabilities, multiple camera and USB-C port instead of power or headphone jacks it is anticipated to be one of ‘THE’ devices of 2016.

3.) Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality
Image source: http://aerometrex.com.au/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/AR_aero3dpro-1024×664.jpg

“Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality”.

                                                                                                -Nikos Kazantzakis

Philosophy surrounding Augmented Reality (AR) is very much similar to what Kazantzakis said. AR deals with manipulating perception of the environment surrounding us. It merely supplements the actual reality with computer generated elements such as sound, video graphics by overlaying physical entities with virtual ones. Pokémon Go, the trailer of which created a lot of buzz in 2015, is based on AR. Many companies such Blippar have been working to develop AR so that a greater value to brand user can be provided along with a rich experience. AR has huge implementations in marketing and advertising as it can be used to provide customer with extra information about the product.

4.) Live Streaming

Live Streaming
Image source: http://www.npr.org/assets/news/2015/03/tonedmeerkat.gif

Live streaming videos for apps garnered a lot of attention in 2015. It was a big step forward as it saved a lot of time by eliminating the need to upload video on a host website later than it was shot. Being one of the fastest growing medium, it will give rise to commentators giving live feedback on events in a similar fashion that YouTube stars rose. As 4G enters our country, the prices of 3G are expected to go down creating room for development and deployment of these apps in multitudes. Currently, Meerkat and Periscope are among the two apps that provide live streaming.

5.) Business Drive-in Apps

This year saw a lot of apps which generate business for other businesses. Crown it and MagicPin are among the top two of such apps. As Indian market is warming up more and more to the e-commerce industry, business drive in apps will thrive more as they’ll get small but numerous investments from local businesses to get more consumers to compete with the e-commerce companies.

6.) Linux in 2016

Image Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/3/35/Tux.svg/512px-Tux.svg.png

There is a lot that is going over in the world of Linux. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc. mentioned that he will not mind moving iTunes to android which is based on Linux. So there is a chance that a lot of Apple apps might be available for Android.

The release of Ubuntu phone last year didn’t make the expected dent in the market share of other mobile OS. So there’s a chance that Linux apart from android will not move into mobiles.

7.) Upcoming Smartphones

Image source: http://s3.amazonaws.com/digitaltrends-uploads-prod/2015/05/LG-G4-off.jpg

Smartphone war will continue with new versions of many existing models from various companies coming out this year. LG G5 will carry the banner after G4, Xiaomi Mi 6 will take charge from Xiaomi’s side, One Plus 3 will again try to kill the flagship while iPhone 7 will try to defend its flagship. Nokia and Microsoft will launch their new warriors as Nokia C1 and Lumia 940 & 940XL which may be their final line of defense. Sony will put their bids on Xperia Z6. Let’s all see how.


Feature Image Credits: http://smartphone2016.com

For the past few months, a large number of apps have come up which offer money in the form of recharge, coupons and even cashbacks when someone uses them. Here is a list of such apps which you can use to save money:

1. mCent


This is one of the most magnanimous apps in this category. It offers high rewards for downloading new apps which are listed on the dashboard of the app. The money you get is mentioned along the apps. You can redeem the money in form of recharge on your mobile number or someone else’s number anytime. You can even earn through referrals. People have earned over Rs.500 a day!

2. Ladoo


This is yet another app like mCent but instead of just downloading apps, it offers you money for checking ads and completing the mentioned offers. The app doesn’t require any registration; merely completing the given offers can earn you recharge.

3. Crown It

Crown It
Crown It

This app is based on a very different concept and has garnered a lot of attention in the past few days. This 6 month old app gives you money for uploading pictures of bill from various food outlets where you eat. This is how it works: There are various outlets registered on the app. Minimum order amount and percentage of discount that you can get on the total order amount is mentioned along with the details of the outlet. The discount that you get is in form of “crowns”. Currently the conversion rate is 1 crown= Re.1. These crowns can be spent on recharges or on various vouchers. You can even donate your crowns to charities mentioned in the app. There’s one condition: the photo of the bill has to be uploaded from the location of the restaurant or café.

4. MagicPin


This app is similar to Crown It but puts a social spin on it. The way it works is that in addition to a picture of the bill, you have to upload a selfie with food from the outlet you’re at. The home screen of the app is a group chat like interface where various offers around your locality and selfies of users with food items keep coming. This is what you need to do: go to the venue, order food and click a selfie with the food. Post it on the main screen. Click the picture of the bill and get cash in your MagicPin wallet. The best part about MagicPin is that you can redeem the money earned by cashback on the food you’ve ordered. The discounts on the app are pretty good as well. They also have a WhatsApp number on which you can send your selfie and bill photo to get money or cashback.

5. TaskBucks


 This app is similar to Ladoo and mCent, i.e it offers money on downloading other apps. Along with that you can also earn money by completing various offers like surveys, quizzes etc. You can also get paid for visiting certain websites and sharing articles with your friends.

These five only scratch the surface of apps that make you money. There are a lot of similar apps out there offering money in the form of recharges, online shopping coupons or vouchers and many people are using combinations of these apps in such a way that they’re practically earning money off them. Use them wisely and let us know of more such apps!

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Lok Sabha Elections 2014 are here. The voting  scheduled to take place in nine phases throughout the country from April 7th,2014 to May 12th, 2014 has already started. The first phase constituting of 6 of the 543 seats being contested for, saw a voter turnout of a whooping 79.5%. The graph has of course risen and is  a healthy sign for the Mandate 2014.

A mega turn out like this could mean resentment in minds and desire for change in hearts of people. Only as the process unfolds further we shall know, whether this trend continues in the phases to come and if it leads to sustenance of current throne holders or formation of anti incumbent government. However, another aspect to attribute this turnout could be the increasing glamour quotient of election contenders  and an upsurge in technology driven promotion.

As glamour embraces politics!

Indian politics is no longer what it used to be decades ago. Nor is the image of Indian ‘neta’ same any longer. The white kurta dhoti guy with specs resting on his nose and hands resting on his round belly, wearing a Nehru jacket and a Gandhi topi atop his head ceases to exist in real and is only to be found in works of fiction.  Indian leaders today are dynamic,brand conscious,completely informed, well dressed and nowhere less as the demarcating line between politics and glamour industry is gradually disappearing.

Bollywood celebrities like Dharmendra Deol, Hema Malini and Late Sunil Dutt have been into politics for decades.  This year too,  numerous Bollywood celebrities are looking for a decent second innings in politics. Kirron Kher (BJP Chandigarh), MNS candidate Mahesh Manjrekar, Samaajwadi Party’s Kamaal Rashid Khan, BJP’s Smriti Z. Irani (from Amethi) and Paresh Rawal (from East Ahemdabad) are some of such names who’ve been a part of the glitzy industry and now wish to serve the people. In addition Congress is also fielding veteran actors such as Ravi Kishan, Aparijata Mohanty and Nagma as contenders from their party.


Also, 2014 elections witnessed an inflow of young and fresh blood into the system with numerous ticket receivers being representatives of the youth of the nation. Gul Panag (AAP Chandigarh), Babul Supriyo( BJP West Bengal),  TMC’s actor Indraneil Sengupta,  AAP’s Jaaved Jaaferi and Rashtriya Aam Party’s Rakhi Sawant are few famous people to name. The list isn’t just limited to Bollywood  but also famous sports personalities like former Indian cricketer Mohammad Kaif, famous footballer Baichung Bhutia and magician P.C. Sorcar Jr. are also contesting Lok Sabha 2014 polls.

As the glamour quotient of politicians is rising,  India is eventually having leaders with better personalities and perspectives. Also, the celebrities have their own fan base, which helps them  to garner support in this new arena. The goodwill of celebrities comes handy for the party too, and as people have seen them and heard of them, the celebrities eventually have an advantage over their fellow contenders who are relatively unknown. In the elections of 2014 too, some celebrity seats like Amethi shall be interesting to keep an eye on.

In Social Media’s Ambit

The Lok Sabha Elections 2014 are the first ones to come after internet, smart phones and social networking sites like Facebook & Twitter have become household names and their updates have become the topic of dinner table discussions. No matter any other industry has or has not, but politicians have very well exhausted this unique methodology to reach out to the people at relative ease and cost efficiency. All major politicians and parties have launched their Facebook pages and Twitter handles that keep the party supporters and public updated on movements and activities of their leaders.

Arvind Kejriwal, who is being considered the pioneer of this new trend, has used it smartly enough, that within few years of its formation and function, the party tops the Twitter followers list, leaving behind the traditional twin parties – INC & BJP.


 AAP tops the list in popularity ratings based on Twitter followers of the three major parties in India.         

This can be attributed to Kejriwal’s spontaneity with updates and posts, leaders’ humorous twitter conversations and patience of accepting sportingly even the negative most regards and gestures with utmost grace. He was also seen engaging in a conversation with the attacker, an auto driver Lali who allegedly slapped him in his rally. The video footage have been posted online, pictures uploaded on Facebook, indeed the best way of social media marketing.

Arvind Kejriwal tweeted a parody song made to mock his frequent staging of Dharnas, refering to it as an ‘interesting song’ on February 16th, 2014.

Numerous social media websites like Facebook & Twitter have been carrying out surveys and online opinion polls to provide insights into what voters feel.  Facebook has been showcasing leading parties and candidates status at a glance, while Twitter is running ‘#ElectionTracker2014‘. Another social media platform, Social Samosa, is carrying out another election tracking mechanism that shows politician popularity in terms of positive/negative mentions on Twitter/ Web for voters to judge

Another interesting trend observed in terms of unofficial online promotion, has been of the ‘Norinder Mudi’ memes, that combines random lines with the jingle ab ki baar, Modi sarkar. The idea has gone viral, and off late, similar memes on Arvind Kejriwal have also begun to circulate in social networking circles.

Image Courtesy: Facebook Page 'Norinder Mudi'


Not only has social media eased the way of reaching the masses, it has also led to some tiffs, jibes and cold wars among competitors. The recent Kirron Kher – Gul Panag face off on micro blogging website – Twitter has been an example of the same.

Thus in all, the Lok Sabha elections of 2014, have been different in all terms, from participation to promotion. The trend till date is encouraging, and it is hoped to continue, for Democracy is a religion, elections are the festivals, wherein everyone is supposed to celebrate and participate. Don’t merely exist, make your say count, make a difference, for there is ample information available,  in news dailies and on TV, on radios and with experienced people, and now even at  a distance of a few clicks.

Make an informed well thought upon call. I am a first timer like you, but trust me, that ink mark on my finger, I think it’ll all feel good. Happy Elections!

As mobile applications are becoming more and more popular, tons of apps are flooding the market everyday. These apps are not only developed by billion dollar companies, but also by individuals like us. You no longer need heavy investment of money and time, neither do you need any programming skills to develop an Android app. All you require is an internet connection & some advice!

But remember, this article is NOT gonna teach you how to make the next Instagram, Flipboard or Candy Crush! Nope.  But it can help you create and distribute simple apps based on existing web content –  An app for you college’s  fest, your video channel, a website,  basic mobile games and much more without spending a buck and learning any coding language.  Ever wanted to have your own Android app? We’ll show you how!

Quite a few websites allow you to create your own applications. One the most popular & efficient one, is AppsGeyser. It is incredibly easy to use and has generated more than  5,00,000 applications! Moreover, it allows you to distribute your apps for free & provides monetization as well.

First, you must log on to the AppGeyser website and click the green ‘Create Now!” button.  A list of various app templates to choose from would be displayed.  Each template has a distinct function, and a layout to facilitate that function. You can create basic applications from websites, html code, YouTube channel, documents, etc. There are 30 different layouts available. If your app requires more than one function, don’t worry, you will later be able to add these as tabs.

Next you need to add in the source, which depends on the type of app you are creating. For example, if you are converting a website to an app you need to add the URL. Similarly, if you wanna add your own page you may attach the doc; if a photo app then images & so on.  You can see the finished product simultaneously on the “Preview” pane situated on the right side of the screen. Also, fill in other basic details like app name, version, icon, category, app background etc. Once done, click ‘Create App’.

Next, fill in your  details & create an account on AppsGeyser which would redirect you to your dashboard. Here, you can tweak your app further by clicking ‘Edit’ on the menu above. You may tune up your advanced settings such as App Permissions, Thumbnails, Loading Screen and a host of other settings.

If you want to add more content to your app, go to “Tabs’ section, click on “Add Tab” & select ‘more options’ to see the complete list of features to choose from. You can add a Homepage to your app, which would stack all your Tabs in a beautiful shelf-like layout.

Download the APK file and check it for yourself. Once you are satisfied with you application you may wanna share it with the world or use it yourself. You can share the download link for anyone to download the appe. You may also wanna browse the ‘Distribute’ section for further sharing options.

AppsGeyser also lets you earn through your apps. If your app gets downloaded 100 times (No ads will be displayed otherwise), Click on ‘Monetization’ from top menu and opt in for a Revenue Program. Half of the profits will be shared by you (50-50)!

Thats it! This whole procedure should take you less than 5 minutes & without any technical knowledge you successfully created an app, on your own! So go ahead & create apps – show off, flaunt, share, learn & earn!  

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“Mission Mars”, celebrating the launch of India’s Mars Orbiter, Mangalyaan. Sankalan 2014 saw the participation of 250+ students from 30 colleges across 6 states of the country. The 2-day festival consisted of 16 events, which ranged from those that required specialised computing skills such as Code-a-Thon and Java Juggling to those that did not require programming skills such as Turncoat, the debate event. Further, the events included TexPert, Algoholics, Debug++, Spin-a-web, Sprint, Mind Matters and Techno Speak, the name of each event being a subtle reference to the it’s format. The department also hosted two gaming events, namely Just a Minute, which comprised of simple one-minute games, and Kill ‘em All, which featured the classic first-person shooter game of Counter Strike 1.6.

awarding team trophy

Two new introductions this year were MakeAPP and Chakravyuh. MakeAPP was a developer challenge that required participants in teams of 2 to develop an Android application highlighting India’s on-going Mars Mission. The requirements of the app were a display of fun facts about Mars, a quiz, a countdown to the orbiter reaching Mars and even a Mars weight converter. Silent Assassins, the team from Delhi Technological University (DTU) won the 1st prize for their app. Chakravyuh, on the other hand, was an online treasure hunt in which participants were asked questions as hints and they were required to search and submit the correct answers. Atul Sharma of University School of Information Technology won the 1st prize whereas Aakarshan Chawla from Madras Institute of Technology won the Best Helper Award. The chief guest of the fest was Prof. V.B Aggarwal, Director of IT at JIMS and Founder Head of Department of Computer Science of University of Delhi itself. The guest of honour was Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CEO of MobiSolv. Silent Assassins, the team from DTU, won 6 of the 16 events, subsequently being awarded the ‘Team Trophy’, given to the team that wins in maximum events. To facilitate participants of Sankalan, the department also created, besides a website, an Android app dedicated to the event that displayed the schedule of events, directions to the venue of the festival and contact details of the organisers.]]>

A long-term relation, dozens of dates, making new friends or just a chat with like minded singles – mobile dating apps can help you succeed! With a myriad of like-minded users available,  it shouldn’t be hard to get what you want!  Here are some apps available on Android and iOS devices for free, to help you in your endeavors!

Krush – The dating app (Android)

Krush is a unique dating app that uses your Facebook account to provide you with lists of viable partners, which are generally your ‘friends of friends’ on Facebook!

By matching your interests, hobbies and preference You will receive a list of 10 suitable users everyday. You  may “Like’ or ‘Skip’ them. If you ‘like’ a user and get a positive response from the other side as well, both of you would be informed about the match. And if you don’t get matched, the other user would never know your identity and will remain a crush! The app gives you complete privacy and your contact details aren’t shared, unless you want them to. Go, find your krush(es)!

Tinder (iOS & Android)

Tinder is a simple app that connects to your Facebook account to access your basic information.
It finds you suitable partners near your locality, from which you can select users by going through their profile pics, choosing the one that meets you eye! If you get a positive response you can then start a private chat and take it further and if not, you atleast showed your interest!. It has a game-like interface which makes it fun to use and can be addictive!

Twine (iOS & Android)

Twine enables users to interact with one another in a safe and non threatening manner. Your user identity is kept completely anonymous. It connects with Facebook and accesses the basic information along with your  interests. Based on your location, you will be suggested users according to the ‘Twine juice’ that you have. You can interact with them on a personal chat  straight away with the profile pics blurred. You may reveal your name and pic later using the ‘Reveal Now’ button. It also showcases some unique features such as ICE – Intelligent Conversation Enhancer that allows one to initiate the chat using by generating questions!

So if you are having trouble finding a date in a traditional manner why not use your smartphone?

Go ahead and use these apps to enhance your love life!

Happy Dating!  <3<3

Sidhant Malhotra
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