Delhi University’s scheduled ‘Run for Developed India’ event on May 8, aimed at raising awareness of India’s developmental aspirations, faces backlash over alleged political affiliations amidst ongoing Lok Sabha elections. While university officials maintain non-partisanship, the involvement of a BJP member in planning sparks concern. Critics, including the Delhi University Teachers’ Front (DTF), accuse the administration of breaching the Election Commission’s Model Code of Conduct. Amidst debates, the DTF urges cancellation, citing potential disruption to academic schedules and electoral integrity concerns.

 Nearly 5,000 students are anticipated to participate in Delhi University’s (DU) May 8 “Run for Developed India,” according to the university’s registrar, Vikas Gupta. The university declared that the run’s objective is to increase public awareness of India’s aspiration to become a developed country by 2047.

In response to queries concerning the event’s scheduling in light of the current Lok Sabha elections and the Model Code of Conduct’s (MCC) implementation, Gupta made it clear to The Indian Express that the run has no affiliation with any one political party. He underlined that the main goal is to inspire students to use their right to vote to engage in the political process.

The University of Delhi and the Vikas Bharat Ambassador Club are co-organizing the event, the university declared. However, Kuljeet Chahal of the BJP was present at the planning and success-ensuring meeting. Chahal, a member of the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) and the national convener of the Namo app, describes himself on X (formerly Twitter) as a “Viksit Bharat Ambassador.” There was no response when attempts were made to contact Chahal. The 2.4-kilometer run is scheduled to happen between University Gate No. 1 and the University sports complex, neither of which is governed by the NDMC, according to the university.

With the release of the election dates on March 16, the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) went into force. In an announcement posted on its website on March 21, the Election Commission of India’s (ECI) Secretariat ordered the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to stop “disseminating messages about Viksit Bharat during the Model Code of Conduct.” About WhatsApp messages sent on March 15, before the implementation of the MCC, the statement mentioned that “some messages may have been delivered late due to system architecture and network limitations.

The Commission further received complaints indicating that such messages continue to be delivered to citizens’ phones. “Given that the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) is currently in effect, you are instructed to take immediate measures to halt the dissemination of WhatsApp messages during the MCC period. A report confirming compliance with this directive should be provided promptly,” it continued.

When questioned about obtaining permission from the ECI, Gupta responded:

This event is organized by the university and colleges to inspire students. We are not collaborating with any political party or involving any ministry.

In a joint statement, the teachers’ body declared that “Viksit Bharat” is an election agenda for Narendra Modi and the BJP-led Central government. The university was urged to cancel the event by members of the Delhi University Teachers’ Front (DTF). However, the teachers’ organization claimed that the program is being run against the Election Commission’s (EC) Model Code of Conduct, which was in effect during the Lok Sabha elections.

The teachers’ body noted in its statement that:

Previously, the EC had legally admonished the Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology for circulating messages about the ‘Viksit Bharat Abhiyan’ in March 2024.

The forthcoming event is not politically connected, and it should be judged on its own merits rather than its affiliation with any one party.

– stressed A. K. Bhagi, president of the DU Teachers’ Association.

The teachers association stated:

In the run-up to this proposed violation of the model code of conduct, a functionary of the ruling party in the incumbent Union government has been involved in preparatory activities. It is clear that a public institution is seeking to be converted into an appendage of the outgoing ruling dispensation to influence the decisions of voters. If this were not the case, then this event could have been scheduled for a date after the Lok Sabha elections have been concluded. Surely, Bharat needs Vikas through an Abhiyan even after the first week of June 2024.

In a statement made public on Friday, the DTF questioned the rationale offered by the Delhi University administration for putting on the event. It was suggested that the event should have been called “Run for Participative Democracy” rather than “Run for Viksit Bharat” if the goal was to raise awareness of and participation in the Lok Sabha elections. Moreover, the DTF maintains that the Election Commission should have been consulted and involved in advance of any event intended to raise voter awareness and participation.

Nandita Narain, president of the DTF, voiced worries about how the event would affect the students, saying:

Delhi University is failing in its responsibility towards students. Colleges will be forced to send students to this event. It is the fag end of the teaching-learning calendar. Practical exams are already scheduled, and students are busy preparing for exams and submissions. Scheduling this event at such a time will disrupt the teaching-learning process as well as the ability of students to prepare themselves academically for the forthcoming end-semester exams.

The Delhi University administration came under fire from the DTF for what they saw as an attempt to compromise the university’s standing as a public institution and break the Model Code of Conduct that the Election Commission was enforcing in light of the Lok Sabha elections. They demanded that the event be called off right away.

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As the calendar turns to October, the enchantment of Rendezvous, IIT Delhi’s annual cultural fest, once again sweeps through Delhi-NCR. This year, Rendezvous is all set to happen from the 5th to the 8th of October 2023. What began in 1978 as a humble gathering of talents has blossomed into Asia’s most prominent college festival, a beacon of creativity, unity, and artistic excellence. Over 160,000 attendees from more than 1,000 colleges flocked to Rendezvous last time, making it a resounding success. This festival is renowned for its cultural and musical performances, and Pronites where acclaimed national artists such as Nucleya, The Local Train, and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy have graced the stage. Our illustrious history also includes hosting distinguished speakers like Aman Gupta and Ashneer Grover, adding intellectual vibrance to its celebration of creativity and talent.

RDV’23 is wrapped up, and RDV’24 is on the horizon for next year. In the middle of this, the IIT Delhi team wanted to embrace a new, evolved identity while returning to their old normal – honouring the cherished Rendezvous legacy. Hence, this year it was christened RendezvousX! Talk about truly bringing the X Factor? 

As RendezvousX takes the stage, they would like to acknowledge the invaluable support of their sponsors. This year, they are proud to have Phillips and Coca-Cola as their prominent sponsors. The commitment of the sponsors to nurturing creativity and fostering cultural enrichment has been instrumental in making RendezvousX a reality.

Philips, a global leader in health technology, brings innovation and creativity to the forefront. Their partnership with RendezvousX underscores their dedication to promoting artistic excellence and technological advancement. Coca-Cola, a household name and a symbol of celebration, adds the fizz to the festivities. Their association with RendezvousX is a testament to their belief in the power of cultural unity and the joy of shared experiences. With these sponsors, RendezvousX promises to be an unforgettable celebration of talent, creativity, and cultural diversity.

This year, the Rendezvous team presents to you the theme of ‘Contemporary Fantasia’. Fantasia, a melange of different forms and styles, a symphony of art, music, and boundless imagination that transcends boundaries. With Contemporary Fantasia, they embark on an odyssey that fuses modern creativity with the rich tapestry of their cultural heritage. Anticipate immersive art, electrifying musical performances, and a celebration of diverse cultures that defies expectations. It’s an invitation to traverse the frontiers of imagination and immerse yourself in a world where art knows no bounds.

Now let’s come to the events at Rendezvous which are the heartbeat of the festival, pulsating with creativity and talent, weaving together a vibrant tapestry of unforgettable moments. They are the essence of RDV, igniting passions, and creating cherished memories. RendezvousX proudly showcases a remarkable lineup of flagship events that truly encapsulate the essence and spirit of the festival. These events go beyond being mere showcases; they promise immersive experiences that will leave every participant and spectator spellbound.

First on the list is Faces of Rendezvous, a platform for individuals to shine bright with their charisma and wit. Next, picture this: the electrifying cheers of the crowd amplifying the rhythm of your music, adrenaline surging through your veins as you stand under the spotlight, heart pounding, and the crowd’s chants echoing in your ears. This is what Blitzkrieg is all about—an ultimate Western Battle of the Bands competition. It’s your moment to shine and mesmerise the audience with your musical prowess.

And then there’s Lifestyle, an event that takes you into the world where fashion reigns supreme. RendezvousX proudly presents Lifestyle as its flagship fashion event, where clothing transcends its utilitarian purpose and becomes a canvas for art. There’s also the Kavi Sammelan and Qawwali to watch out for!

In addition to the flagship events, RendezvousX is proud to host a multitude of activities and competitions organised by their various clubs, catering to diverse interests and talents.

For the dance enthusiasts, there are electrifying dance-offs and workshops, providing the perfect stage to showcase your moves and learn from the best. Drama aficionados can immerse themselves in the world of theatre with captivating plays and dramatic performances in Natika Vatika. Literary enthusiasts can indulge in wordplay and creativity with slam poetry, writing and debating events. Quizzing enthusiasts will find their haven with mind-boggling quizzes with the great waves of quizzes.

These events add an extra layer of depth and diversity to RendezvousX, ensuring that there’s something for everyone to enjoy and participate in. It’s a celebration of talent in all its myriad forms, making RendezvousX a true extravaganza of creativity and culture.

Though these events form the core of the Rendezvous, it is still incomplete without our live stage and pronite performances.  Rendezvous Live Stage events serve as the vibrant heart of the festival, consistently enchanting audiences with mind blowing performances by a diverse array of incredible artists. What makes these events truly special is their dynamic nature, unfolding throughout the day and offering a platform for numerous talented individuals and groups to showcase their skills and entertain the audience.

From morning to night, the Live Stage is a hub of cultural exploration, taking attendees on an immersive journey through the electrifying realms of music, dance, and entertainment. Emerging artists and local talents kickstart the day with their raw passion and creativity, setting the tone for what’s to come. The stage continues to be a bustling epicentre of activity, featuring a rich tapestry of performances, ranging from soulful acoustic sets to high-energy dance routines.

Rendezvous Pronites are more than just events; they are monumental experiences that leave an indelible mark on those who attend, creating lifelong memories to be cherished forever. These nights offer a holistic and captivating experience that engages all the senses.

From the moment you step into Pronites, you are transported into a world of pure musical enchantment. The stage comes alive with captivating performances that not only entertain but enrapture your senses. The artists who grace these events, like Nucleya, Sunidhi Chauhan, Benny Dayal, and Shankar Ehsaan Loy, bring a unique blend of talent and charisma, making every Pronite a star-studded spectacle that ignites the atmosphere.

Each year, the organisers commit to raising the bar even higher, promising attendees an experience like no other. Expect to be serenaded by soulful voices that touch the deepest corners of your heart, moved by powerful beats that make you dance with abandon, and transported to a world of pure musical euphoria that transcends the ordinary.

Get ready to dance, laugh, and create memories that will last a lifetime, all within the enchanting realm of RendezvousX-Contemporary Fantasia. RendezvousX promises to be an unforgettable cultural extravaganza. Join in this celebration of art, music, and imagination, and let RendezvousX leave an indelible mark on your heart.

The Human Resource Development Cell of Shri Ram College of Commerce organised its annual event, HR Connect on 7th and 8th November 2019 with a plethora of activities lined up which witnessed amazing participation.

HR Connect: Connecting Perceptions,  organised by Human Resource Development Cell of SRCC kicked off its two-day event studded with diverse speaker sessions and various competitions. The drizzly weather conditions caused a slight delay however, the enthusiasm of participants was intact.

The first event for the day started with the Master Plan Accelerator competition where students from different colleges competed to pitch in their business plan to win the Master Plan challenge. Some of the teams that presented their ‘ Master Plan’ included project Dhreya from Enactus, Miranda House which aims at efficient usage of crop wastage by making biomass briquettes. Other teams included Project  Asbah, dealing with making clean drinking water accessible from SRCC. The competition was judged by Ashish Kila, Director Perfect group and Shailendra Mishra, CEO,  Design Cut. Project Asbah, from SRCC, emerged as the winner of the competition and Team Book a Plant  from Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce was the first runner up.

The second event of the day was ‘Fusion Et Encheres’ which started off with a bit of a delay. A scattered room and enthusiastic bidders waited for the screen to flash the names of the companies up for grabs! The first round was bidding round, followed by the second round of inter-trading. The participants were in for a slight twist with the introduction of a previously undeclared casino changing the entire game plan.

Day 2 of HR connect at SRCC began with a speaker session. The first speaker is Mr.Samish Dalal,  an associate professor at SP Jain School of Global Management , who spoke about HR and entrepreneurship stating that “HR and entrepreneurship are very good friends”.  What was a very passionate speech about the importance of taking the jump in business and failure. He was able to catch the attention of the audience by giving real life examples such as that of sky diving  and linking them to business.

The second speaker was S Suresh, the managing director of E.I.D Parry Ltd. One of the leading sugar manufacturers in India.  Some of the topics he enlightens us about is self worth, industry expectations, and human Resources. Industry expectations and the expectations students joining the corporate sector have from their organisation forms a very important part of HR. He also spoke about the importance of getting feedback, saying that people believe that when they “start earning, learning stops”. He elucidated on how this is not the case and how important it is to continue practical learning while working through feedback.

The third speaker session was presided by Mr. Shyam Paliwal, the Head of operational effectiveness at Pfizer. He is also the director of  Valuevault consulting, a company which he launched in 2016.

He spoke on how to chase down our goals from the undergraduate level and the next “5-8″years. How to build a trajectory to become financially independent . He stressed on the importance of people skills and social skills while working professionally.  Another theme in his session was the importance of connectivity, stressing how we lived in a “connected world”. He stressed the importance of college in character building, how college can help improve our adaptability through extra curricular activities

Ankit Aggarwal, CEO and Founder of Dare2compete was the fourth speaker of the day who started his talked with an interesting topic of ‘Resume of deviations’.

“Grab all the opportunities that come to you”, said Aggarwal as he elaborated upon the chances he missed. From his first start-up which didn’t take off to the regret of turning down an important position in Deloitte, he encouraged students to make their own resume of mistakes and learn from the same. He also shared his journey of starting Dare2compete and its success making it a leading platform in India for competitions. He concluded by emphasizing on the importance of maintaining connections and building a personal brand.

Del-a-mark was a marketing based event held on Day 2. With the tagline “How you deliver your marketing skills” the event tested the marketing aptitude of its participants by giving them a company and asking to devise a marketing strategy for it.

The prelims were based on digital marketing, with emphasis on Social media. After careful scrutiny of their marketing plans, out of the 43 teams that applied, 17 were called for prelims and 3 were chosen to deliver their marketing strategies at finals held at HR connect.

The final three teams were :

  1. Team SRites, which had students of Shri Ram College of commerce
  2. Team Marverik, a cross college team of Daulat Ram College and Shri Ram College of commerce
  3. Team Anonymous, with students of Shri Ram College of commerce

The entire event was judged by Mr. Sudhanshu Yadav, Associate Professor, SRCC. All the teams were given 15 minutes to present their self-designed marketing strategies followed by a question and answer session. Team Anoymous from SRCC won the event.

Feature Image Credits: Navya Jindal for DU Beat

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Indian Institute of Technology Delhi’s grand annual festival Rendezvous came to an end today.

The third day of Rendezvous 2019, the annual cultural fest of the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT-D) was a success, despite starting slow, owing to the venue recovering from the previous night’s rain.

The day saw many competitions conducting their finals and semi-finals. “Swar“, the classical solo singing competition conducted its finals, which had seven participants showcasing their vocal abilities and captivating the audience. The competition, which was organised by the Music Club, was being judged by Pundit Chethan Joshi. The competitors gracefully awed the audience.

Abdul Samad Kahan of Shaheed Bhagath Singh College and Shradha Singh of Hansraj College bagged the first position. Whereas the second and third positions were bagged by Rishab Raghuvanshi of Shaheed Bhagath Singh College, and Chinmaya Iyer of Kirori Mal College respectively.

Simultaneously, the seminar hall saw talented dancers grooving to the beat with individual performances, entertaining the crowd with their dance moves.

The “Pop Battle” which was being judged by Nidhish Pandey had nearly 200 participants, with back-to-back competitions involving various western dance genres under the pop culture.

The dramatics society of IIT-D conducted the prelims for “Natika Vatika”  a multilingual stage theatre competition with prominent judges like Ashok Nagar and Rejneesh Gautham. These plays dealt with various social issues like corruption and the philosophy of life.

Mr and Miss Rendezvous (RDV’19) was filled with spirited faces eager to display their talent and personality. From over 80 entries, 24 participants were shortlisted for Mr and Miss RDV. Out of these 24 entries, 14 were present for the event. The event was judged by the famous Instagram influencers, Stefy Gupta, and Raghav Gogia. The first round consisted of a ramp walk, where the contestants put their best foot forward, literally. The shortlisted candidates from those were then asked to showcase their talent. The six final shortlisted candidates were then asked questions by the judges. The title of Mr RDV was won by Siddhartha Dayani and Miss RDV was won by Tarushi Anand. The judges had asked Dayani what his biggest accomplishment was in the judge question round to which he replied, “My biggest accomplishment has been leaving home and coming to Delhi. I was a mama’s boy at home but now I live on my own which I think is great.”

As young men and women were competing in one of the auditoriums to be the idol of Rendezvous’19, young women were competing in the hall right above to be the Campus Princess. The competition was conducted by the Miss India Organisation and was judged by Viren Barman, Peter England Mr India, 2016 first runner up, and Siddhi Gupta, FBB Colours Femina Miss India, Uttarakhand 2019. From over 180 registrations, there were 62 selected for the competition. The first round was a ramp walk round, where the contestants had to walk in pairs of two. The second round was an introduction round, where the contestants introduced themselves, and the last round for the shortlisted candidates was talent round. The contestants came from different backgrounds, with future lawyers, engineers and even airforce officers present. They were all dressed in black cocktail dresses and looked ready to light up the ramp.

“Allegro” was the Western Group Singing Competition organized by the Music Club of IIT-D. The preliminary round was online where colleges had to send in a video of their performance. From 30 online entries, 12 were shortlisted for the finals on 4th October. The competition saw music societies of various colleges singing beautiful mashups. The competition was judged by Joshua Peters, a western classical music maestro, and Nirupan Sinha, a Delhi based singer-songwriter and composer. After a tough musical battle, Echo, the Western Music Society of Jesus and Mary college stood first. Euphony, the Western Music Society of Gargi College and the Western Music Society of LSR were the first and second runners up, respectively.

Day three also saw the reputed IIT Delhi MUN, where students came as delegates and put their diplomacy skills to use.

Apart from these, there were quizzes and games going on all over the campus. From quizzing enthusiasts racking their brains in the Open Numbers Quiz and Conjurors Bout. SPIC MACAY, an organization for the promotion of Indian classical music and culture, also organised Bharatnatyam and Madhubani Painting workshops.

Conjuror Bout, a word game event was also held. The game ignited the literary gene in all to crack questions based on word jumbles, meaning and literary references. Participants received a question paper, and were given 1 hour and 30 minutes to find the answers. They were given rough sheets and stationary to answer the questions.

The event witnessed bibliophiles, literature enthusiasts and poets all throughout the Delhi circuit with their friends, teaming up to answer questions on British Literature, pop culture references, and solve jumbled words through their meaning.

The four-day long IIT Delhi’s fest, Rendezvous ended on a spectacular note on October 5, 2019. A day full of events and performances from every spectrum of life found its way in the four captivating days of the event. 

The final day begun with a plethora of events that happened simultaneously ranging right from the debates to performing arts.

One of the key highlight events of the day, ‘Instrumental Impromptu’ saw participants from all colleges who presented their mesmerising melodies for the audience. The judge of the event was Mr. Vinayak Panth who has been playing the Sitar for the last fifteen years and has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He was awarded the CCRT Scholarship by the Government of India and has been a part of various ensembles, sub-collections and Anirudh Varma Collective, amongst others. 

With each performance, the audience was hooked to the beats produced, from various instruments such as the Sarangi, to the drum set. Out of the ten teams that participated in the event that turned out to have an intense competition, Nabeel Khan from Zakir Hussain College won the first prize, Saarah Roy from Daulat Ram College won the second prize, and Saksham and Sarthak from SGTB Khalsa College bagged the third position in the event.

The events began at 9 a.m. Debutant- IITD’s vigorous debating competition- came to an end with Gargi College bagging the first prize, followed by Lady Sri Ram College, and Hansraj College. 

Quizzing whizzes battled out their wits in the India Quiz Competition as well as the General Quiz later in the day, at Rendezvous, which was conducted at the Lecture Hall Complex, with questions varying from Pop Culture-  Music and Entertainment- to History and Science, sensitising the participants as well as the spectators.

Belly Dancing event saw a wide range of cheerful spectators. The performers showcased their impressive dancing skills, making the crowd thrilled with excitement. However, a few spectators raised objections to the lewd nature of the audience’s perspective. “The majority of audience saw the event not as an art form, but rather a way to get cheap thrills. It degrades the participants,” a spectator commented. The general ambience too, was more of a way of objectifying rather than appreciating the dance form. Yet, the participants were energetic and well-rehearsed, and set the stage on fire. The first prize was bagged by Shivani Gupta, and Muskaan Singh bagged the second position.

Duo Dance event witnessed scintillating performances by dance duos from the entire Delhi Dance Circuit.

The biggest highlight of the competition was liberalisation in terms of dance forms and dance types which paved way for diversity and Versatality among dancers.

All performances ranging from Bhangra, Kathak and Bollywood displayed their dance routines.

Members of Spardha, Dance Society of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College came first in tie with Angat. The second position was banged by Athak and Kathak.
The special mention was bagged by Phulkari and Adrita.

Monoact provided the grandeur that IIT Delhi’s Rendezvous needed to come to an end.
The event was filled by artists from all over DCTC i.e. Delhi Collegiate Theatre Circuit.

Monoact which works on the principal of one actor in one scene, stood alone to set the mood for last day of Rendezvous.

The beauty of art is to be an anecdote of emptiness of existence in the society, and the many monoacts performed on pressing issues like lack of choice, lack of sexual preference, domestic violence and patriarchy raised necessary conversations.

Echoes, the Western Solo Singing Competition was also conducted at LHC at 1 p.m.  The event drew a heavy crowd of music lovers. There were 11 participants, all from various colleges and universities. The participants were allowed to either sing solo, or with an accompanist, and the singers were joined by pianists and guitarists. The competition was extremely subjugating in its aura- with the singers entertaining with high notes and vibratos. The first prize was bagged by Dattatreya Biswa, from Deen Dyal Upadhyay College. The second and third position went to Rashim Anand from Daulat Ram College and Janhavi Rajaram from Delhi Technological University respectively.

Another interesting event was FAIL! Initially the idea of this event was conceptualized in Massachusetts Institute of Technology to bring out stories of successful people who have come so far after facing many failures in their life. IIT held a desi edition where celebrities  including Rajat Sharma, Sudhir Chaudhary, Laxmi Agarwal, Sharad Sagar and Captain Raghu Raman addressed the audience with their inspiring life stories.

The event started with a captivating speech by acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal. Laxmi suffered a barbaric acid attack at the age of 15 and came out as a warrior. She started a campaign called Save Sale Acid and has never looked back in her life. She talked about her journey post the incident very modestly. Laxmi’s speech was followed by a video conferencing with Sam Pitroda. A telecom engineer by profession, Sam is considered to be the pioneer of hand held computing in India. He talked about his humble family background, friendship with Rajiv Gandhi, contemporary politics in India over other things. While there was a connectivity problem initially because of technical glitches he took a jibe saying what an irony it is to face such technical glitches in an institute like IIT. His brief address was followed by Sudhir Chaudhary who organically took the audience by his presence. He spoke about his life, his profession and the nationalism that he preaches. Acknowledging the humble response that he gets in IIT he said there’s another university in affinity just about 5 kilometres away where he never gets such overwhelming welcome. He implicitly referred to JNU with which he shares a controversial relationship because of the 2016 JNU Sedition case.

Captain Raghu Raman appeared next. His quirk and unconventional ideas about life enthralled the audience. The second journalist in this event’s list was Rajat Sharma,  editor in chief of India TV. Keeping himself apart from other speakers he held a rather interactive session asking questions from the audience for the majority of his speech. Event was concluded with a speech by young and dynamic Sharad Sagar, who heads the Dexterity Global foundation.

The final day was a melange of events right from the ones of competition and team spirit to the ones which fuelled up the people around. 

With an energetic and captivating performance, the famous dance group MJ5 had the crowd shimmying along with the members of the group to the tunes of famous Hindi and English numbers!

In what could be best defined as the perfect conclusion to a four-day relay of events and performances, Amit Trivedi and band had hundreds of people swooning and crooning to the exuberant tunes of his songs.

The unified and synchronised coordination between the band members reflected the positivity of their music. With this unforgettable rendition of a timeless musical experience, Rendezvous 2019 came to a grand end.

Feature Image Credits: Surbhit Rastogi for DU Beat.

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Mercatus, the Marketing Society of Jesus and Mary College, hosted its annual marketing convention Zion 2018 on 22nd February, 2018. The event was attended by around 1500 students from across the varsity. The event began with different competitions based on marketing. The Ad Mad Competition brought an opportunity for budding marketeers to innovatively sell products with a plethora of twists. The competition was judged by Mr. Naveen Thomas, faculty member of JMC. Pradeep Rajpurohit and Ketan Mehta from Team KIPSTA (Satyawati College) won the first prize while Saaransh Gupta, Ankit Makkar, and Rohin Sharma from Team VIVRAN (Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies) won the second prize.

The Amazing Race, a marketing based treasure hunt was won by Nikita Bhalla, Swastika Goel, and Chadambara Agarwal of JMC. The second position was bagged by a cross college team of Tanvi Khanna from JMC and Roshan from SGND Khalsa. M-Plan, a business plan with a marketing twist, was won by Arushee Sharma and Sarthak Goyal from NSIT. Urvi Kocchar and Yeesheshvi Bhadana from LSR grabbed the second prize. Battle of Brands, an event based on marketing weird products to real audience, was won by the team of Himani Kapoor (Gargi College), Ankita Goomer, Shivani Jaiswal (Hansraj College), and Lagan Munjal (Dyal Singh College). Marcade, a mock stock market with a twist to test the investor in the participants, was won by Krish Gangwar from NSIT. Sharon from Ansal University was declared as the first runner up.

The theme of the event was “The World is Our Canvas”. The decor of the event depicted the theme through world maps, welcome to Africa props, globes etc. The main attraction in the fest was the Redbooth. Many students saved their memories in polaroid pictures by getting clicked in the Redbooth. A popular food stall was set up by Farmacy, who served tasty strawberries along with liquid chocolate and whipped cream.
Finally, the most awaited time of the day came. Everyone waited for the standup comedy show by the Laughterprenur Jeeveshu Ahluwalia. Before that, there was a short session by Sejal Mehra, a young, budding comedian, who stole the hearts of many through her witty jokes. Soon, Mr. Jeeveshu Ahluwalia set the stage on fire. The audience roared with laughter at every line he uttered. His inspiring life story with a tang of humor hardly kept the students from falling off their seats. He also won many young fans who clicked pictures with him to cherish a beautiful and happy memory.

To sum up everything, Zion 2018 set up the laughter mood in this fest season when Jeeveshu Ahluwalia concluded the convention with his impeccable comedy.


Feature Image Credits: Surabhi Khare.

After 3 successful years in Mumbai, the Lil Flea Market has come to Delhi. These three days will be filled with fun, frolic and festivity. There is something for every age group to indulge in. The market offers you shopping, book exchanges, movie screenings, live band performances, home décor and food delights.
For all the foodies out there, muffins and chocolate brownies by Love Them Peaches, Bengali delicacies by Bong Chop Shop, cookies from Ciao Cookies, homemade pickles by The Pickle co., cheesecakes and tarts by Tartelicious and more food to be experimented with.
For those young parents looking for soft and 100% safe organic cotton clothes for their toddlers, many varieties are offered by Keebee Organics. Cotton floss and milk shots for the kids to munch on.
Young girls who wish to design their own jewellery can head to Mirakin. Pooja Shahi, owner of Deoria Design uplifts the women of her village by selling art jewellery made by them. Dhaaga Handcrafts offers eco-friendly handcrafts delights. To help revive traditional art forms in bags and accessories, head to Swarang Designs.
Those who’d like to make a difference by planting more seeds in their garden or elsewhere are in for a treat as the market sells free seeds, plants to be adopted and you can even learn lessons in organic farming. For vegan dreamcatchers made of lace, visit Soul Works. Those who are conscious of the environment while purchasing their clothes, visit The Linen Way for modern-day organic fabrics. D’Art Studio has khadi and organic cotton Kurtis and various brocades.
Pen Paper co. has handcrafted diaries, journals and notebooks for those stationery geeks. There are funky accessories for your pets at Heads Up for Tails.
Book lovers can rejoice as the market has a free book exchange cupboard and open discussion session.
If you wish to support a cause, head to Sewing New Future which empowers trafficked women and supports their children’s education by selling their handmade accessories and home décor.
Performances by Tejas Menon, Filter Coffee, Kamashki Khanna, Prateek Kuhad and Jazz B’stards who are the upcoming singer-songwriters and bands in the evening to keep the vibe going.

If you are excited for attending the event, you can register on the following link :

Location: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Pragati Vihar, New Delhi
Time: 3 pm to 11 pm
Dates: September 22-24, 2017

Image Credits: LBB little black book

Prachi Mehra

[email protected]

Spoon University- Delhi held its first ever Spoon Summit on 20th March at Innov8, CP. With the theme ‘Feed the Need’, the program featured a host of activities. Beginning with the Speaker Session, wherein Mr. Jatin Chanana, Marketing Head of FooDrool, began with the history of this startup and leading onto the suggestions as to what companies can do to solve the problem of food wastage and hunger by associating with NGOs and food banks. A very thoughtful suggestion from him was that similar to Blood Donation Camps in residential colonies of Delhi, there must be organization of even Food Donation Camps. In fact, he went on to say that charging for wastage of food should be practiced at restaurants and cafes. The questions that followed raised thought-provoking facts such as the absence of a Samaritan Law, and also that food safety maintenance cause a hindrance to food donations.

Photo by Yatin Arora
Photo by Yatin Arora

This was followed by a documentary made by the Spoon University members titled ‘Feed the Need’. Conceptualised by Arushi Sharma and Sonal Chanana, directed by Kritika Narula and with cinematography by Sabhyata Badhwar, it explored the hunger situation in the country and the network of Delhi Foodbank in curbing it. The documentary featured the need for foodbanking, DFB’s initiation, challenges faced (Institutional support, financial help and scaling up) and their vision that ‘No one should go hungry to bed; at least everyone should be able afford one meal a day’.

A new and healthy product was also promoted, called ‘FYNE’, a nutritious dip that is rich in Flavanoids and Omega Fatty Acids. This was followed by a gig by Wannabe Anonymous’ Siddharth Singh and Prakhar Maheshwari. Their jokes ranged from food cuisines from various states battling for a place on the diverse ‘Thali’ to comparisons between food items and Bollywood stars to their satirical takes on the government issues regarding state biases. Their gig culminated to an end with the association of various fruits to real life instances.

Photo by Mehak Dhawan
Photo by Mehak Dhawan

The concluding event was the Panel Discussion. Moderated by Mr. Kunal Arora of The Education Tree, the panelists included Mr. Kuldip Nar, CEO, Delhi Foodbank, Chef Saby, a Foodpreneur, Mr. Arun Bhati, Founder, Orahi app and Mr. Aashish Beergi, Co-founder, The MASH Project. The discussion began by stressing how important per capita nutritious food consumption is by linking it to national growth, and the lack of which leaves severe health impacts. The discussion further identified the reasons as to why large amounts of eatables or dishes are cooked, highlighting an issue such as the ego! A problem that was openly stated was that expecting food banks to collect eatables late at night or even midnight, when more than half the society, including the beneficiaries, are asleep.  Handling of food properly was advised as something to be advocated. The role of the youth to connect beneficiaries to donors was highlighted. In fact, as a suggestion, the fact about Food Distribution being branded as Corporate Social Responsibility was also widely talked about. Finally, the lack of any government support was seen to be a major problem in the recognition of hunger and food wastage as important issues.

In the end, while Spoon’s initiative was widely praised, Chef Saby was quoted as saying that “Attitude of the youth is very important. Infact, rather than depending upon foreign companies feeding our hungry population as a part of their CSR, we must integrate farmers to the plates. Urban people, who have lost touch with the cycle of food production, must be reminded about it.”

Featured Image Credits: Mehak Dhawan

Ayesha Sareen

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edutreeThe Education Tree organized World Music Day as an initiative to recognize and celebrate the long standing tradition of music by hosting a musical extravaganza at Select Citywalk Mall, Saket, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. today. The day, marked as ‘Fête de la Musique’, was unequivocally a fun-filled fiesta with the single purpose of revelling in the music to highlight its importance. Music is enjoyed by all regardless of taste; it fosters diversity, cuts across boundaries and unites people. Therefore World Music Day provides the perfect backdrop to promote this.

The Education Tree united a conglomeration of different genres by bringing together more than 150 musicians and dancers. The festivities witnessed spontaneous performances, sing-alongs, choruses, ad-lib acapellas, danceshowcases. Impromptu musicmobs and flashmobs also added to the spur-of-the-moment atmosphere of the proceedings. Music styles like beatboxing, qawalli, acoustic etc were highlighted too. Moreover, Delhi Drum Circle also joined in for a very special jam session. The random, festive and lively ethos of the celebrations thus ranged, championed and celebrated music. Casual shoppers and people out for an evening outing joined in the merriment, witnessed and took part in the celebrations.

The Education Tree was motivated by its commitment to transcend the boundaries of education, because they truly believe that all artistic and non-scholastic pursuits like music, theatre, and dance should be promoted and encouraged, and not just academics. They also hope that in due time the event will touch more and more people and help in celebrating the unique status of music.  Having already had successful campaigns like ‘Jo Mera Hai Mera Hai’, ‘Aaghaaz’ and ‘Book Hour’, The Education Tree wants to observe and honour the universal and culturally significant spirit of music and share this celebratory atmosphere with people everywhere.