#1 How can a fresher enter the DU quizzing circuit?
Join your college quiz club. If there isn’t one, slog to set it up. Keep your eyes and ears open for alerts on upcoming quizzes around campus and in NCR institutions. Bunk classes if you must to quiz as much as you can—it’s the coolest education you will get. Find the right partners for different themed quizzes. Dress the part: funky tees, distressed denims, long hair (or none!) should do it. Follow updates from DU Beat and Quizcraft. And always #StayQrious!
#2 What’s the best way to prepare for a quiz?
Wake up. Find any clean, unsmelly clothes you may still have. Brush your teeth and hair, if any. Spray deodorant liberally… Oh wait, like seriously? Okay, so depending on the quiz theme, find relevant source material like books and magazines, videos and webcasts, or past editions of similar quizzes online. This will help you identify question patterns and give you insights into the quizmaster’s mind. Be active on social media quiz groups. Read, research, discover, learn all the time. Divide the quiz prep into categories and share it with your teammate(s). Stress a bit but don’t freak out… #StayCalm!
juxtapose lsr
#3 Which is the most fun segment in any quiz?
I’ve been a quizzer for almost four decades and I enjoy quizzing end to end, every round, every question. I guess most quizzers would. The audience is also an important part of a quiz, and some formats like audio-visuals or dumb charades could be quite interesting. As a quizmaster, I enjoy setting progressive clues, which gradually bring the teams closer to the answer, as well as buzzer questions, which are deceptively simple and often have a sting in the tale. Connect The Clues is also a really cool segment to make and attempt.
#4 Tell us about your experience in conducting quizzes for DU students. Do they bring something unique to your shows?
DU students are easily among the brightest, smartest, swaggiest quizzers in the entire country. Because they are genuinely interested in and pretty damned good at many subjects, it is a pleasure to set stimulating quizzes for college festivals. The diversity of information DU quizzers have access to and the depth of their understanding and awareness challenge me and my team to create engaging as well as entertaining quizzes. In fact, we are keen to develop a DU quiz league and welcome your ideas.
#5 Why is The Media Quiz at Juxtapose 2015 special?
Erm, because it’s a whysoQrious event! And because we have an awesome set of questions coming your way. We will weave into the quiz fabric fascinating aspects of the media from the traditional to the cutting-edge, historic to futuristic, mainstream to alternative… technologies, content, people, unsung heroes, breakthroughs, scandals: The Media Quiz will have it all! The Juxtapose team at LSR has worked very hard to design it with us, and I think this event is now a fixture on the DU quizzing calendar. I’m delighted to host it and hope to see many of you there. Once again, #StayQrious!

Illuminati – the Hans Raj Quiz Club organised their annual quizzing festival Con Qurso on 28th, 29th and 31st March. This year’s festival comprised of four main quizzes and two filler quizzes. Cash prizes and various number of quizzes attracted inter college and inter-university teams as well The event also saw participants from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Indian Institute of Management (IIM). All the six quizzes were hosted by members of Illuminati.

Here is a look at different quizzes and their respective winners:

Sports Quiz

Sports Quiz began at 9 am on the first day of the festival. The quiz showcased the wide range of questions related to all sports all around the world. After the preliminary round, eight teams made it to the finals of the sports quiz. Conducted by Harshit Tandon, the quiz witnessed participants from various departments of the university and other universities of the capital.

1st Prize: Aniket Mishra (Deptt of Comparative Literature, Delhi University)

Shounak Purkayastha (Deptt of Mathematics, Delhi University)

Bharathan Chandrasekaran (Deptt of History, Delhi University)


2nd Prize:

Pratik Panda (Deptt of Mathematics, Delhi University)

Jasojeet Mukherjee (Zakir Hussain College)

Udipan Sinha (Jamia Millia University)

Cash Prize worth Rs. 4000/- were given to the winners and Rs. 2500/- to the runner up team.

Bollywood Quiz

Conducted by Manan Bhan on the first day itself, this filler quiz saw the maximum turnout. With over 40 participating teams, the bollywood quiz covered decades of celebrated cinema. Questions ranged from minimalist posters to legendary dialogues and from Mughal-e-Azam to 3 Idiots. The winners were awarded with the cash of Rs. 2000/-

1st Prize: Bharathan Chandrasekaran (Ramjas College)

Bishal Kumar (Ramjas College)

General Quiz

Last competitive quizzing on first day saw generalized questions being asked to the participating teams. The General Quiz covered the areas of music, entertainment, sports among other topics. After shortlisting, a total of six teams moved on to the finals. With over 70 questions being asked in total for both prelims and finals, this quiz witnessed a close contest. Runner up team were presented with Rs. 2500/- in cash and the winning team bagged Rs. 4000/-. Quiz master for the general quiz was Manan Bhan.

1st Prize: Sreshth Shah (Amity University, Noida

Prasanth John Abraham (IIM, Calcutta)

Harsh Vikram (Amity University, Noida)


2nd Prize:  

Shounak (Department of Mathematics, Delhi University)

Bharathan (Department of History, Delhi University)

Open MELA Quiz

The only quiz at Con Qurso that permitted non-college quizzers was the MELA Quiz that was conducted on 29th March by Atishay Sehgal. With professionals participating in the quiz, it covered Music, Entertainment, Literature and Art (MELA)

The quiz had a turnout of over 15 teams from which six made it to the finals. Despite an open participation, college quizzers took away the major prizes. This main quiz also gave out Rs. 6500/- as cash prizes.

1st Prize: Anagh Mukherjee (Jamia Millia University)

Abhishek Kapoor (IIT Delhi)

Ankan Kazi (Open participant)


2nd Prize:

Ayan Madan (Hindu College)

Sameer Thomas (Hindu College)

Rahul Mehra (St. Stephen’s College)

India Quiz

Organised on the last day of the festival, India Quiz covered various aspects of our nation including culture, heritage, politics, sports and current affairs. Six teams after fighting the battle, were selected for the final round. Quiz masters for the quiz were Pratik Panda and Abhishek Mishra. Cash prize was equivalent to other main quizzes of the festival.

1st Prize:Mukund Marodia (St. Stephen’s College)

Shubham Prabhakar (Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology)


2nd Prize:

Mohak Chhibber (YMCA University)

Biz-Tech Quiz

The second filler quiz and the last competition of the festival was Biz-tech quiz. The questions revolved around the commece and business sector along with insight into the world of technology.

Conducted by Abhishek Mishra, Biz-Tech quiz gave out a cash prize of Rs. 2000/- to the winning team.

1st Prize: Mukund Marodia (St. Stephen’sCollege)

Mohd Fahad (Delhi Technical University)


Indraprastha College for Women’s quiz society organized an inter-college quiz competition as a part of their annual cultural fest Shruti.

Teams from colleges all over Delhi including St. Stephens College, AIIMS, Hansraj, Gargi and Ramjas participated in the competition. The competition also allowed cross institutional teams.

Out of the total number of 35 teams which participated in the competition, only 6 made it to the finals. The quiz was hosted by quiz master Shashank Mallik who has previously hosted many professional and cooperate quizzes including CBSE Heritage India quiz, cooperate quizzes at Maruti and WWF India.

Six teams made it to the finals including the cross team of IIT-D and St. Stephens, Hansraj, AIIMS and Gargi College. The first position was secured by the team of Sumit and Gaurav Anand from Zakir Hussain College and IIT D respectively. The team of Fardeen A. Mazumdar (St. Stephens), Mukund Marodia (St. Stephens) and Abhishek
(IIT D) got the second position.

“The level of competition was really high,” said Shashank Mallik, who conducted the quiz, “The cut-off was really close and teams won on difference of really less points.”

St. Stephen’s Spic Macay organized an Indian history and culture quiz called ‘Sanskriti’ on Tuesday, 4th February at the seminar room of St. Stephen’s College.

The quiz started with a bang with over 12 online registrations and 17 on spot registrations. Teams were registered with a maximum of two members.

The prelims consisted of 20 questions. Ishaan Taneja and Deepak Kumar, students pursuing science from Stephens conducted the quiz. With the cut off score of 10 points for selection, 8 teams were selected for finals.

With a rigorous final round, Prakriti and Adithya representing Sri Venkateshwara College emerged as winners taking home cash prize of Rs. 2500. The cross college team of Vasant from Kirori Mal College and Bishal from Ramjas College bagged the second prize worth Rs. 1500.

Gagan Mahajan, Co-ordinator Spic Macay quoted, “This was the first quiz organized by Spic Macay of our college and turned out to be a success!”

The second day at St. Stephen’s National Science Fest started with the interdisciplinary Competition of Young Scientists and Enthusiasts (CYSAE). 12 teams started off in the competition, out of which 8 moved on to the second round. The second round comprised of programming problems and required participants to design algorithms in any programming language. With the ability to approach a maximum of five problems in one hour, six teams moved on to the final round on the basis of the same. In the final round, while four teams were from Stephen’s, the other two were from Hansraj College and IIT Delhi. In the final round, the six teams were supposed to first choose between Physics and Chemistry, and then solve a set of five questions based on that subject in the span of one hour. The final results of the competition are still awaited.

sysae round3
Students solving Physics problems in the final round of CYSAE.

The initial events of the day also had a Scientifik Exhibition on Innovative Practices for the Conservation of Natural Resources judged by Dr. Kinkini Dasgupta Misra, from the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. Out of the 5 contenders, the team from Army Public School was declared the winning team.

Moving from academia, the day also witnessed a General Science Quiz prepared by the Quiz Society of the college and conducted by Debobrato Sen Sharma and Akshit Goyal of the St. Stephen’s Quiz Society. 18 teams competed in a written preliminary round, out of which 7 teams moved on to the finals. The quiz had 42 questions coming from different scientific fields. The first position was obtained by a mixed team from Stephen’s and Hindu College, comprising of Ayan, Prerna and Rahul. However, an all Stephen’s team of Rabin, Sukrita, Surabhi bagged the second position. Talking about his favourite question in the quiz, Debobrato says, “We had a question where we told people about the characteristics of a spider and showed them a picture of the same. An additional fact was that the name of the spider was inspired by a character from the Jungle Book. Many people worked it out, despite seeing it for the first time.”

In Kapture, a digital imaging competition, students were given two hours to go around the campus, click photographs and then edit them on digital editing software to create their entry for the competition. 15 teams competed to create images under the theme The Dark side of St. Stephen’s. Andriyas A. Silas and Zoya Singh of St. Stephen’s won the competition in an entry that reflected towards an existing gender bias.

The Winning Entry at Kapture – Photography and Digital Imaging event.

Another fun event of NSF was ‘Absurd Theory’ – a competition about presenting theories and backing them up by scientific reasoning. The winning theory of the competition was presented by Mitrajyoti Ghosh of St. Stephen’s College. Mitrajyoti in his theory went on to propose that human kind existed on the planet before dinosaurs. Talking about absurd theories, he says, “Absurd Theory to me is about the fun in science. It shows that a scientific temperament can be applied to any situation. The fun of theorical science is that you don’t necessarily have to think of the big questions. Even the small questions can give you a lot of scope for imagination!”

Apart from the competitive events, the day also had talks on Wavelets and Quantum Mechanics in sessions with Dr. Prasanta Panigrahi of Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Kolkata and Dr. Sameer Sapra of IIT Delhi respectively.

Featured Image: Dr. Prasanta Panigrahi

The second day of Illume 2014 carried forward the quizzing sentiment from the first day with students from various different colleges turning up for the event in large numbers. 90 teams from DU, engineering institutes as well as a unique team from DPS Siliguri competed with each other, out of which 5 teams were selected for the final face-off.

The day was divided into two quizzes – Estadia, the Sports quiz and Ambiente, the Environment quiz. Mr. Harneet Singh of Quizworks fame was the quizmaster for the day. Adding to the second half of the day was the presence of people from the NGO – Aman Biradri invited as guests.

The winners who stole the day away with their performance were Manan, Shraishth and Arnav from Hansraj, second prize was won by Vinayak, Prashant and Raghav and the third prize by Harshit and Prateek for the sports quiz. Mukund, Fardeen and Debobroto from St. Stephen’s College won the first prize for the environment quiz with Vinayak, Raghav and Paras and Akshay, Anurag and Utkarsh bagging the second and the third positions respectively.

The winning team from St. Stephen’s said, “The level of the competition is mind-boggling and the quiz master makes the event all the more interesting. The kind of effort put up by the quiz society of SRCC is praiseworthy.”

Apart from the cash prizes being offered by the college, another thing that caught everyone’s eye was the prestigious trophy called the Illume Cup which would be awarded to the most consistent team with the best performance on the third day.

The first day of Illume, the annual national quiz festival of SRCC, witnessed students’ participation in three quizzes. Bizgust, the business quiz, Fastrack, the general quiz and Incredible India, the India quiz were the events scheduled for the day. Three hundred teams which took part in the online prelims from all over the country finally got shortlisted to six teams for both the business and general quiz after multiple rounds of quizzing.

Mr. Parnab Mukherjee, who is considered one of the best live quiz masters in the country was the quizmaster for the event.

After the brain racking sessions of the final rounds including the audio visual rounds, the winners were announced. The first position in the business quiz was grabbed by Atishay Sehgal, Fardeen Majumdar and Mukund Marodia. The second position was a tie between two teams. One team comprised of Rahul, Sahil and Umang while the other was formed by Abhishek, Altaf Majeed and Soumya Sagar.

Piyush Goel, Sumit Anand  and Kartik Puri emerged as the winners of the India quiz. Ukund Marodia, Fardeen Majumdar and Vasant Surdeo stood second whike Anindita Basu, Abhishek Mishra and Partik Panda stood third.

The winners of the business quiz, also grabbed the prizes in the general quiz. Yes, in the end it were Atishay Sehgal, Fardeen Majumdar and Mukund Marodia who walked away with the General Quiz winning title.

On being asked about the experience, the team from DPS Siliguri said, “We have no regrets in having travelled all the distance to make it to the event because of the massive learning experience offered by it. The hospitality was amazing and the name Parnab Mukherjee itself defines the level of competition.”

Kanika, a member of the organising team, says,”The response for the event was very good. We got a lot of participants from various schools and colleges in NCR region, Kolkata, Siliguri etc. The overall footfall was around 600-700 students and the experience of having Mr. Parnab Mukherjee was amazing. He is an inspiring and energetic individual.”

The Quiz Society of Shri Ram College of Commerce is organising their Annual National Quiz Festival – Illume’14 on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of January.

The three day event comprises of a total of 6 quizzes, ranging from fields of business, environment, sports and Bollywood. There are also prizes worth three lakhs up for grabs.

The pre-quiz preparations have already hit the campus with caricatures, posters, tech preps and the organising committee meeting creatinga buzz. The festival offers quizmasters like Mr Parnab Mukherjee. It also boasts of 104.8 FM RJ Rahul Maken hosting the Bollywood quiz, ensuring that the entertainment quotient would at no cost be compromised.

Rajat Chopra, the Joint Secretary of the society says, “Quiz society has got a tremedous leap as compared to the past year thanks to our dedicated team. This year we plan to beat our past standards and make Illume’14 much bigger.”

Event Schedule

Day 1 – 22nd January, 2014

Bizgust – The Business Quiz
Fast Track – The General Quiz
Incredible India – The India Quiz

Day 2 – 23rd January, 2014

Estadia – Sports Quiz
Ambiente – Environment Quiz

Day 3 – 24th January, 2014

Mayapuri – Bollywood Quiz

While the registrations for the Business and General quiz are closed, students can register for other four quizzes online, as well as on the spot, on the day of the quiz.

The Quiz circuit quizUnlike common perception, winning a quiz competition is more about how much you can analyse and deduce than how much you can memorise. Societies around the university will second to this opinion. Quiz culture in the University is not many years old and has a small but dedicated team of enthusiasts. “It’s a group of like minded people participating in quizzes together and learning together as everyone brings something to the society,” defines Abhaas Mohan, founder of Conquiztador, the Quizzing society of Sri Venkateswara College. As for the auditions, societies have their separate method of evaluation. “Every person has their own interests, therefore we cannot expect them to be good at everything. we have a written test which has questions from every field. Then based on overall score and sectional score on our personal we take people in, There are also people who join us after the auditions,” says Abhaas. For Quest- the Quiz society of SGGSCC, it’s all about testing while having fun. “We have fun and interesting questions, where we can entertain them as well as test their aptitude and decide if they are good enough for quizzing or not,” says Utkarsh. As for preparing for a quiz competition, everyone agrees it’s about what you read, the movies you watch and the number of quiz competitions you attend as it gives you a fair idea on the way questions are based and what to expect.

“Frankly, there is nothing like preparing for a quiz. There might be moments where you think you know everything, but you actually know nothing,” relays Utkarsh.
Lookout for
  • Landmark Quiz- if you win this you are apparently a legend in the field.
  • Cannot Place? – a quiz conducted by the Delhi NCR Quizzing Fraternity
  • Karnataka Quizzing Association
  • World Quizzing Championship
  • Competitions organized by various colleges in Delhi University.
creative writingWrite a little Writing is one of the most immaculate form of human expression. For an activity of such kind, it is imperative that there be a society which brings together individuals with a special gift in the play of words and help them enhance their qualities. Almost all colleges of the University have a Creative writing society, which regularly hold workshops and sessions and also competitions. Auditions, usually involve submission of original pieces be it prose, poetry and then the shortlisted go through an impromptu writing session. Look out for:
  • National Novel writing month
  • SRCC- Zephyr fest
  • LSR- Expressions
Catch the Photo bug With the availability of camera’s which are smarter than it’s users, highly professional online editing tools and a captive audience, it’s not hard to declare oneself as an amateur photographer and why not, photography is all about how you perceive things around you and if that only includes your self reflection in the mirror, so be it. But then there are these and they are individuals who take it to another level, who strengthen their foundation and learn from their peers.
photography206“I have been into photography, so the next logical step was to be a part of a society where you meet other photographers and get to go to photo walks and learn from professionals,” says Jayati Bhola, a member of the Fine Arts and Photography society of Kirori Mal College.
Giving an overview of the auditions she explains,”We have ECA trials, with grading systems in which 20 or 30 marks are for certificates, then some marks for portfolio and then on spot. We give random themes to people and a limited time in which they have to submit their photographs.” Things in St. Stephens are done a little differently though,”Technically, everyone who wants to be a part of the society, is a part of the society. but the working committee is decided on our own. We notice their work for 6 months and if we think they can contribute well, they become a part of the executive council,” says Satender Singh, President of Stephen’s Photography Society, which also might be the only society to have it’s own dark room. Like all societies, this society also receives funds from the college but they are nominal and a lot of expenditure is self incurred. “We get sponsors for our fest. Also, our team is in charge of the college calender and so we get the calender printed and get some profit out of it, but that money is not much,” explains Satender. Look out for
  • Various competitions by colleges in the University.
  • Online competitions.
  • Nikon School workshops