Admissions 2016

Delhi University ECA Trials and Admissions 2016

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The admissions process for candidates under the category of extra-curricular activities (ECA) is all set to begin next week, with trials starting from 7th July. After the conclusion of trials on 13th July, the University will release a list of shortlisted candidates on 14th July. The final round of trials will then take place between 15th and 18th July. On 19th July, the online DU portal will display the final results. The next two days will see the verification of documents and admission counselling, which will take place at the respective colleges.


After the completion of verification and counseling on 20th and 21st July, the first list for ECA admissions will be released on 22nd July. Starting 23rd July, admissions will begin at each college and end on 25th July. A total of three lists will be released.

Once the candidate’s admission is approved, he/she is to log on to the online DU portal to pay the fees. The deadline for this is noon of the day after admission.

Note: If, after three lists, the college has vacant seats, it will put up a notice on its website and on college notice board itself. The admissions process shall then continue as before.


July 7-13:   ECA trials

July 14:   List of shortlisted candidates

July 15-18:   Final round of trials (and redressal of grievances)

July 19:   Final results of trials

July 20-21:   Verification of documents and counselling

July 22:   First admission list

July 23-25:   First round of admissions

July 26-27:   Verification of documents and counselling

July 28:   Second admission list

July 29-31:   Second round of admissions

August 1-2:   Verification of documents and counselling

August 3:   Third admission list

August 4-6:   Third round of admissions

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