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Ask Auburn: How to dress to impress her on a movie date?

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Hello Auburn! I’m in my second year and I’ve been crushing on my classmate for an entire semester now. After several failed attempts at trying to get her attention, I have finally gotten her to agree to go out for a movie date with me. Can you suggest some clothing options for the occasion?
-Mr. Moonstruck

Dear Mr. Moonstruck,
I’m quite impressed with your grit and patience. That your feelings for this lucky girl remained consistent for so long is laudable. Kudos to you, young man!

Now, coming to your query, let me start off by telling you that you’re in a slightly tricky spot. You need to dress to impress, yes. But you’re going for a movie, and therefore, you don’t want to look out of place in the casual ambiance of a cinema hall.

You have two options: a) Semi- Formal: A neatly ironed shirt with chinos, and

b) Casual: A hosiery T-shirt (polo or with a witty slogan/cartoon /fun print) and denims.

Choose one from the two, keeping in mind your personality, your date’s preferences and of course, your plans post the movie.

What you need to most definitely avoid are the following: pyjamas/ track pants; chappals; coloured, tight boy-band pants. If bold is your style, try going for a khadi kurta. You’ll look daper! But wear this only if you think you can carry it off.

Most importantly, wear your confidence!

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Kriti Sharma is studying BCom (Hons) at Hansraj College. She has a myriad interests, writing being just one of them. A debater, a scholar, a fashionista, she is more of an outdoors person who likes to run 6-8 km a day, just to clear her head. She is an ‘Army Brat’, but an unlikely one. Reading a book by lantern light in a tent by the banks of river Indus after a hard day’s trek in the mountains is her idea of bliss. She wants to be an investment banker but admits that writing lets her escape into a world of ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’.

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