Everything Bright and Beautiful at CES 2018

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The tech showdown of CES was full of surprises, ensuring that the year will be full of thrilling electronic goods for everyday use.

The latest edition of the International Consumer Electronic Show- CES 2018 was held from 9 – 12 January at Las Vegas Convention Centre, Nevada, The United States of America. The exposition was power packed with the best innovations from the biggest global brands, but the teeming companies and promising start-ups were not far behind.

We bring to you our pick of CES products and services which would be hitting the Indian market in 2018:

1. The Voice Assistants:

Be it Alexa or Google Assistant – voice assistance technology was virtually seen everywhere at the CES. They were integrated with a staggering range of products, from cars to water systems. Google also introduced “Smart Screens”, purely dedicated to its Assistant. This device would let you use all the Google services including YouTube, something its nearest rival Amazon Alexa is not yet capable of.

2. Your Latest 2017 TV is Now Outdated:

The biggest take-away from the tech show has been the exciting range of televisions that are to hit the market. LG introduced a 65-inch, 4K OLED rollable-like-a-poster TV. It comes with an aesthetic box which the screens-pops out from. The best part, it can roll up to different sizes – it can be an ultra-wide TV for movie or gaming experience, or just be a notification panel. LG also introduced Crystal Sound technology which would mark the end traditional speakers. Samsung, not being far behind, introduced “The Wall”, mammoth 146 diagonal-inch TV.

3. Wireless is the New Normal:

Wireless charging and wireless headphones would be taking over the market this year, going by the CES trends. A lot of brands have debuted into the market, and it would be no surprise if the upcoming releases from One Plus, Pixel, and Galaxy ecosystem come with wireless audio and charging features.

4. VR becomes more real.

Virtual reality headsets have become a lot better this time. HTC introduced Vive Pro with high resolution display and the wireless adaptor. The biggest player however would be the Lenovo Google collab- Lenovo Mirage Solo. This would end the need to place the phone before your eyes and has an additional 3D recording feature.


Feature Image Credits: Business Insider

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