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Student Brandishes Gun in Hansraj College

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On 25th February, a fight between two groups in Hansraj College took a violent turn, with brandishing of violent weapons, posing even more questions about security inside college campuses.

 On 25th February, a fight took place between two groups at the Lovers’ Point in Hansraj College. The altercation consisted of a few students graduated from Delhi University (DU) and students of Satyawati College, DU. Amidst the barrel, one of the students took out a katta (Indian handmade gun) and threatened the other party. However, they soon dispersed, following which, a large number of police personnel were seen in and around the College. Till now, the administration has not commented on the matter, and there is no official notification of an investigation being conducted in this regard.

On 26th February, the students of Hansraj College, collected in order to protest against the administration’s silence on the matter as well as against the rising communalism in the country. The students marched from the hostel gate of the College to the main gate, where they addressed a gathering and talked about the issues plaguing the country.

A student who organised the protest, in conditions of anonymity told DU Beat, “The administration did not even let us make posters inside the college, let alone protest inside. This protest was combined, about college being a safe space, the administration giving us our agency and us being allowed to use it properly and also to throw light on how the country’s being divided for political gains and people are suffering.” “It is also shameful that we’re hosting a fest in such times.” they added.

An important thing to note is that Hansraj College had only recently installed metal detectors at all entrances. This incident also raises some very important questions about how safe college spaces really are, something that college administrative bodies really need to answer.

Feature Image Credits: Saubhagya Saxena for DU Beat

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