The first year of college usually goes in finding where you fit in, the second in cementing the bonds & friendships and the third goes in woes and worries about the future. Although some students take up the campus placements, majority of people prepare to pursue higher studies or to do professional courses. Whatever option they may choose, all of them go through a barrier, known commonly to every college-going, degree-seeking individual as ‘entrance test’. There are different types of entrance tests for different courses and institutions, all of them testing the candidate’s knowledge of a certain field. However, most of these exams have some common sections, which tests one’s general knowledge, English proficiency, etc. The following apps will come to your rescue, so that you don’t have to put too much effort for preparation of these sections:

1. Inshorts – News in 60 words


The title says it all. With one of the simplest user interface out there, Inshorts offers the users with the news in the most precise and accurate manner. The news articles are stacked and can be viewed one after another by swiping up. The concise nature of content in the app helps the user stay updated with everything going around the world without getting bored, which the reader feels when going through long articles. The reader can also cover news from various sectors without having to spend a lot of time going through each of them.

2. Slide


This is a news app. An average user locks and unlocks his/her phone at least 100-200 times a day. The app banks on this simple activity. The app displays news excerpt on the lock screen. The user has a choice to swipe left and read the whole article or swipe right to continue to the home screen. The title of the article and the news is visible, which in itself, is enough to convey most of the story. This app can also help you stay on top of worldly events. In addition, the app gives 5 paisa every time the user unlocks the screen irrespective of, whether the user opens the article or not.

3. Vocabulary.com


This app’s purpose is evident in its name itself. The app helps the user improve and expand their vocabulary through word games and quizzes, which are quite addictive. Gamification, the concept of imparting knowledge through games, has been effectively used in this app. The app also helps you prepare for different standardised tests like SAT, TOEFL, GRE etc. as users can chose which exam they want to prepare for. The app covers everything related to any word, from its origin to pronunciation to meaning.

4. GK Current Affair SSC-IBPS-IAS

GK Current Affair SSC-IBPS-IAS
GK Current Affair SSC-IBPS-IAS

This app is designed with a special focus on Indian entrance exams. It is a complete exam preparation app, which offers everything a candidate might need for the exam, they are preparing for. There is a forum section where user can post question about any doubts regarding any topic they are preparing or answer any doubt question on the forum. The app has complete study material for entrance exams, which include – e-books, question banks etc. The user can also take mock tests to check the level of their preparation.

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MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Play Games) are online multiplayer gaming platforms where the player assumes the role of a character and takes control of it, often interacting with other users in the virtual world, which continues to exist even when the player is offline.

From fantasy worlds to science fictions, MMORPGS take many forms, here are the top 4 games you should definitely check out:

1. World of Warcraft (WoW)

World of Warcraft is currently the world’s most-subscribed MMORPG, and holds the Guinness World Record for the most popular MMORPG by subscribers. Players control a character avatar within a game world in third- or first-person view, exploring the landscape, fighting various monsters, completing quests. Considered one of the best online games ever made, unfortunately WoW is not free of cost to play. After a trial, you have to buy a subscription.

World of Warcraft | Credits: gamerant.com


2. Poptropica

Though targeted at children of the 9-15 age group, Poptropica gameplay experience can be fun for adults too. In the game, players can go to different ‘islands’ (game quest scenarios), compete in multiplayer games, and communicate with each other. The islands all have various difficulties, but all center on a problem that the player must resolve by going through multiple obstacles or completing goals. The game was created by Jeff Kinney, who also is the author of ‘Diary of A Wimpy Kid’ series

Poptropica | Credits: wikihow.com

3. Marvel Heroes 2016

With Doctor Doom as the main antagonist, players can unlock characters like Captain America, Wolverine, Iron Man and Deadpool in this game released in 2013 and rebranded recently in January 2016. Each location in the game is composed of several “instances” at any one time. This allows the game to run on one huge virtual server, rather than the game being split into different servers. Many missions take place within smaller instances. These instances are reset if the player leaves and returns.

Deadpool in Marvel Heroes 2016 | Credits: geek.com


4. Runescape

With a record of being the largest free MMORPG and the most updated game in the world, Runescape is based in a fantasy world divided into kingdoms, regions and cities. RuneScape does not follow a linear storyline; rather, players set their own goals and objectives. Players can choose to fight non-player character (NPC) monsters, complete quests, or increase their experience in the available skills. Players interact with each other through trading, chatting, or by participating in mini-games and activities

Runescape gameplay | Credits: polygon.com


Feature Image credits: mein-mmo.de


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In recent years, medicine has progressed at an unprecedented pace and technology has infiltrated the field of medicine as well. Improving connectivity is one of the biggest features of technology in medicine. JustDoc is one such beautiful concoction that connects customers with the doctors via a phone or video call. With a team of over 100 doctors from top hospitals of the country, the app aims at providing end to end medical consultation to everyone who has a smart phone, albeit only for Android users right now.

Mohit Saxena, the founder of Inmobi and an investor in the venture was all praise for the concept. He said, “Medical health in third world countries is a big issue and it suffers from problems like shortage of adequate doctors, differential care due to varying financial status of patients and acute accessibility to the doctors and facility, especially in the rural areas.  I have invested in JustDoc because their solution to these problems is to leverage technology and break the barriers that include reducing financial burden, providing video medical consultation in rural areas by connecting everyone from anywhere to the best possible doctors at a minimum cost.”

Started by three IITans- Jugal Anchalia, Abhishek Kumar and Vikash Singh, JustDoc is looking to make healthcare as simple and accessible as possible. Currently targeting General Medicine, Dermatology, Gynaecology and Psychology, JustDoc is planning to add Paediatrics and Sexology soon. Jugal Ancholia gives us some insight:

Motivation behind JustDoc:

Being misdiagnosed several times and wasting my time roaming from clinic to clinic got me thinking about a time-saving method of finding a good doctor. That’s how JustDoc happened. It is about using technology to make healthcare as simple as it should have been. It will make sure that quality healthcare is delivered to patients in need round the clock. We met around 150 doctors to understand how to make it work. Today, we are doing over 100 consultations a day and putting smiles on our customers’ faces.

How JustDoc plans to reach students:

Students are aware about technology and internet,but equally ignorant about their health. As a student, I just remember Googling my symptoms if I was sick. We know how lazy a student can get and that this is also very dangerous.

Image Credits: http://cdn.inc42.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/justdoc-1.jpg  

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We’ve always heard of major portion of the Indian youth entering into engineering colleges, but we hardly come across any Indian names in the field of technology. Strange, right? Well, don’t worry, as DU Beat brings to you some technical personalities which might help to sweep away Mark Zuckerberg’s charm a bit.

  1. Ajay Bhatt

Well, you should thank him every time you plug in your phone for charging; every time you connect your external HDD; transfer photos from phone to your PC. He is the man behind USB standard. It is because of him that we are moving towards a unified wire for all sorts of electronic purposes.


Credits: america.pink

  1. Vinod Dham

He is the man behind the revolutionary processor from Intel that changed the standards of speed in the heads of consumers. Yes, he is the father of Intel’s Pentium Processor. He rose to the ranks of VP of Micro Processors in Intel and then changed to AMD, Intel’s biggest rival in 1995. He is now a venture capitalist funding various start-ups in India.


Credits: iammadeinindia.com

  1. Vic Gundotra

Google’s social media man, Vic is credited with being the man behind the Google+ social network. Before being a Google Guy, Vic was a Microsoft Man joining the company in 1991 and working there as a general manager of platform evangelism. He made sure independent developer’s get Microsoft’s services. He left Microsoft in 2007 to join Google.


Ccredits: idownloadblog.com

  1. Amit Singhal

“Google it” – this phrase wouldn’t have ever caught on if Google wouldn’t have keep doing best what is does best- search. Not among the senior management, Amit Singhal is the man overseeing the service which is at the tip of your fingers- Google Search. He is responsible for algorithms and techniques that Google uses to produce search results when someone queries for anything.


Credits: youtube.com

  1. Ruchi Sanghvi

Men are not the only ones representing Indian achievements in the field of technology. Ruchi Sanghvi was Facebook’s first female engineer. She was part of the team that developed Facebook’s most critically panned feature at the time of the launch- The News Feed. This feature became one of the main features later on but just after launch it was criticised heavily, which led to her and her team to go under a 48 hour coding session amounting to the first rendition of Facebook’s complicated privacy setting. She co-founded Cove, a start-up in 2011 which was acquired by Dropbox in 2012 where she currently serves as a VP.


Credits: radicalnews.in

  1. Rashmi Sinha

She is the brains behind the website that most of you would probably know as the place to get presentation on any topic – slideshare. She founded the website in 2006 which lets the user upload their work in form of presentation. The company was acquired by LinkedIn in 2012 for $199 million dollars.

Credits: women2.com

Featured Image Credits: nytimes.com

The Consumer Electronics Show features the works and innovations of the biggest, brightest and most beautiful brains. This year, like every other, the CES showcased the very best of the products which will be launched this year. To rank the products would be a crime against the hardworking people who get the tech to work. Hence, below is a very small list of products among a horde of prize winners:

Faraday Future’s Zero 1 concept car

Faraday Future is the only rival to Tesla’s lightning strikes in field of automobiles. FF Zero 1, the new concept car model at CES 2016, stole the spotlight for a few hours on the first day. The car has futuristic and fantasy design standards, even for today’s existing super car. The closest I have come to a potential description is that, it’s a somewhere between a Batmobile and a Porsche. Being an electric car, the car is supposed to have a 1000hp engine. Let’s just wait and see when this concept turns into reality.

Image Credits: www.popsico.com
Image Credits: www.popsico.com


Virtual Reality, not just a Virtual Concept anymore

‘Oculus Rift’ the much awaited VR display headset is now available on pre-order. Virtual Reality is going to take gaming to the next level. VR gives the ability to literally ‘move worlds’. Well, fictional, virtual ones. Oculus Rift is not the only device that made the news in VR category. Samsung came up with a concept ‘Rink’ which is a series of palm controllers, giving hands and fingers in the virtual realm. Also, ‘Vive’, HTC’s virtual reality headset launched last year which has a feature that lets the user walk around in the real room the user is in while being in the virtual world, got a new feature called Chaperone which will cover the real stuff in your room. This view will pop up when the user is too close to the bed or the wall.

LG showcased some display sheets this year with not just great resolution but ones which could be rolled like a sheet of paper.

Image Credits: www.cnet3.cbsistatic.com
Image Credits: www.cnet3.cbsistatic.com


Took care of the ladies, too!

Apparently, phones and watches aren’t the only ones that are getting smart. OMsignal, a San Francisco based company has come out with smart bras. They think that women don’t need to wear a smart watch to know their vitals; their everyday clothing can do the same work.

Image Credits: www.techinsider.io
Image Credits: www.techinsider.io


Drones, drones, everywhere!

This year drones ruled over the skies at CES 2016. There were over a 100 drones with different designs and features. There was even a passenger carrying drone. Could this lead us to flying cars? We can only wait.


Image Credits: www.turner.com
Image Credits: www.turner.com


Featured Image Credits: www.gannett-cdm.com

“By many metrics, India is the fastest growing startup nation in the world.” – Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google

In recent years, the Indian startup ecosystem has really taken off and come into its own—driven by factors such as massive funding, evolving technology, consolidation activities and a burgeoning domestic market.

The numbers are evident, from 3,100 startups in 2014 to a projection of more than 11,500 by 2020, this is certainly not a passing trend. One such startup from Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, one of the premier institutes of Delhi University, has come up to change the way we vote and share opinions.

Opinzo is a social polling and opinion sharing platform where a user can post their question in the form of a poll and seek votes and opinions from other users. Other users can vote on these polls and write their opinions as per their own fields of interest. Out of the written opinions, the good ones can be upvoted to find out the one best opinion for every question. Also the questions can be tagged with topics to reach out to the best audience.


There can be an unlimited number of topics that can be created which can be broad as well as very specific, from sports to Virat Kohli, politics to Bihar elections, education to travel. Users can subscribe to the topics of their interest to see the content of their choice. So you can gather more about opinzo by visiting its site at www.opinzo.com or by downloading its app from the play store.

So, the next time when you are in a dilemma of choices, just post a question on opinzo along with the choices and wait for the other users to vote and write opinions.


You can download the app from Play Store here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.opinzo

Here’s a look at everything noteworthy that happened in the world of the Internet and technology recently:

1. YouTube Red

YouTube Red
YouTube Red

Google finally took off the wraps from its longtime rumored ‘ad-free video subscription service’ called YouTube Red. YouTube Red is priced at $9.99 a month and will include everything on YouTube without ads, as well as a lot of other content. The best part is that users will now not have to face annoying advertisements between videos. Moreover, one can download videos from YouTube straight on their device for offline viewing later. The tech giant must have put in a lot of thought before unveiling this new service – let’s see how the world is going to perceive and how much one wants to skip ads and download YouTube videos in this modern era where we all have ad blockers and video downloaders.

2. BlackBerry Priv

BlackBerry Priv
BlackBerry Priv

BlackBerry has announced its latest Android-powered handset, the BlackBerry Priv, which is available for pre-order and starts shipping early November. It is the world’s first Blackberry secured smartphone powered by Android. The phone has a 5.4 inch dual-curved plastic AMOLED screen with a display resolution of 2560×1440. The device has an 18 MP dual flash camera which should give us better pictures than an iPhone ( we hope). The phone has 3 GB RAM and a 32 GB storage which is expandable to a whopping 2 TB via a microSD card. The pre-orders are open and the phone will ship November 6 onwards.

3. Nextbit Robin

Nextbit Robin
Nextbit Robin

Say hello to Nextbit’s Robin, a smartphone which promises to offer unlimited storage – all thanks to the integrated cloud connectivity right into the Android OS. It is possibly the coolest smartphone in the world right now and the developers have loaded the phone with a pre-sim slot which makes it really easy to choose the right carrier. The phone has unlocked bootloader (Android jargon) which basically means that the user can load customisable ROM like CyanogenMod or any other and the phone will still be in warranty.

Robin comes with a 5.2” IPS Full HD display coupled with Gorilla Glass 4. The phone has everything which a user needs like a 13 MP rear camera, 5 MP front camera, 3 GB RAM, 32GB onboard storage and 100 GB of online storage. The phone is priced at about $400 and with an additional $70 one can get it in India as well (almost for 30,000 INR).

Image Credits: androidheadlines.com

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For the past few months, a large number of apps have come up which offer money in the form of recharge, coupons and even cashbacks when someone uses them. Here is a list of such apps which you can use to save money:

1. mCent


This is one of the most magnanimous apps in this category. It offers high rewards for downloading new apps which are listed on the dashboard of the app. The money you get is mentioned along the apps. You can redeem the money in form of recharge on your mobile number or someone else’s number anytime. You can even earn through referrals. People have earned over Rs.500 a day!

2. Ladoo


This is yet another app like mCent but instead of just downloading apps, it offers you money for checking ads and completing the mentioned offers. The app doesn’t require any registration; merely completing the given offers can earn you recharge.

3. Crown It

Crown It
Crown It

This app is based on a very different concept and has garnered a lot of attention in the past few days. This 6 month old app gives you money for uploading pictures of bill from various food outlets where you eat. This is how it works: There are various outlets registered on the app. Minimum order amount and percentage of discount that you can get on the total order amount is mentioned along with the details of the outlet. The discount that you get is in form of “crowns”. Currently the conversion rate is 1 crown= Re.1. These crowns can be spent on recharges or on various vouchers. You can even donate your crowns to charities mentioned in the app. There’s one condition: the photo of the bill has to be uploaded from the location of the restaurant or café.

4. MagicPin


This app is similar to Crown It but puts a social spin on it. The way it works is that in addition to a picture of the bill, you have to upload a selfie with food from the outlet you’re at. The home screen of the app is a group chat like interface where various offers around your locality and selfies of users with food items keep coming. This is what you need to do: go to the venue, order food and click a selfie with the food. Post it on the main screen. Click the picture of the bill and get cash in your MagicPin wallet. The best part about MagicPin is that you can redeem the money earned by cashback on the food you’ve ordered. The discounts on the app are pretty good as well. They also have a WhatsApp number on which you can send your selfie and bill photo to get money or cashback.

5. TaskBucks


 This app is similar to Ladoo and mCent, i.e it offers money on downloading other apps. Along with that you can also earn money by completing various offers like surveys, quizzes etc. You can also get paid for visiting certain websites and sharing articles with your friends.

These five only scratch the surface of apps that make you money. There are a lot of similar apps out there offering money in the form of recharges, online shopping coupons or vouchers and many people are using combinations of these apps in such a way that they’re practically earning money off them. Use them wisely and let us know of more such apps!

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Flats and hostels are the two most conducive environment for great ideas. Facebook was started in a dorm room, Google was a class project and Apple in a garage. KnoDues is one such app, idea of which was conceived when the founders were sharing a flat in Gurgaon. Keeping track of expenses and who paid for what is something that flatmates face on a regular basis. Include the transactions involved in going out for a movie or eating outside with another bunch of friends and the calculations really get out of hand. When Sahil and Saket (founders) faced such problem they thought of an elegant solution for the problem. And two years later, they gave birth to it in form of an app.

KnoDues is a management app that keeps track of transactions and dues involved when you’re going out with your friends. The app starts with one time login where basic information about the user is asked. Home page has a very simple interface. The dues or receivables are mentioned below the user’s name and then there are two main tabs: My Dues and My Events. At the bottom of the page is a plus sign which launches the app into a screen where details about the expenses are to be filled such as amount paid by the user and the type of expense such as movie, drinks, food etc. There is an option to select the people with whom the user wants to share the expense. Friends are added from the phonebook. The next screen leads to a page where users can decide if they want to share the expense evenly or unevenly (done manually). The main screen then shows the amount user has to get or pay to the friends. If the added people are on the app then they are notified within app else they’re notified by text message sent by the KnoDues server. The app is built on a very clean and efficient algorithm. It houses all the expenses related to one contact under the same tab even if the transactions have occurred on different outings or with different groups.

The second tab, My events, is a feature which is basically for trips or long journeys. User can create a trip with friends and add expenses as they go. At the end of the trip an event summary is created indicating who owes whom and how much. The chat like interface of My Events section makes it very appealing. Users registered on the app can view all the transactions of the Event created anytime making the whole affair transparent as well.

The title bar has a menu where user settings such as notification, recent activity and others are listed. There’s also a feedback option named “Helped Us Improve” where users can send emails via third party apps installed on their phones. The interface is very appealing filled with bright shades of blue and dark colours along the edges.

Within a month, the app has garnered over one thousand users which are still increasing on a daily basis. The app is built with well-defined core functionalities which fulfil the purpose of the app very efficiently. This is one app that can avoid long he-paid-who-paid-when-paid conversations with friends over the awkward topic of money.

Platform: Android

The Good:

1. Navigation around the app is very straightforward making it easy for one to add and keeptrack of expenses incurred when hanging out with friends.

2. Simple and small app, loads smoothly without lags.

3. Even though it’s only available for android, users can still send due reminders via messages to their friends having non-android phones.

The Bad:

1. Not available for platforms other than android.

2. Internet Connectivity is always required so checking on expenses when on trips to remote areas will not be possible.


Kavach Chandra

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Image credits: knowstartup.com


‘Samvaad’ is an Android based application  by Vision India Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded by alumni and faculty members of various IITs. The application is launched for Delhi; it enables communication between the citizens of different areas and their respective Councellors of Municipal Corporation of Delhi.

The app rates different areas of Delhi on various aspects like water quality, environment, sanitation, transportation, public amenities and crime. These standards are further subdivided for ease of understanding. The motive of this app is fairly simple, to make different areas of Delhi comparable and find out which chosen representative by MCD is doing better than the other.


The app at first gives the map of Delhi, which has all the different areas marked, the user can search the area which he is looking for and check who is the Municipal Corporation Supervisor of that area. Along with that he can also check its rating, which is based on the ratings given by other users, the user can further give his own rating and opinion regarding any aspect which he feels like. This way the representatives of the area can keep a check on their progress and improve on areas where they are lacking. After all, public opinion matters the most.

This app will be really handy in deciding whether the same government representative should be elected again or not, it can act as a database of their work done. Moreover, by this app people will become more aware about which area is doing better off than the other and who is their Municipal Representative. This app can prove to be a little chit chat corner for the area residents as well as its representatives. The application works fine without any glitches and crashes, the user interface is fairly easy to use and understand. The best part is that the app is constantly being updated and getting a positive response over the app store.