QWERTY: JustDoc- An app bringing healthcare and tech together

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In recent years, medicine has progressed at an unprecedented pace and technology has infiltrated the field of medicine as well. Improving connectivity is one of the biggest features of technology in medicine. JustDoc is one such beautiful concoction that connects customers with the doctors via a phone or video call. With a team of over 100 doctors from top hospitals of the country, the app aims at providing end to end medical consultation to everyone who has a smart phone, albeit only for Android users right now.

Mohit Saxena, the founder of Inmobi and an investor in the venture was all praise for the concept. He said, “Medical health in third world countries is a big issue and it suffers from problems like shortage of adequate doctors, differential care due to varying financial status of patients and acute accessibility to the doctors and facility, especially in the rural areas.  I have invested in JustDoc because their solution to these problems is to leverage technology and break the barriers that include reducing financial burden, providing video medical consultation in rural areas by connecting everyone from anywhere to the best possible doctors at a minimum cost.”

Started by three IITans- Jugal Anchalia, Abhishek Kumar and Vikash Singh, JustDoc is looking to make healthcare as simple and accessible as possible. Currently targeting General Medicine, Dermatology, Gynaecology and Psychology, JustDoc is planning to add Paediatrics and Sexology soon. Jugal Ancholia gives us some insight:

Motivation behind JustDoc:

Being misdiagnosed several times and wasting my time roaming from clinic to clinic got me thinking about a time-saving method of finding a good doctor. That’s how JustDoc happened. It is about using technology to make healthcare as simple as it should have been. It will make sure that quality healthcare is delivered to patients in need round the clock. We met around 150 doctors to understand how to make it work. Today, we are doing over 100 consultations a day and putting smiles on our customers’ faces.

How JustDoc plans to reach students:

Students are aware about technology and internet,but equally ignorant about their health. As a student, I just remember Googling my symptoms if I was sick. We know how lazy a student can get and that this is also very dangerous.

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