Admissions 2016


Alas! Finally your dream college has declared its much awaited cut-off and you are filled with utmost joy at the very thought of cancelling your admission at the college you previously admitted yourself into. Though we understand your elation regarding the same, you need to exercise caution and conscience while you plan to take a plunge into the withdrawal procedure.

1. It is always good to secure a seat

With DU always throwing a major blow at students with its high cut-offs each year, one doesn’t usually make the cut in the very first list (not for you, toppers!). It is therefore always advised to secure a seat in a college where you get your desired course and wait for the next cut-off patiently.

2. A tab on the announcement of the next cut-off list

It’s okay if you are currently admitted into a college whose name you can’t seem to recall or if it doesn’t have a happening abbreviation, you still have a chance to make it to a better college in the next list. Always keep a tab on the compiled list of cut-offs on the DU website so that you don’t miss out on any college.

3. Grab your running shoes, head to withdraw your documents

Take a deep breath and exercise rational behaviour. Before jumping in the air that you cleared the cut-off for a better college in the next list, ensure that you give a visit to that college once, confirm that you meet all the admission criteria there and only then head for the withdrawal of your documents in the college you were initially admitted to.

4. How to withdraw?

Let me explain this with an example. If in the first list you admitted yourself in Motilal Nehru College for a particular course, and in the second list you clear the cut-off for Hindu College, go to Motilal on the very first day of the second cut-off list and ask for all your documents that you submitted at the time of admission. Ensure that the college cancels your admission on their online platform so that the centralised online DU form enables you to see the other colleges you are eligible for.

5. No easy refunds, be ready to burn a hole in your pocket!

The colleges this year will not refund your fee on the spot, so keep extra money handy! After ensuring the cancellation of your admission, head to the college you cleared a cut-off in and repeat the admission frenzy from the beginning!