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As placement season strikes the university, the want for being appropriately dressed during the interview becomes a vital necessity. First impressions are indeed instant and play a major role in dictating the final outcome. Here are few styles that might solve the problems of deciding the perfect interview outfit for students.







  • Following the conventional and boring trend during dressing up for interviews is perhaps the safest one. It helps in reiterating your seriousness for the job role offered. Avoiding experiments and playing the safe game can never go wrong! The traditional business suits, consisting of solid or subtle patterned collared shirts of light colors paired with dark shaded formal pants gives a typical formal look. However, the shirt should be buttoned and it should be tucked in or fall just below the waistline. Formal Blazer or jacket adds a classic and professional edge to the outfit.





  • Closely fitted ‘versatile’ pencil skirt, paired up with a tucked in formal blouse or a buttoned down light colored collared shirt prove to be the most classic work wear.  You can always play safe by keeping a combination of white shirt and black skirt, but trying pastel or neutral shades of shirts can prove to be quite reliable for serious business as well. Kitten heels or office ballet flats of coordinating colors complete the impeccable professional look.



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  • A conventional dress suit is perfect for giving a chic and sophisticated look. Opting for a formal blazer helps solve the problem of being underdressed. Avoiding sleeveless, short dresses and plunging necklines is a must while creating a good first impression for the interviewer. Mid heels or ballet flats always creates the much-required impact. Avoid flashy accessories under all circumstances.




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  • For boys, opting for the traditional business attire helps in enhancing the business credentials. Matched conservative suits, consisting of white shirts, solid black, navy blue or grey colored formal jacket or vest, traditional patterned and medium width tie with a belt of coordinating color. Black laced up leather shoes and a formal watch adds an impressive touch to the attire.


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  • Another way of dressing for a placement is opting for a collared shirt, preferably white, under a V-neck or crested sweater. The Sweater may be of a dark grey, navy blue, brown and black shade and should be worn with slim fit trouser of a coordinating shade. Again, formal laced up business shoes helps complete the desired look.


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