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Mercatus, Marketing Society, Jesus and Mary College organised their Annual Marketing Convention – Zion’17 on February 21st, 2017. The event was attended by over a thousand students from across the varsity.

The event kicked off with an inaugural ceremony with Mr. Rohit Raj (CEO, BOOST U) as the Chief Guest and Mr. Durjoy Datta (Novelist, Entrepreneur, Screenwriter) as the Guest Speaker. After the president of the society delivered a welcome note, Mr. Rohit spoke about his entrepreneurial journey. This was followed by a speech by Mr. Durjoy, who enthralled the audience by his sense of humor and success story. He talked about how he was able to come out of his work life to do something he is passionate about.

The inaugural was followed by the commencement of the inter-college events namely Battle of the Bands, Roadies Run, Step Up Quiz, The Ad Mad Show and Marketing Magus. The events were completely marketing-centric and tested the creative, communications and

The Ad Mad Show, consisting of a unique ‘twister’ round where participants had to design a unique product combination, was won by Raju Kumar, Dhruv Kumar and Khushvinder (Faculty of Arts). Battle of Brands, an event based on marketing weirdest possible products to the real audience was won by Nidhi, Avi Aggarwal, Muskan Aillawadhi and Nidhi Gandotra (JMC). The first prize in Roadies Run, a marketing based treasure hunt was bagged by Snigdha Kapoor, Vrinda Mohan, Arushi Jain and Samridhi Gandharva (JMC). Step Up Quiz, a unique fun-based event was won by Sushant Sharma(DSE), Shubham Madaan(SBSC), Prabhu Tyagi(SBSC) and Chirag Sinha(CIC). The final round of the Marketing Plan Competition was won by Gaurav Goswami , Nalini Prasad and Sukriti Somvanshi(IIMC).

Students with the Guests of the event

When asked about the event, Diksha Sharma, A participant from Gargi College said, “The event concepts are really interesting. I came here specifically to listen to Durjoy’s speech and after hearing about the events, decided to stay back for more.”

The décor of the event revolved around various TV shows and their elements, with ornamental Polaroid and TV Frames grabbing the visitors’ eye. Except for the competitions, various good and food stalls gathered audience attention and kept them glued to the venue till the very end.

Talking about the event, the president of the society said, “I am really happy to see such significant footfall. We tried our best to make the event bigger and better by inculcating new elements, and I’m glad to see it work out.”

The society plans to conduct more such events in the upcoming term.


Image Credits: Mehak Dhawan from Jesus and Mary College

Lovleen Kaur

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Gargi College has come up with its Marketing Society named ‘Make Your Mark’, which founded by the Faculty Panel – Ms. Chitra, and Prof. Sheila Dubey and student founders – Navtej Marwaha and Vidushi Bhalla, III year BBE students.

Studying Marketing as a core subject in their final year of graduation, Navtej and Vidushi realized that Marketing is not something that can be studied as a subject for a semester or two, its application can be as “minute as spelling of a name or the color of a logo”. They believe that a person having expertise in marketing management is someone who has a nag for convincing, has a streak of creativity and is an avid leader. To search for such persons and nurture them is the basic motive of this initiative.

“In next six months, we are going to pass out of college and it dawned on us that we couldn’t be this selfish; taking so much from college and having given back so less in return. Thus we had this idea of our Marketing Society with diversity and equal opportunity as its main USP”, says Vidushi. And they don’t wish to stop at it; they look forward to expanding it to the whole of Delhi University to give to students more than what they’ve learnt themselves.

The board members will include the two founding members, three stream-heads and five members per stream (Commerce, Science and Arts). Following a stringent procedure of selection -a 3-round process – they’ll make sure that they havea perfect team. The first round is a written round, judging candidates on common sense, creativity, communication and convincing power while the second and third are the personal interview rounds judging on psychometric grounds.

The main focus of this society in the coming days will be working divided on the three parallels – Ad Week, Case Study Week and Market-o-logy Week. After two such rounds, there will be inter-departmental competitions. One of the distinct features of this society is that it has fixed number of seats in the committee, for all streams and is 24*7 open for assistance even for the non-members.

Navtej says, “We realized that the key to gain expertise and to add to one’s skills is to share the knowledge with others. The most productive addition is the one of synergy, with the motive to help peers, gaining insights into the marketing world and contribute to each other’s skills”.

Image Credit: www.du.ac.in