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Finamics 2015 organized by Finance and Investment Cell Ramjas College

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‘Start up monopoly’, a finance case study competition ‘Estudio de Caso’ and a ‘Mock Stock Competition’ organized by the Bombay Stock Exchange. Day 1 (29th October) – Start up monopoly and Estudio De Caso With around 500 registrations online, Monopoly was easily the star attraction of the day with a 600 sq. feet life size monopoly board catching everyone’s attention. The traditional layout of the board was modified and included interesting possible ventures like the Sutta Lane and Sudama’s tea stall. An exemplary event, Estudio De Caso presented contestants with real life financial riddles for them to solve. The final contestations were divided into 6 teams of 2 each and were given a financial case study where they had to design a portfolio according to the requirements of the given ‘Case Study’. The final portfolios were handed over to Dr. ND Vohra, Dr. Sachi Yadav and Ms. Anshika Agarwal who were the judges. The winners of Estudio De Caso were Neha from NSIT and Archit Kshitiz from Christ University. Day 2 (30th October) – Mock Stock competition The Mock Stock too attracted major participation from across the city with around 500 registrations online and 240 of those selected for the online prelims. A final list of 36 teams were present on the final day of the competition. Teams had to buy and sell stock from the 10 different virtual companies ( Dr. Reddys, SBI, HDFC Bank and ITC among others) which were present and had to create a virtual market system totally governed by the demand and supply of the market thus created. Teams were given real time updates on fluctuating shares displayed on a projector screen. The team which gathered the highest profit won. A representative from the Bombay Stock Institute Limited gave an orientation to all the volunteers and participants. The winners for the Mock Stock were Chirag Jegyasa from Hansraj, Paridhi Mukund from CBS and Aditya Bhumika from KNC.   Arindam Goswami [email protected]]]>

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