The Auburn Umbrella

The Auburn Umbrella: Things to keep in mind to avoid a fashion fiasco in college

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I absolutely love ‘firsts’. First crush, first pet, first day of a new school year- the thrill of a ‘first’ is the most fantastic and overwhelming feeling. Also, a ‘first’ makes a lasting impression, so it’s definitely something you’d want to get right. Imagine having to live with the memory of a ‘first’ gone horribly wrong! Like maybe wanting an iPhone as your first phone and getting a Nokia Asha instead. Or living through months of mortification because your first facial gave you a bad case of painful acne. Yikes!

Talking about firsts, as far as fashion is concerned, what you choose to wear in your first semester will determine the kind of reputation you will enjoy in the following semesters. Trust me, you don’t want to be a ‘Fashion Fiasco’. Therefore, being cautious and mindful of your fashion choices is very critical for every fresher.

In trying to make a mark, the most common fashion faux pas that freshers commit is when they end up trying too hard to catch everyone’s attention. Consider my own example: In my first few weeks in college, I’d hoped to pull off something stunning; something that would help me establish myself as a fashionista. But sadly, in trying to do so, I only ended up getting the wrong kind of attention. In fact, I was so striking that I was the first one from my batch to be ragged. Moral of the story: Dress the way you wish to be addressed.

Let’s face it fucchas, you will never get a second chance to make a first impression. And because your style introduces you even before you speak, it is of paramount importance that you make all the right choices in your first semester.

Here are four crucial things you must remember while picking your outfits:

A. Dress to kill and you’re sure to be killed
My argument is simple: over- the- top dressing never helped anybody. Don’t forget that even though you’re leaving the mundane domain of school uniforms, there still is a certain code that your fashion must adhere to in college. It’s perfectly normal if you want to dress to impress. You really don’t have to stifle the fashionista in you. All you need to do is to strike a balance between style and attention.

B. You’re a person, not a disco ball
A girl loves her bling. And in today’s age, so do the boys (thank you Mr. YoYo Honey Singh for giving us another reason to dislike you)! But please keep Delhi’s weather conditions in mind. Remember that you’re going to join college in the miserable month of July, when it’s humid and everybody’s drowning in their own sweat. When people walk down the corridor with shiny neck pieces or chunky charm bracelets, onlookers can feel uncomfortable. Plus, you don’t want to get off on the wrong foot with your seniors, let alone blind them, do you?

C. Aim for functionality, not foolishness
Dear Prince/Princess, I hope you’ve been previously informed that you won’t be using your chariot to travel to college and that your handmaiden won’t be there to lug around your dress’ train for you.
It’s true. In DU, you have to do a lot of travelling. So don’t come to college in your stilettoes. Swap your pumps for footwear that’s comfortable. Also, please save that LBD for another time and place (HKV, maybe?). You don’t want to wind up in an uncomfortable position (literally) if you’re wearing something very short. Think Alia Bhatt in SOTY when her tiny dress didn’t allow her to bend down and pick up the fallen pen. You don’t want that to happen to you.

D. Skip the trends, be ingenious instead
You can deny it as much as you like, but the truth is that you, little fuccha, have been thoroughly influenced by the latest college fads and trends. It’s cute (I’m sorry, I can’t think of a better word) that you’re putting in so much effort to settle on a look. But here’s a warning: So are the others. If you blindly follow trends and wear long, flowing skirts (girls) or polo t-shirts (guys) then remember, your future batchmates too are following the same trend. The ramifications of this alarming idea, you ask? You enter college and you’re sure to find people dressed just like you! Funny you thought school was the only place with a uniform!

What then is the best way to avoid an arrest warrant from the DU Fashion Police? The problem with that question is that there is no definitive answer. I could suggest a couple of safe options for you, but I want to neither kill your enthusiasm, nor your imagination. The above pointers will keep you from making a wrong choice. But remember to be true to yourself and your style. Everything will turn out just fine.

And finally, just remember what Ranbir Kapoor advocates (albeit while endorsing a telecom brand) :the KISS principle: Keep It Simple, Silly!

If you have any further wardrobe issues, feel free to leave me a message. I’d love to hear from you!

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Watch out this space for more!


Kriti Sharma
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Kriti Sharma is studying BCom (Hons) at Hansraj College. She has a myriad interests, writing being just one of them. A debater, a scholar, a fashionista, she is more of an outdoors person who likes to run 6-8 km a day, just to clear her head. She is an ‘Army Brat’, but an unlikely one. Reading a book by lantern light in a tent by the banks of river Indus after a hard day’s trek in the mountains is her idea of bliss. She wants to be an investment banker but admits that writing lets her escape into a world of ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’.

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