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The DU-famed Finance and Investment Cell of Hansraj College organised its flagship event ‘Finance Platter’ in association with Innolabz on October 27, 2017. The triad of scintillating events conducted this year was appreciated by everyone alike.

The event began with the lighting of the lamp ceremony conducted by Mr.Saurabh Chaturvedi, founder and CEO of Innolabz along with the society’s core team members. This was followed by the mock stock competition- ‘The Stockfather’, the prelims of which witnessed a crowd of over 300 participants speculating on various securities as per the news and rumours. The outcry round was a frenzy filled trading in the American, Chinese and Indian stocks. The auditorium resonated with sounds of deals and negotiations, some that closed and some that failed.

‘Prisonbreak-Narcos on Death Row’ was another event set in the sinister world of crime, drugs, and money-making. The selected teams were required to strategise their way to escape custody. One member of the team donned the role of a bureaucrat while the other became a terrorist, and the two together had to manage resources amongst their groups to terrorise various locations of the national capital.

The B-plan competition, ‘Power2Idea- Think. Plan. Execute’ had an illustrious judging panel which constituted Mr. Saurabh Chaturvedi, founder and CEO of Innolabz, and Mr. Rajesh Parekh, a Chartered Accountant having an experience of over 25 years in the finance industry. The most innovative 18 abstracts were shortlisted and those who made it to the final round then delivered a presentation of 7 minutes each, explaining their concept in detail. The judges were impressed with the quality and level of participation they witnessed in the event.” We were amazed and astonished by ideas presented before us. Thinking that bricks can be created out of cigarette butts or incense sticks that don’t emit smoke are any day out of the box. These ideas are worth incubating”, said Mr. Saurabh after the conclusion of the event.

When asked about the reason behind the successful turnout, Shubham Suri, President of the society said,” We have always tried to beat our own standards and innovate new events. This keeps the team focused on its objectives. We hope to witness the same level of enthusiasm and appreciation in our next fest as well.”

‘Start up monopoly’, a finance case study competition ‘Estudio de Caso’ and a ‘Mock Stock Competition’ organized by the Bombay Stock Exchange. Day 1 (29th October) – Start up monopoly and Estudio De Caso With around 500 registrations online, Monopoly was easily the star attraction of the day with a 600 sq. feet life size monopoly board catching everyone’s attention. The traditional layout of the board was modified and included interesting possible ventures like the Sutta Lane and Sudama’s tea stall. An exemplary event, Estudio De Caso presented contestants with real life financial riddles for them to solve. The final contestations were divided into 6 teams of 2 each and were given a financial case study where they had to design a portfolio according to the requirements of the given ‘Case Study’. The final portfolios were handed over to Dr. ND Vohra, Dr. Sachi Yadav and Ms. Anshika Agarwal who were the judges. The winners of Estudio De Caso were Neha from NSIT and Archit Kshitiz from Christ University. Day 2 (30th October) – Mock Stock competition The Mock Stock too attracted major participation from across the city with around 500 registrations online and 240 of those selected for the online prelims. A final list of 36 teams were present on the final day of the competition. Teams had to buy and sell stock from the 10 different virtual companies ( Dr. Reddys, SBI, HDFC Bank and ITC among others) which were present and had to create a virtual market system totally governed by the demand and supply of the market thus created. Teams were given real time updates on fluctuating shares displayed on a projector screen. The team which gathered the highest profit won. A representative from the Bombay Stock Institute Limited gave an orientation to all the volunteers and participants. The winners for the Mock Stock were Chirag Jegyasa from Hansraj, Paridhi Mukund from CBS and Aditya Bhumika from KNC.   Arindam Goswami [email protected]]]>

The Finance and Investment Cell of College of Vocational Studies successfully organised the preliminary rounds for their annual management festival, Bizkrieg 2014 on the 3rd and 4th of April. The final rounds are scheduled to held at Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute in North Campus on Monday, the 7th of April.

The event saw participation of roughly 300 students, from whom 150 have qualified for the finals to be held on Monday. The list of students who have qualified can be accessed here.


This year, Bizkrieg’14 has been themed The Alternate History, ‘inspired by the idea to alter history and build the future on it’. Apart from the campus prelims, students were facilitated with the option of online prelims in the form of a Google Form.


The events, named after related fictional personalities, are The Schindler – the best manager event, The Belfort – the best marketer event, The Gekko – the mock stock event and The Sheldon – the business quiz. Mehak Kathpalia from the FIC of CVS says, “With participation from all across Delhi University in the four events, we are obliged by the trust they restored in us. We at FIC, CVS strive to create experiences.” Cash prizes of Rs.40,000 are to be won in the final rounds.