QWERTY: Prepare for your entrance exams with these 4 apps

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The first year of college usually goes in finding where you fit in, the second in cementing the bonds & friendships and the third goes in woes and worries about the future. Although some students take up the campus placements, majority of people prepare to pursue higher studies or to do professional courses. Whatever option they may choose, all of them go through a barrier, known commonly to every college-going, degree-seeking individual as ‘entrance test’. There are different types of entrance tests for different courses and institutions, all of them testing the candidate’s knowledge of a certain field. However, most of these exams have some common sections, which tests one’s general knowledge, English proficiency, etc. The following apps will come to your rescue, so that you don’t have to put too much effort for preparation of these sections:

1. Inshorts – News in 60 words


The title says it all. With one of the simplest user interface out there, Inshorts offers the users with the news in the most precise and accurate manner. The news articles are stacked and can be viewed one after another by swiping up. The concise nature of content in the app helps the user stay updated with everything going around the world without getting bored, which the reader feels when going through long articles. The reader can also cover news from various sectors without having to spend a lot of time going through each of them.

2. Slide


This is a news app. An average user locks and unlocks his/her phone at least 100-200 times a day. The app banks on this simple activity. The app displays news excerpt on the lock screen. The user has a choice to swipe left and read the whole article or swipe right to continue to the home screen. The title of the article and the news is visible, which in itself, is enough to convey most of the story. This app can also help you stay on top of worldly events. In addition, the app gives 5 paisa every time the user unlocks the screen irrespective of, whether the user opens the article or not.

3. Vocabulary.com


This app’s purpose is evident in its name itself. The app helps the user improve and expand their vocabulary through word games and quizzes, which are quite addictive. Gamification, the concept of imparting knowledge through games, has been effectively used in this app. The app also helps you prepare for different standardised tests like SAT, TOEFL, GRE etc. as users can chose which exam they want to prepare for. The app covers everything related to any word, from its origin to pronunciation to meaning.

4. GK Current Affair SSC-IBPS-IAS

GK Current Affair SSC-IBPS-IAS
GK Current Affair SSC-IBPS-IAS

This app is designed with a special focus on Indian entrance exams. It is a complete exam preparation app, which offers everything a candidate might need for the exam, they are preparing for. There is a forum section where user can post question about any doubts regarding any topic they are preparing or answer any doubt question on the forum. The app has complete study material for entrance exams, which include – e-books, question banks etc. The user can also take mock tests to check the level of their preparation.

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