Maintaining a budget is a hassle and we find ourselves frequently out of money. Also, all of us have friends to whom we constantly lend money which does not find its way back. So if you are in a relationship in such a scenario, you are possibly doomed. Unless, you know about these few places where you can go on a date, enjoy, and not be tensed about your bill.

1) Triveni Terrace Cafe
Situated near Mandi House, this place is truly beautiful. It is also really cheap and you will find yourself having a hearty meal without stressing about the bill. It is quiet, serene, and an ideal place to have your date. Since it is situated inside Triveni Kala Sangam, you will always find some mesmerizing art exhibition going on which might help you start a conversation and bury the awkwardness aside.

2) AMA Cafe
AMA Cafe at Majnu Ka Tila is the go-to place for all University of Delhi students. Known for its lip-smacking desserts, this might be the best place for an ideal date. You also need to have just around four hundred rupees to truly enjoy this place. I would recommend the tiramisu, banoffee pie, and the cheesecake.

3) Wagh Bakri Tea Lounge
This is on our list because the best conversation happens over a cup of tea. Besides, the idea of going on a coffee-date is so clichéd. If your date turns out to be a tea-lover, you might score extra points for picking out this place

4) Indian Coffee Home
Indian Coffee Home at Connaught Place is the best place to go on a date if you don’t have any money at all. This is the best thing about the place that it is really cheap. In mere two hundred rupees, you might be able to have a full meal to your heart’s content. I would recommend sitting outside near the trees to have an ideal setting for your date.

5) Big Yellow Door
The ambiance is cosy, comfortable, and the food is delicious. This might be the reason why this place is recommended by all college students. The Italian dishes served here are totally worth drooling for.
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Anukriti Mishra
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Hello Auburn! I’m in my second year and I’ve been crushing on my classmate for an entire semester now. After several failed attempts at trying to get her attention, I have finally gotten her to agree to go out for a movie date with me. Can you suggest some clothing options for the occasion?
-Mr. Moonstruck

Dear Mr. Moonstruck,
I’m quite impressed with your grit and patience. That your feelings for this lucky girl remained consistent for so long is laudable. Kudos to you, young man!

Now, coming to your query, let me start off by telling you that you’re in a slightly tricky spot. You need to dress to impress, yes. But you’re going for a movie, and therefore, you don’t want to look out of place in the casual ambiance of a cinema hall.

You have two options: a) Semi- Formal: A neatly ironed shirt with chinos, and

b) Casual: A hosiery T-shirt (polo or with a witty slogan/cartoon /fun print) and denims.

Choose one from the two, keeping in mind your personality, your date’s preferences and of course, your plans post the movie.

What you need to most definitely avoid are the following: pyjamas/ track pants; chappals; coloured, tight boy-band pants. If bold is your style, try going for a khadi kurta. You’ll look daper! But wear this only if you think you can carry it off.

Most importantly, wear your confidence!

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