Sri Venkateswara College

The Auburn Umbrella: Sri Venkateswara College’s students creating distinctive fashion statements!

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After patrolling the mysterious lands of Miranda House, the DUB fashion police went down south to Sri Venkateswara College. After thoroughly investigating the fashion conscious, here is what we’ve got to share:


Is fashion your biggest foe? Does it intimidate you? Do you feel like a dodo when it comes to making sensible fashion choices? Do you wish to be a fashionista but aren’t sure how and where to start?
Well, our dear fashion-stricken reader, we’ve got a one-stop solution to all your fashion queries! DUB introduces to you the latest fashion app, Wooplr. This app will help enhance your fashion knowledge: it will guide you through the latest fads and trends, help you customize a style for yourself, suggest shopping options and Voila! Turn you into a stunning diva! So check out the app and be prepared to rock the college scene with your new-found fashion acumen!


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Shefali Bharati

[email protected]

Compiled for the Auburn Umbrella by: Kriti Sharma

Images Credits: Tejaswa Gupta for DU Beat

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