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Three days of quizzing at Illuminati’s Con Qurso

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Illuminati – the Hans Raj Quiz Club organised their annual quizzing festival Con Qurso on 28th, 29th and 31st March. This year’s festival comprised of four main quizzes and two filler quizzes. Cash prizes and various number of quizzes attracted inter college and inter-university teams as well The event also saw participants from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Indian Institute of Management (IIM). All the six quizzes were hosted by members of Illuminati.

Here is a look at different quizzes and their respective winners:

Sports Quiz

Sports Quiz began at 9 am on the first day of the festival. The quiz showcased the wide range of questions related to all sports all around the world. After the preliminary round, eight teams made it to the finals of the sports quiz. Conducted by Harshit Tandon, the quiz witnessed participants from various departments of the university and other universities of the capital.

1st Prize: Aniket Mishra (Deptt of Comparative Literature, Delhi University)

Shounak Purkayastha (Deptt of Mathematics, Delhi University)

Bharathan Chandrasekaran (Deptt of History, Delhi University)


2nd Prize:

Pratik Panda (Deptt of Mathematics, Delhi University)

Jasojeet Mukherjee (Zakir Hussain College)

Udipan Sinha (Jamia Millia University)

Cash Prize worth Rs. 4000/- were given to the winners and Rs. 2500/- to the runner up team.

Bollywood Quiz

Conducted by Manan Bhan on the first day itself, this filler quiz saw the maximum turnout. With over 40 participating teams, the bollywood quiz covered decades of celebrated cinema. Questions ranged from minimalist posters to legendary dialogues and from Mughal-e-Azam to 3 Idiots. The winners were awarded with the cash of Rs. 2000/-

1st Prize: Bharathan Chandrasekaran (Ramjas College)

Bishal Kumar (Ramjas College)

General Quiz

Last competitive quizzing on first day saw generalized questions being asked to the participating teams. The General Quiz covered the areas of music, entertainment, sports among other topics. After shortlisting, a total of six teams moved on to the finals. With over 70 questions being asked in total for both prelims and finals, this quiz witnessed a close contest. Runner up team were presented with Rs. 2500/- in cash and the winning team bagged Rs. 4000/-. Quiz master for the general quiz was Manan Bhan.

1st Prize: Sreshth Shah (Amity University, Noida

Prasanth John Abraham (IIM, Calcutta)

Harsh Vikram (Amity University, Noida)


2nd Prize:  

Shounak (Department of Mathematics, Delhi University)

Bharathan (Department of History, Delhi University)

Open MELA Quiz

The only quiz at Con Qurso that permitted non-college quizzers was the MELA Quiz that was conducted on 29th March by Atishay Sehgal. With professionals participating in the quiz, it covered Music, Entertainment, Literature and Art (MELA)

The quiz had a turnout of over 15 teams from which six made it to the finals. Despite an open participation, college quizzers took away the major prizes. This main quiz also gave out Rs. 6500/- as cash prizes.

1st Prize: Anagh Mukherjee (Jamia Millia University)

Abhishek Kapoor (IIT Delhi)

Ankan Kazi (Open participant)


2nd Prize:

Ayan Madan (Hindu College)

Sameer Thomas (Hindu College)

Rahul Mehra (St. Stephen’s College)

India Quiz

Organised on the last day of the festival, India Quiz covered various aspects of our nation including culture, heritage, politics, sports and current affairs. Six teams after fighting the battle, were selected for the final round. Quiz masters for the quiz were Pratik Panda and Abhishek Mishra. Cash prize was equivalent to other main quizzes of the festival.

1st Prize:Mukund Marodia (St. Stephen’s College)

Shubham Prabhakar (Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology)


2nd Prize:

Mohak Chhibber (YMCA University)

Biz-Tech Quiz

The second filler quiz and the last competition of the festival was Biz-tech quiz. The questions revolved around the commece and business sector along with insight into the world of technology.

Conducted by Abhishek Mishra, Biz-Tech quiz gave out a cash prize of Rs. 2000/- to the winning team.

1st Prize: Mukund Marodia (St. Stephen’sCollege)

Mohd Fahad (Delhi Technical University)


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