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HR Connect: Connecting Perceptions Concludes at SRCC

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The Human Resource Development Cell of Shri Ram College of Commerce organised its annual event, HR Connect on 7th and 8th November 2019 with a plethora of activities lined up which witnessed amazing participation.

HR Connect: Connecting Perceptions,  organised by Human Resource Development Cell of SRCC kicked off its two-day event studded with diverse speaker sessions and various competitions. The drizzly weather conditions caused a slight delay however, the enthusiasm of participants was intact.

The first event for the day started with the Master Plan Accelerator competition where students from different colleges competed to pitch in their business plan to win the Master Plan challenge. Some of the teams that presented their ‘ Master Plan’ included project Dhreya from Enactus, Miranda House which aims at efficient usage of crop wastage by making biomass briquettes. Other teams included Project  Asbah, dealing with making clean drinking water accessible from SRCC. The competition was judged by Ashish Kila, Director Perfect group and Shailendra Mishra, CEO,  Design Cut. Project Asbah, from SRCC, emerged as the winner of the competition and Team Book a Plant  from Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce was the first runner up.

The second event of the day was ‘Fusion Et Encheres’ which started off with a bit of a delay. A scattered room and enthusiastic bidders waited for the screen to flash the names of the companies up for grabs! The first round was bidding round, followed by the second round of inter-trading. The participants were in for a slight twist with the introduction of a previously undeclared casino changing the entire game plan.

Day 2 of HR connect at SRCC began with a speaker session. The first speaker is Mr.Samish Dalal,  an associate professor at SP Jain School of Global Management , who spoke about HR and entrepreneurship stating that “HR and entrepreneurship are very good friends”.  What was a very passionate speech about the importance of taking the jump in business and failure. He was able to catch the attention of the audience by giving real life examples such as that of sky diving  and linking them to business.

The second speaker was S Suresh, the managing director of E.I.D Parry Ltd. One of the leading sugar manufacturers in India.  Some of the topics he enlightens us about is self worth, industry expectations, and human Resources. Industry expectations and the expectations students joining the corporate sector have from their organisation forms a very important part of HR. He also spoke about the importance of getting feedback, saying that people believe that when they “start earning, learning stops”. He elucidated on how this is not the case and how important it is to continue practical learning while working through feedback.

The third speaker session was presided by Mr. Shyam Paliwal, the Head of operational effectiveness at Pfizer. He is also the director of  Valuevault consulting, a company which he launched in 2016.

He spoke on how to chase down our goals from the undergraduate level and the next “5-8″years. How to build a trajectory to become financially independent . He stressed on the importance of people skills and social skills while working professionally.  Another theme in his session was the importance of connectivity, stressing how we lived in a “connected world”. He stressed the importance of college in character building, how college can help improve our adaptability through extra curricular activities

Ankit Aggarwal, CEO and Founder of Dare2compete was the fourth speaker of the day who started his talked with an interesting topic of ‘Resume of deviations’.

“Grab all the opportunities that come to you”, said Aggarwal as he elaborated upon the chances he missed. From his first start-up which didn’t take off to the regret of turning down an important position in Deloitte, he encouraged students to make their own resume of mistakes and learn from the same. He also shared his journey of starting Dare2compete and its success making it a leading platform in India for competitions. He concluded by emphasizing on the importance of maintaining connections and building a personal brand.

Del-a-mark was a marketing based event held on Day 2. With the tagline “How you deliver your marketing skills” the event tested the marketing aptitude of its participants by giving them a company and asking to devise a marketing strategy for it.

The prelims were based on digital marketing, with emphasis on Social media. After careful scrutiny of their marketing plans, out of the 43 teams that applied, 17 were called for prelims and 3 were chosen to deliver their marketing strategies at finals held at HR connect.

The final three teams were :

  1. Team SRites, which had students of Shri Ram College of commerce
  2. Team Marverik, a cross college team of Daulat Ram College and Shri Ram College of commerce
  3. Team Anonymous, with students of Shri Ram College of commerce

The entire event was judged by Mr. Sudhanshu Yadav, Associate Professor, SRCC. All the teams were given 15 minutes to present their self-designed marketing strategies followed by a question and answer session. Team Anoymous from SRCC won the event.

Feature Image Credits: Navya Jindal for DU Beat

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