This piece is an overview of Stan culture in India, from the lens of Bollywood Stan Twitter.

The way in which pop culture has been consumed in 2010s has changed the landscape of, what means to be a fan of an entity or a production. Social media has drafted a hyper reality based conundrum, which is responsible for bridging the gap between the idol and the fan but, stitching itself into the aggressiveness and hostility of online trolls.

Stan Twitter is a section of Twitter dedicated to celebrities, even to the most harmful lengths. It is a by-product of a widespread Stan culture, which took its roots in the appreciation and love for a person, but has now reared its ugly head to become a pressing issue for those who surf the Internet.

While some say the term is a combination of a “fan” and “stalker,” “Stan” was first coined in 2000, when Eminem dropped a twisted allegory in a song called Stan, about a man who was pushed to the edge when his idol wouldn’t answer his fan mail. The word used to be synonymous with overzealous or obsessed. But nearly 20 years later, it’s become a badge of honour for fans, who show enough commitment to go all out for their favourite star on the Internet.

Bollywood Stan Twitter, contrary to popular opinion, consists of a worldwide audience, all of whom are part of pockets of fandoms where they spend time celebrating their favourite artists.

In the conditions of anonymity, a Stan Twitter user said, “I once tweeted that I didn’t think Tamasha was a good enough movie that warrants such appreciation. Never had I thought, that a harmless opinion I had tweeted out whilst in a conversation with a friend would become a source of violent threats, from the fans of the movie; ranging from death to me and my family.”

They added, “Twitter has blessed me with some really good friends but after a point it got extremely toxic for me and started to affect my mental health real bad. For instance, I tweeted about Salman Khan’s criminal records once and his fans crowded my mentions with rape threats. I had to lock my account and delete it for awhile. The place is filled with negativity and, yet most of us are addicted.”

Kalyan, who has been a part of Bollywood Stan Twitter for 7 years now said, “Stan Twitter is a great bonding experience for us, a kind of escape from our gruelling personal lives where we can find dependable friendships. However, it gets taxing because of the blind way people defend their idols, despite their wrongdoings. There’s both a negative and positive side to it, both of which can’t be discounted.”

It’s a rarity that fans ever hold their idols accountable, in a lexicon as infused by toxicity and immaturity. However, little over a year ago, fans of actress, Deepika Padukone, started a trend, #notmydeepika after she and Ranbir Kapoor, were spotted with Luv Ranjan, a director who’s been accused of sexual harassment and is infamous for his movies based on misogynistic ideals. The trend reached national publications and, as of today, Deepika is not doing the movie, even though Ranbir is.

This entire Culture raises some pressing questions, “Why do these things happen? Why do hordes of fans maliciously attack critics? Why do Stans behave in such an obsessive manner?”

Haaniyah, Culture Critic explains, “Some say that social media is to blame and that isn’t a completely ludicrous view. As stated earlier, Stans existed long before the age of the Internet, but the anonymity and the mass reach of social media, allows harassment and stalking to be extremely harmful while sheltering them from consequences. You can’t get a restraining order against an anonymous person who could use various accounts to stalk you. If Stans are harassing those critiquing their favourite celebrity, blocks may prove futile, as they could make uncountable new accounts, and online harassment may continue until the aggressors get bored or the target finally gives in and deletes their account, whatever.”

The over-saturation and popularisation of Standom has cemented a kind of obsessive behaviour that earlier existed at the fringes of society – one which was punishable by law, by the widespread nature of social media prohibits that too. The invasion of privacy, obsessive fantasies, aggression and possessiveness, absolute disregard for others’ well being- these are not the marks of a true fan. Stan Twitter, however, will troll me for saying this.

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Paridhi Puri

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While everyone was going crazy over Avengers: Endgame being the last film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s current phase, others were signing petitions demanding a new ending to Game of Thrones season 8, and then there you were not caring 3000.

Before I am mistaken for someone who is against fandoms, let me clarify that I am not. One of the biggest obstacles that people belonging to this community that follows or likes the same entity of pop culture face is the tag of being “childish” or “mainstream”. These labels, I believe, are extremely unfair and slightly hypocritical. I, for one, am in the This Is Us fandom.

Fandoms arise because a book, movie, tv series or comic had something with which people could connect and relate. Marvel and DC comics or films gave that little 10-year-old hope, that good can defeat the evil or how superheroes exist, maybe inside all of us. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. was able to make many people laugh and happy after they had hit a low. Harry Potter series was more than just Wizardry and Witchcraft, for  it was as much about courage, goodness and friendship. The memes on adults surrounded by children in movie halls for Toy Story 4 is a testament to how these are a connect with our childhood.

The most popular ones suffer because they are always seen as mainstream, people doubting them for only “trying to be cool” and accusing them of following it because “everyone is watching this nowadays”.

But when Hannah Gatsby said, “I identify as tired”, we could all relate.

Not belonging to these fandoms does not make you a bad person or a person with lesser taste, in any way.

Some people simply watch these shows or films for the mere pleasure that comes out of it. Not knowing plot lines or details is not considered to be the biggest sin for us. I will reiterate, we all have our fangirling/ fanboying elements activated by different stimuli, but our passions vary in intensity. While legendary shows went on for many years, non-fandom people tend to find starting such shows daunting. The level of commitment and energy that is involved in watching 14 seasons of Supernatural, the whole Star Wars series, 15 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy among many, many more of “this is amazing, you should watch it”: very intimidating.

On speaking to such people, I realised, these group of people are simply Legen-wait for it-LAZY. On seeing that passionate friend of yours reiterating and trying to express how amazing something is, on the inside non-fandomers feel sorry for the effort wasted. It is not the absence of awareness or even questioning of the abilities of what writers can create. But simply having full insight and realising what does not appeal to you.

Maitreyi Pandey of Kamala Nehru College, who has never watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S. commented, “So, I believe a show or an association with a fandom is a very personal thing. Though, at times, I do feel annoyed when people keep on discussing about the one show over and over again and keep on pushing you to watch it. However, I never have felt the need to join the bandwagon, because if I don’t connect to the show, no matter how good it might be, I will not watch it.”

Whether it is F.R.I.E.N.D.S. versus How I Met Your Mother, Marvel vs DC, Hunger Games vs Divergent—for these people, the debate goes on. Unless someone brings up Brooklyn Nine-Nine, in which case there is no competition.

With the good comes the evil. Similarly, this new idea of “real” fan and “fake” fan has arisen. For those who have never seen or experienced this, you have been very privileged because the level of social bashing one can receive over the smallest of errors is on an all-time high. I remember how someone I know had mistakenly written John Snow, instead of Jon Snow. A wave of social bashing hit her before she even understood where she went wrong. Similarly, despite my really enjoying GoT (Game of Thrones), this statement will always be seen with suspicion till I can name the whole family tree correctly. So, when someone says to me, “You know nothing…”, I am okay with it.

If you binge every show on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Hulu and whichever new platform has come up, or even if you simply are too lazy or uninterested, either path is okay. With these platforms having left television far behind, we can see that the quality of story lines, plot twists, character developments and other tricks up a writer’s sleeve are endless.

I can only reflect on a time when GoT was to me the best show ever made, but This Is Us changed my mind, and frankly tomorrow night Chernobyl might. Each story competing with the others, and writers, creators and directors being challenged, we can learn to appreciate where we have come from only Sciences and STEM being applauded, as now even the artistic capabilities are seen with awe. All is well till we remember that compulsion is an illusion.

So, while some people googled which house the Sorting Hat will put them in, others chose not to, does that not sound like a fandom of its own?

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Shivani Dadhwal

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In lieu of celebrating 25 years of F.R.I.E.N.D.S we take a sneak peek at our most organised characters of all times- Monica.

In the span of the ten seasons that rocked the TV industry in terms of its popularity and crisp set, the F.R.I.E.N.D.S cast has some idiosyncrasies in the characters, which we can all relate to at one point of time or the other. If there was one character that stood out the most has to be no one other than Monica E.Geller.

Here are a few pointers to let you know if you are secretly Monica Geller or not:

  • Organized Freak

You are obsessed with having things in order, prim and proper and neat, at all given times. You might be that one person, who has a label maker to ensure their cups are numbered, or the stationary is intact or the books are ordered in an ascending order! You love making divisions for everything. Be it your clothes in a pattern or an extravagant shoe arrangement. You’re a neat freak and a storehouse of almost all possible products to clean everything up.

  • Best Host Ever

You are that one person who always wants to have the parties at their place, or in their order. To add more flair, your parties may be a little too extravagant for the normal eye, beware the next time you host a birthday party and have a flan instead of a cake!

  • Control Freak

You simply love authority. Not because you are position oriented, but simply because you know how to conduct things and are someone who is extremely resourceful. You’re the one who likes to hold the whip at the end and ensure things are done on time.

  • Mammabear

You’re the mother in your group. You undertake the self-imposed instructions to take care of your friends when they are sad, or have been through a rough patch, or simply when they are a little under the weather. Also when it comes to giving bear-squishy hugs, no one can give them to perfection as you can!

  • Punctuality Freak

You cannot bear the fact that people are late. You are always the one who shows up early to luncheon or is someone who ensures to always reach a place on time. Your ETA is always on fleek and your peers need to beware not to cross you and try their best to ensure they all reach on time or about it.

Amazed how similar you are?
Amazed how similar you are?
  • Competitive

You have a next level passion for always winning or being the best one ahead. You can turn anything into a competition and with your determination, it is hard for you to lose at it. Also, sportsman spirit is your Achilles Heel! As when up for competition you’re a charged up bull with just the red flag and the finish line in viewpoint.

  • You are the glue of your group

You might as well be the connecting dots to over half the friendships in your group. You are the piece that holds the menagerie of friends together. You love, understand and are fiercely loyal when it comes to showing what they really really mean to you. You cannot imagine a life without them and nor can they, without your presence.

  • Hands down you’re the best cook ever

When people end up with dal-roti and call it a night, you always have something new and exciting to bring to the dinner table. Be it the amazing Italian you make or the heavenly mac n cheese, one reason your house is hoarded is also because you have the best food around, and that too at all times!

  • You always have a favorite side, and with a good reason

Be it your favorite side on the bed, car, coffee mug, movie, book, character, and the list is endless. You have all the accurate reasons as to why it is justified to have a favorite xyz anything and no matter how absurd it makes you sound, you end up winning the case.

  • You love someone with every bit of your heart

When it comes to love, you have no shame in hiding your feelings. You will love someone immensely and with all your heart, but at the same time keep yourself grounded and be realistic. You’re a gem and you don’t even realize it at times and anyone who breaks your heart is a fool.

So, do you feel you are Monica Geller?


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Avnika Chhikara
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On 2nd May 1998, Harry, Hermione, and Ron were seen destroying horcruxes and avenging the evil that reeked through Voldemort. It’s been twenty years hence, and it still seems as though this sequence of events is taking place right now. As we lament the deaths of those characters who faced an untimely end, today marks the anniversary of one of the greatest moments in the Harry Potter universe.

It would be an understatement to say that the Harry Potter series has inspired me and a million other children across the globe – an entire generation has grown up immersed in the wizarding world’s shenanigans. This is the same generation which has ever so patiently been waiting for their Hogwarts acceptance letters to arrive, has thrived on every piece of trivia supplied to it through Pottermore, and has taken multiple quizzes to find out which Harry Potter character they were. This is the Harry Potter generation. A generation that consists of people of varied ages, races, and countries with an equal and undying sense of loyalty towards the books.

I can proudly affirm to the fact that I belong to this generation, and that Harry Potter taught me lessons that no teacher could teach me patiently. The books were those comforting friends that helped me steer my way through middle-school crushes and high-school heartbreaks, through the rough times in friendships and all personal lows. Those of us who grew up reading this magical series, spent months waiting for the next movie in the franchise, and re-read parts from Snape’s memories on the days when we felt like crumbling in our own living hells. J.K Rowling weaved an entire universe of intricate details and complex characters that it’s compelling enough to forget our mundane problems for a long while.

The first book in the series taught me that it’s alright if you disagree with your friends, like Neville stood against the trio. It taught me that it’s okay to be yourself and embrace your uniqueness like Luna Lovegood. The seventh book taught me that the hero might not always be the knight in the shining armour, and the fifth Book taught me that every great personality started from a place we are at now. As each day passes, there’s something new that I learn and connect from each of the books, which is why this list is inexhaustible. If I were to write down all the lessons I gathered, no thousand-page thesis could ever do justice.

Bhavya Banerjee, an avid reader of the books, shared her story, “Harry Potter has been much more than just a story for me. It gave me another universe where I could exist and grow up with all the characters. Hermione taught me to find a friend in your books. Ron taught me it’s okay to prioritise food over people and Harry taught me how to bounce back from mistakes. Harry Potter has essentially been a very important influence in my life.”

Vineeta Rana, another potterhead in Delhi University, sat up excitedly when I asked about her learnings from Harry Potter. She said, “Harry Potter has taught me the value of friendship. The books taught me the importance of staying loyal to your loved ones, and that anything is possible in Hogwarts, provided you’ve got enough nerve.”

A million more stories like these and an equal number of lives shaped for the better, entirely on the basis of one brilliant mind and her idea of such a world.

Until next time, when we take a few minutes from our lives to acknowledge the beauty of those seven books, we can drink Butterbeer while re-reading about Voldemort’s obsession with a teenage boy, and lazily dream of entering the magical world through platform 9¾.


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Vijeata Balani
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There are a few underrated feel-good movies that everyone must watch because Bollywood doesn’t always produce masala, brainless, big-budget blockbusters, and sometimes ends up making movis that have sense in them.

Almost every year, Bollywood churns out innumerable films and honestly, everybody waits for the big-banner Salman Khan-starrer or SRK-starrer movies. Most of us who prefer intelligent cinema consider Bollywood to be the commode of mediocrity, but there are some gems that slip between the blockbuster money minting hits, and the flop movies which do not get their due share of praise from the audiences. Some films like Andaz Apna Apna and Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar grab our attention and become a part of cult movies but many have slipped into oblivion.

Here’s a look at those few quirky movies which are brilliant in content but couldn’t gain footfalls in the theatre-
1. Lakshya
Many of us have probably watched this gem of Farhan Akhtar’s direction, starring Hrithik Roshan and Preeti Zinta. In the movie, Hrithik Roshan is an aimless young man who joins the Indian Army on a whim and soon realises that life is not a game. His transformation affects all viewers in the most inspirational and sweet way possible. Definitely, this movie is a must-watch for all cinemagoers.

2. Aligarh
This movie is based on the real life story of a professor at Aligarh University, who was sacked for being homosexual. Manoj Bajpayee’s performance was central to this story of stigma, society, and sexuality. It did not receive much box office recognition but was applauded for touching upon the uncomfortable subject in a striking manner.

3. Nil Battey Sannata
An ode to mother’s love, this movie starred Swara Bhaskar, Ratna Pathak Shah, and Pankaj Tripathi in pertinent roles. It won the audience’s hearts through word-of-mouth. It follows the story of a single mother who is a maid and wants to provide for her daughter’s education. This movie will leave you teary-eyed and motivated enough to strive harder for your dreams

4. Drishyam
This thriller had all the ingredients in it to make it a blockbuster hit, but that didn’t happen. Starring Ajay Devgn and Tabu, the story revolves around Vijay (Devgn) and his family who are hounded by police officers like Meera Deshmukh (Tabu).The tension and suspense built in the movie throughout make this brilliant film totally worthy of your time.

5. Talvar
Based on Arushi Talwar murder case, this movie has got all the acting legends packed in one- starring Irrfan Khan, Konkana Sen Sharma, Neeraj Kabi, and others. This movie is definitely recommended for every cinema-lover out there.

6. Masaan
It narrates two separate stories that are tied down together in the end. Masaan bagged the FIPRESCI Award in the Cannes Film Festival and stars Richa Chaddha and Vicky Kaushal in the lead roles.


So grab your popcorn and get ready for a fun-filled day/night of watching excellent cinema!


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Oorja Tapan
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FLOYD FANATICS aka The Lunatics


When it comes to classic and progressive rock, not talking about Pink Floyd is a sin ! Found in 1965 by Syd Barett, this band made a humongous name for itself in the world of progressive and psychedelic rock. Starting with UK’s underground rock scene, they developed a striking psychedelic sound touching upon various other genres like Blues, Jazz and country music.


After Barret’s departure , Roger Waters (Bassist) took charge of the songwriting and devising concepts for their albums.This era witnessed huge commercial and critical success and growth in their fanbase especially with the release of their two most popular albums, The Dark Side of the Moon (1973) and The Wall (1979) which topped the charts for years.


The band penned some heavily philosophical lyrics talking about truth, illusion, life and death, time and space, compassion, indifference and empathy. Breathe (1973) talks about the stark contrast between what the heart wants and what the postmodern society expects. The Wall narrates the story of an individual trapped in a war torn life followed by his domination by the society leading to his voluntary isolation.


By 2013, Floyd had sold more than 250 million records worldwide.Despite various creative disputes leading to members leaving the band to its dissolution in 1995 and the recent demise of two of its members, Pink Floyd continues to live in the heart and run in the very veins of ‘Floydians’ across the world.



About meaningful lyrics and soulful contemporary music: Ed Sheeran


Contemporary music fanbase list would be incomplete without including the recent alternative pop sensation, Ed Sheeran. Edward Christopher Sheeran was born in 1992 in Yorkshire, United Kingdom and dropped out of school at 16 to pursue a career in music. His first big moment came in 2011 when he played in ‘No. 5 Collaborations Project’ which caught the attention of legends like Elton John and Jamie Foxx.


Ed Sheeran is known for the element of rawness in his music. The crisp sound of his acoustic guitar is integral to almost all of his songs and the huskiness in his voice comes unfiltered to the fans adding on to the emotions attached in the song. With soothing  and soulful lyrics and comforting melodies, his music conveys a feeling of warmth and affection.


From a pub playing troubadour to a large scale pop icon and a Grammy Award winner, Sheeran gained international popularity really fast. Apart from his music career, he also has a filmography to his name and has starred in films like Shortland Street (2014) and Undateable ( 2015 ) to name a few. Ed Sheeran continues to work with his upcoming projects and albums, collaborating with different artists and international tours which are lined up for the upcoming year and increasing his fan base day by day ( or album by album)



Aditya Narang

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Let’s face it, one of the coolest and most badass characters ever created on television is of Walter White, the docile-Chemistry-teacher turned outlaw-meth-dealer. And while he may be the danger, he’s taught his viewers (specially impressionable people like me) tonnes of life lessons.

  1. Hydrofloric Acid will make you a pro at getting rid of things: Whether it’s that annoying toy of a younger kid in the family or the body of your worst enemy (whom you may or may not have killed, let’s leave it at that?), Emilio’s death taught me that Hydrofloric Acid is the real MVP. Don’t believe me? Ask your Chem teacher about it’s power.


  1. Life’s too short to not take risks and live in fear: While this doesn’t mean you get your hands into selling meth, you cannot simply waste your life wondering about the consequences of adventures and risks. The regret of not taking enough risks will be more than the relaxation of being in your comfort zone.


  1. Diaper boxes are a good place to hide those not-so-cool things: No one checks or doubts diaper boxes. The emptier the box, the better. Rather, find any infant-related merchandise and no one will bat an eye!


  1. Theoretic knowledge can take you far: You may not become as amazing as Mr. White, who made batteries out of coins and sponge, but if you can by around your head to use all the theories stuffed into it during lectures, you, my friend; shall go a long way!


  1. Most importantly, appearances can be deceptive: That manager from your favourite chicken-eatery could be drug dealer. And you’ve got to be smart enough to know who’s who. Look around, be cautious.


Author’s note: If you’re one of those unlucky people whose hard disks/laptops don’t have this show yet, you’re missing out on a lot of thrill (and high blood pressure) in life. Breaking Bad is all the good you need in life. Word!


Arushi Pathak

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A well crafted and modernised crime drama TV series based on the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock is the modern marvel of direction and writing in the world of TV shows. Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss created an extraordinary piece, thrilling its viewers by showcasing insipidness of the private consulting detective by not only giving a modern twist to the age old stories, but also casting Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and Andrew Scott to ace the roles of Holmes, Watson and Moriarty respectively, to do justice to the modernised version of the most loved British Detective ever.

Read along to get hold of some of the wittiest signature dialogues in the serial by the characters :


Kill you?

No, don’t be obvious. I mean I’m going to kill you anyway, some day

I don’t wanna rush it, though. I am saving it up for something special.

No, no, no. If you don’t stop prying, I’ll burn you. I’ll burn the heart out of you.

~Professor Jim Moriarty


Every fairy-tale needs a good old fashion villain

~Professor Jim Moriarty


In the world of locked rooms, the man with the key is king and Honey you should see me in a crown.

~Professor Jim Moriarty


Sherlock : what if I shoot you now? Right now?

Moriarty : Then you could cherish the look of surprise on my face.


Sherlock: No point of sitting home when there’s something fun going on!

Mrs. Hudson: Look at you, all happy. Its not decent.

Sherlock : Who cares about decent? The game, Mrs Hudson, is on!



Do you know what sherlock, I look at you now and I can read you.. And You.Repel.Me.

~Kitty Riely

The Fall.. But don’t be scared, falling is just like flying except there is one permanent destination.

~Professor Jim Moriarty


Gerush Bahal

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Arts and media have always been an important part of the lives of human beings. We started with passing down stories and then onto books, theatre, television, cinema, and then videos and the various other kinds of content on the internet. Even before the concept of being a fan or being a part of a fandom was around, we bonded with fellow human beings over similar interests, which included books read, movies watched, and TV series followed. In recent years, social media has catapulted the idea of fandoms into the limelight and given it more legitimacy, and the idea is very simple – you’re a fan if you like a body of work, which also makes you a part of the fandom of that work. There doesn’t need to be any more qualification to being a fan, although social media today would have you believe otherwise with fans of certain franchises being really invested in them and the whole concept of a person being a ‘true’ fan only if they can name all the characters or quote the body of work at length or something equally unnecessary.

A group of people tied by nothing but their love for say, a book series or a band, might not sound like much but these groups have become legitimate communities and people within them often find friends and supporters for life. Social media has made it easier for these communities to interact with each other irrespective of geographical barriers. I have met some of my favourite people on social media through bands that I love, football teams I support and the books I love. People in these communities are also really creative are often found writing fanfictions (stories based on a particular body of work/characters in that work but with alternate endings or plots), creating fanart (digital art, doodles, sketches, merchandise designs and a plethora of other kinds of art), and having in-depth discussions about characters and their evolution. The fandom is no longer a group of just passive consumers of art; content creators are increasingly taking notice of their fans and their opinions and demands. A great example of this is interaction between YouTubers and their fans, with the former often looking towards their subscribers for suggestions and critique.

Whatever be the franchise, fandoms are a great way to not just interact with a bunch of (usually) really cool people but also get to know your favourite book/movie/band better through the perspectives of others who examine it through lenses different than yours. Have fun exploring your fandom, and this fandom issue!

Shubham Kaushik

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There is a certain thing about fandoms that you generally become so loyal to them that you start associating them to reality. Being a part of a fandom is a surreal experience because one tends to be a part of something greater, larger and more pervasive than the spheres of one’s life. Fandoms make you connect to people you have never met, but seen, though not always in person. Fandoms make you believe in fiction like it is reality. They give you courage and emotional strength, but they may also give you pain and trouble like real experiences.

For 11 years now, I have been a Potterhead, and no matter how old I grow or how mature I become, this fandom I will always associate with. I remember reading somewhere “One day, the last surviving member of the cast of Harry Potter will die, and I will find my 7 books, remove the dust off them, hold them to my chest and cry. Then, I will open them and revisit the wizarding world once again. And, when my children will ask me, ‘Mum, after all this time?, I will reply ‘Always.’”

So, on 14th January 2016, when I came across the news of Alan Rickman’s death, I was devastated! First, because I did not know about his cancer and second, I did not know what to do with this news. It was sudden and shocking. I couldn’t help but reconfirm from the news-bearer, and then, cry.

So, when I came across this news, I started writing a eulogy to him. However, what I saw was something that made me smile, despite my tears. My Facebook wall was full of posts thanking Alan. I saw that those people who once made fun of me for being crazy about Potter are now associating themselves with it. 

Fandom never ruined me and I was never weak either. I just needed time. I always knew, like many of you that one day would come when all these brilliant actors would breathe their last. Imagine them being more than forty when they played characters you worshipped in your teens. How could they, then survive throughout your life? I think it was meant to happen, it is just that I stuck too literally to the quote I mentioned above, and that too for all the actors from Potterworld.

Harry Potter made me associate with something out-worldly. The force of attraction that overpowered me throughout these years, was from the brilliant array of actors, playing characters we can loathe, love, or never decide what to feel about.  And, now that I know Alan Rickman is no more, I recall telling my mother how I recognized him as the antagonist of Die Hard, when she didn’t. The brilliance of the man was phenomenal!

Now, that this month has seen its share of demises, not just from the Potterworld, but also Mr. Bowie and many others, I urge everyone to stay strong. Never stop believing in your fandom. It is because of people like these that we can make them immortal, because of their class acts and well, years of attachment.

There is no mantra to get over this. Trust me, for I have yet not recovered and gathered courage enough to ever watch Fast and the Furious series again (oh, Paul Walker!). All one can do is cry, and pass each day remembering whenever you can the dialogues of those great artists. Whether it be “always”  or “turn to page 394” or watching that horrible recollection of Snape’s memories, you will shed a tear on what gift you have received anonymously for the rest of your life; being a part of a fandom.

So, I will await, that time, when one of the last surviving members of the Harry Potter cast go, and I revisit my books, and when someone will ask me, “After all this time?”



Ayesha Sareen

[email protected]

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