Admissions 2016

St. Stephen’s College releases cutoffs; touches 99 for English

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St. Stephen’s College released its cutoffs for the undergraduate admissions 2016-17. The cutoffs are expectedly sky-high, with 99% being the required percentage for a Commerce student to be able to study English. Economics stands at 96.75% – 98.25% for the general category, which an additional requirement of having scored 90% in Mathematics. The cutoffs have been released amidst a tussle between the DU admissions committee and St. Stephen’s College about the latter not adhering to centralised DU admissions policies. To know what could be the possible repercussions for students, read: DU extends admissions application date.

For a full understanding of St. Stephen’s College’s admissions procedure, read: Guidelines on Admissions Procedure of SSC

Take a look at the course-wise cutoffs below:

To understand the columns, refer to the following key:

NOTE: BFS: Best of Four Subjects Rider: Additional Eligibility Criteria
NOTE: BFS: Best of Four Subjects
Rider: Additional Eligibility Criteria

1. B.A. (Programme)


2. Economics

Economics SSC

3. Mathematics:


4. English

English SSC

5. History

History SSC

6. Philosophy

Philosophy SSC

7. Sanskrit


8. Chemistry


9. Physics


10. B.Sc Programme (Maths, Phy, Chem)


11. B. Sc Programme (Maths, Phy, Computer Science)

B.Sc P

Understanding the categories:

1. GEN: General (Non – Christian)

2. SC/ST : Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe (Non – Christian)

3. CST: General Scheduled Tribe/Dalit

4. CNI: Church of North India

5. CNID: CNI Delhi Diocese

6. COTH: Christian Others

7. PWD: Person with Disabilities

8. CPH: Christian Physically Challenged

9. UR: Urdu Candidate


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