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College fests gives us the most memorable moments of our college life. It’s the most exciting time that every college students waits for every year. Symphony 2019 gave us indelible three days that will always have a mark in our hearts.
Starting with the photo exhibitions, street plays and number of competitions on the first day we had splendid dance performances in Western and folk dance competitions. There were also competitions like debate and jingle writing which got a handsome number registrations across the different colleges all over Delhi.
The third day was the most awaited. Like every year we had a gorgeous celeb in the house. This year it was ‘Aditi Singh Sharma’. She set the stage to fire with her moves and filled the air with her alluring voice. This was the most captivating moment of the three day fest.
With the ending of Symphony 2019 we all have a bunch of memories in our hearts and wish that every year our college give these three golden days to the students with even more delight and rapture.

When appreciation meets talent, it’s absolute magic!

Keeping a count of the same,
We intent to bring forth an enthralling amalgamation of undefiable art and commendable creations.

Here’s a big shout out to the winners of Abilita Artistica 3.0.
Get ready to witness how your creative extravaganzas become the talk of the town, as our online media partner DU Beat is all set to feature your astonishing bunch of entries!


MASH Project Foundation is looking to hire interns for Winter Internships.

About the Company:
MASH Project Foundation is a youth-led non-profit social enterprise, working to create an ecosystem for young social change-makers. It regularly organizes cause based community meetups, consults non-profits, conducts experiential workshops, provides support to events and campaigns and lends media support to inspiring grass-root stories. MASH Project is among the fastest growing community of social entrepreneurs.

Internship Profile Title:
MASH Project Winter Intern

All Courses, All Years

• Certificate of Participation
• Access to high quality exclusive events, conferences, workshops and mentors who are domain experts.

Minimum 6 months (Work from home + 1 day to office in a week)

Application Process:
Interested students can apply at the following link:

In case of any queries, please contact:
Bhavya Taneja

Xpressions, the management cultural fest of Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar, one of the biggest fests across Eastern India, is a three-day extravaganza, place from 16th to 18th November, 2018, saw some amazing performances, exquisite participation and turned out to be a grand success. These three days were an integration of entertainment, brainstorming and brilliant management by the students of XIMB.

The first day reckoned with Aaghaz, the Nukkad Natak competition by X-Stage, the cultural committee of XIMB, which expresses reality in the form of theatre, showed some real emotions, leaving the crowd touched. IIIT, Bhubaneshwar crowned as winners and XIMB as the Runners-up. Soon after, XIMB MUN, a UN Simulation Event by SpeakUp, the Oratory Club, experienced a variety of opinions and ideas pertaining to the current global scenarios, which continued till the next day. Nirnay (by X-Ops, the operations Committee) and Resonance (by X-Sys, the Systems Committee) were Online Simulation games where the participants had to showcase their business acumen and feasibility. IRC, the International Relations Committee conducted Zorb It Out, a unique quiz-cum-gaming event was a tie between Globtrotters and D Generation Z. AdValorem by X-Seed, the Entrepreneurship cell, tests the entrepreneurial acumen and was followed by Fincaso, a case study competition by X-Fin, which was won by team Affluentia from NMIMS and XIMB being the Runners-up. Paint@XIMB, an initiative by Spicmacay-XIMB Chapter brought out the creative side of the participants where Aanchal Priyadarshini, DAV Public School was crowned as winner and Bharatendu Panda from XIMB was runners up. MAXIM Mela (Marketing Research Event), the marketing fair by MAXIM, the Marketing committee was a unique way of conducting market research. Sportscom Fantasy League grabbed all eyeballs, as it was a first for XIMB as well. Carnival De Vogue being the highlight since everyone upped their glamour quotient and put on a strong performance in front of the ever-cheerful crowd. The evening began with an electrifying performance by Zephyrtone, the youngest electronic pop music duo. To end the night, we had a rib-tickling performance by Comedy Adda featuring Gaurav Kapoor.

Goonj, the singing competition by XStage, saw the participants enthrall the audience with their mesmerizing voice. The event had two categories – Western extravaganza which was won by Shubojit Das while Galdwin was the runners-up, and Desi extravaganza which was won by Suchismita with Mrutyunjay as the runners-up. SRC, the Social Responsibility Cell, organized Handicraft Stall wherein they displayed handmade greeting cards, gifts and other craft items made by our mess bhainas. This gave our mess bhainas an opportunity to showcase their talent. Vriddhi, A CSR Action Plan Competition by SRC saw participants addressing and giving solutions for the grass-root problems of India. Trade Wars, the trading simulation game by X-Fin, gave the participants an opportunity to test their financial expertise across major Indian stock markets. This game was won by Team Affluentia with the home team as the runners-up. Maven, a National Level Case Study Competition, by Constrat, the Consulting and Strategy Consortium gave the participants an opportunity to test their consulting and strategy skills against the best brains from across the country’s finest business schools. Case-Connect, a National Level Case Study Competition, by X-Sys, the Systems Association was won by Team Sacred Sins with Team Radio Heads as the runners-up.

Vakritva was an SRC & SpeakUp Featured Event wherein the participants identified and gave constructive solutions for the various existing social problems of our country. Aarohan, the Operations Case Study competition by X-Ops, the Operations Committee gave the participants to show their skills in operations management. Jack of All Trades, a National Level Case Study & Simulation Game Competition, by the Gaming Committee, comprised of a Quiz, a Case-study and a Business Simulation Game by Cesim. Virasat, a Classical Competition by Spicmacay-XIMB Chapter provided a platform for the participants to showcase the Indian Legacy through Classical Dance, Classical Singing and Instrumentals.

The evening brought with it two of the power-packed, energy boosting performances – Decibelz and Moongphali. The audience witnessed intense and invigorating performances at the war of bands – Decibelz ’18. Out to bring the city down with its unique sound and energy, Moongphali mesmerized their audiences with melody, entertainment, and energy.

Finally, Day 3 opened with Final Cut, the flagship event of IlluminatiX- the media and PR cell of XIMB, which was a short-film making competition. The event witnessed enthralling entries and was won by ‘Spotlight’ presented by Team Virtual Showreel from ITER Bhubaneswar with a special mention awarded to ‘Saihatsu’, again from ITER. Thirkan, a group dance competition by X-Stage, which embraced the rhythm within and without, left the crowd amazed with the Team Inferno from FIEM crowned as winners. MAXIM, presented its flagship event MPower, which comprised of an online marketing quiz followed by case study competition, and, was won by the Team Power Players from XIMB with Mettle Troppers from IIM Shillong being the runners-up. X-Lens, the photography community of XIMB, presented Lensation, showcasing creativity captured in pictures. XQuizzite, the Knowledge and Quizzing committee, organized its flagship quizzing event, Inquizzitive, which was won by Satwik Raut, Nishant Nihar and Bivash Rath.

The much awaited event, Celeblitz, witnessed the riveting performance by the melody queen who has been ruling our hearts for last 23 years, Sunidhi Chauhan, who left the audience astounded and thrilled. With this 3-day extravaganza concluding at such a high note, XIMB promises to amaze Bhubaneswar again and keep the legacy going.

Indira Goswami, also known by her pen name Mamoni Raisom Goswami was an Assamese editor, activist, poet, professor, scholar, and writer who passed away in 2011. The All Assam Students Association, Delhi in order to honour her, organises an annual national level debate. This year marked the second installation of the same debate. The event was held on Sunday, 18th November 2018, in Conference Centre, North Campus, DU. The debate form as the name holds was conventional. Students from all across DU and other colleges participated in teams both from same college and combined cross team. There were 12 teams that took part in the event.

The motion of the day was “This house believes that it is a disadvantage to tag North Eastern states as one homogeneous unit rather than different states in the social, political, or economic issues.”       

The event was adjudged by Dr. Bhagat Oinam, a professor in the Department of Social Sciences at Jawaharlal Nehru University, Dr. Rakhee Kalita Moran, a professor in the Department of English at Cotton University, and lastly Dr. Monirul Hussain, Chair Professor, Centre for North East Studies and Policy Recharge at Jamia Milia Islamia.


The winners of the competition with the judges.
The winners of the competition with the judges. Image credits:Rishabh Gogoi for DU Beat.

Dr. Oinam spoke to the participants on the arguments that were raised at the debate. He said “The point is quite relevant to our time, but there you cannot put a black and white statement about this news. It is not a mathematical argument, there are both strengths and weaknesses. One thing that came out was that if you homogenise North East India as a block, what you are missing out is to quit understanding the peculiarity and the particularity of the region. Whether its Manipur, or Assam,  their concerns are being ignored when you are using the word North East as a block. Yet also at the same time it is a fact that the region is very diverse. The other side of the story is that if you try to diversify them, then It doesn’t attract the attention of the people. There is a need to pragmatically, politically unify the people to make their concerns, and  demands heard in the larger population of the country. This is because the political canvas of the country is so vast within which North East representation is so small. If you particularise all of the communities concerns individually, then that may never be heard. That is also one concern.”

The competition was followed by a lunch, and prize distribution ceremony. The winners were a combined cross team of Devarnav Sharma from Hindu college and Arshia Amin from Jamia Milia Islamia. The winners got an individual trophy as well as a cash prize of INR 20,000.

 Feature Image credits: Rishabh Gogoi for DU Beat

Haris khan

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A phenomenal celebration of happiness, culture, festivities and talent, the Annual NSS Cultural Fest of Gargi College – Zistatva’18 won the hearts of thousands of students this year!

Zistatva’18 was a unification of thousands of different minds and souls. With the theme of Dillinaama and the integration of Me To Myself, everyone celebrated self love and the beautiful city – Delhi, with pride and gratification.

With a galore of beautiful decorations and art, mouth watering food, gorgeous jewellery and clothing, games, music and talented performances by the societies of the college, everyone who witnessed the celebrations of Zistatva this year took away some ever-lasting memories.

The much loved band performance by Arzz..A Musical Call and the DJ night by DJ Anirudh were the show stoppers of the day as everyone sang and danced their hearts out!

Zistatva’18, was indeed a grand success!

The Marketing Society of Aryabhatta College organised Exult 2.0, a fun filled fest on 29th of October.
It was a one day event.
The day was filled with enthusiasm and energy. A day full of exhiliriating games, soothing music to delicious food and drinks! There was a soul to it. A soul that was vibrant, contagious and exuberant. The college was beautifuly decorated by the team members from the entry itself and was a perfect example of eye candy!
The minute one set foot inside the premises of college, one could feel the vibrancy. Outside the building various mini games were setup and stage and tents were put up on the football playground. It set the mood for the celebrations. The tone of decorations was very festive.

Various mini games from headphones games to Pictionary were held and various students and teachers loved to be part of it. With each game, the winner was awarded with various prizes like coupons of various outlets to cashbacks. Various other games like PUBG Tournament to Game of Clues were also organized. The games were mind boggling, adventerous and were filled with dares and thrill. The participants were from various colleges and were divided in teams and competed vigorously and were given a fixed amount of time to complete their tasks. The winners were awarded with various cash prizes and in kind.

The tents put up were occupied by various food stalls selling delicious food and drinks. From Dosa to Pasta to Vada Pao everything was finger licking delicious. The drinks did their job right on that hot sunny day!
The day slowly came to an end as the sun started to set. The day was undoubtly a success and did not fail to bring a smile on everyones face

MAC Commerce Society of the Department of Commerce of Maharaja Agrasen College, University of Delhi organised its maiden online minifest – Comspire 2K18. A collective effort of all the members of MCS, this online Minifest was one of it’s kind that enthralled over six completely different exciting events. The Comspire 2K18 saw an overwhelming participation of students across the entire DU circuit and other colleges in Delhi. With the events spanning over different days in mid-October, MCS was stunned to witness the knowledge and talent portrayed by all the participants. The talent, hardwork and efforts that everyone had put into was really commendable. Coming to the events, there were six events namely Whatstock, Ad-on-Vid, Commcage, Biz-Fiz, Kurukshetra, and PUBG. The online minifest saw an enthusiastic participation of more than 800 students across more than 40 colleges. The fest ended up with same zeal and happiness as everyone geared up for the results of Comspire 2K18.If a mini fest can be this interesting and eventful then imagine what will happen when crusade 2k18,the annual fest of MCS will take place.
Any guesses to what all it has in store for you?
Well, keep guessing and stay tuned.
MCS will see you in the next semester!

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As the term suggests Psyphoria means an intense feeling of happiness and excitement in exploring the different aspects of psychology by unconventional methods. The year 2018 marked the beginning of Psyphoria as the Annual Departmental Fest of InPsych – the Society of Department of Psychology. It was a day long fest held on 31st of October’18. The event started with a workshop on Handwriting Analysis by Dr. Nabhit Kapur, founder – Peacful Mind Foundation.

 To depict the unconventional means of understanding Psychology, certain competitive events were held for students from different fields, which included; Psyquest – Psychology Quiz; Esperanza – Slam poetry competition; Curtain’s Up – Mono acting competition; Paradox – Turncoat Debate competition; and Canva – Mask painting competition. The objective behind these competitions was to give people a platform to share their ideas through unique ways like painting, acting, debating and poetry.
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The inaugural ceremony of BIT Mesra’s first-ever hackathon, HACK-A-BIT was held on the 26th of October, 2018 from 3.00 P.M. in the CAT Hall. The Chief Guest for the event was Mr. K.K. Thakur, CGMT, ARTTC, BSNL and Mr. Sumit Kumar, in charge Jharkhand innovation labs was the Guest of honour. Dr. Mahesh Chandra, Dean Students’ Welfare and Dr. Vijya Laxmi, faculty coordinator of HACK-A-BIT were among the honourable dignitaries present. The judges of the fest, Mr. Koushik MLN, Mr. Pratyush Agarwal, Mr. Kushagra Singh and Mr. Abhishek and the other faculty coordinators of the fest, Dr. D.K. Upadhyaya and Mr. Sumit Srivastava were among the attendees. The event was inaugurated with the lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries which was followed by the BIT prayer.
Dr. Mahesh Chandra, the Dean Students’ Welfare then welcomed the guests and participants in his speech. He encouraged them to participate with zeal and at the same time to take care of their health during the course of the hack. Dr. Vijaya Laxmi, one of the faculty coordinators of HACK-A-BIT, introduced the participants to the event. She also informed that after rigorous scrutiny only 188 participants forming the top 50 teams could make it to the final showdown. The Chief Guest, Mr. K.K. Thakur, spoke about the opportunities given to today’s youth and shared his technical expertise with the students. He also expressed his elation on the talented students who could make it to the event and encouraged them to give their best. The Guest of Honour, Mr. Sumit Kumar motivated the students with his words of wisdom on the start-up ecosystem. He informed the students about the initiative taken by the Jharkhand government and promised to provide them with maximum support. The Dean Students’ Welfare then felicitated the Chief guest and the Guest of honour with a shawl and memento. Finally, Dr. Vijaya Laxmi delivered the vote of thanks. She expressed her gratitude towards the dignitaries for gracing the ceremony with their presence and also thanked the sponsors and the organising team. With the departure of the Chief Guest, the organising team took the stage and  explained the code of conduct and the rule book to the participating teams. The next day saw an interactive session with the mentors, Mr. Koushik MLN, Head of Engineering at ITVersity and Mr. Pratyush Agarwal, co-founder of CodeAsylum take place in Room 211 from 11:30 A.M. The mentors showed enthusiasm in solving the queries of the inquisitive participants. The questions of participants varied from their coding concerns to implementing their ideas in the start-up world. The mentors also explained that in order to be a good engineer one should try to implement everything they read to increase their skills. At 3:30 P.M, the mid-evaluation started with the judges checking the 18-hour progress of the teams. Participants showed their projects and explained their
real-world implementation. The second guest lecture for the day started at 6:00 P.M in Room Number 211 and was delivered by Mr. Durga Vishwanatha Raju, Gadiraju, Technology Consultant at Harman International and the
founder of ITVersity. His lecture was based on ‘Entrepreneurship and how to be a good engineer.’ The participants were told how failure should not cause hindrance in the path of success. The speaker gave his own example of how he
failed many times in his life but always grew back stronger and more focused. He also said that the general mindset of engineers should shift from aiming to be an effective employee to being a successful employer. The final day of Hack-A-BIT, BIT Mesra’s first ever hackathon was conducted on 28 th October, 2018. The hack, which started on 26 th October from 10.00 P.M. and ended on 28 th October 10.00 A.M., witnessed the participation of colleges
across the country including Punjab, Delhi, Odisha and institutes like IIT Kharagpur, IIT(ISM) Dhanbad, IIT BHU Varanasi, NIT Raipur, etc. The end evaluation was done from 7:00 A.M. to 10:00 A.M. in which the judges visited
Labs 4, 6 and 7 of the Research and Development building where the hack was being carried out. After the end evaluation, the top 15 teams were to give a presentation on their ideas. The presentation took place in the CAT Hall at 1:00 P.M. with Rohan Gupta and Divyanshi Ojha as the hosts. The closing ceremony and the prize distribution began at 3.00 P.M in the CAT Hall. The faculty coordinators of Hack-a-BIT, Dr. Vijay Laxmi and Dr. D.K
Updahyay felicitated the dignitaries- the judges and the Dean Students’ Welfare, Dr. Mahesh Chandra. A token of appreciation was presented to all the involved faculty coordinators. Finally, the much-awaited results of  East
India’s largest hackathon were announced. They were as follows:-
– The best article of Hack-A-BIT garage: Aayush Bhaskar from BIT Mesra.
– ADA all-girls team which received a cash prize of Rs.5,000: Team Alphus
comprising of participants from NIT Raipur, NIT Durgapur and KIIT
– The most innovative hardware which received a cash prize of Rs.5,000
along with trophies: killall_queue from IIIT Kalyani
– The best hack on ‘.tech-domain’ which received goodies worth $150:
Infinite Debug from NIT Raipur.
– The best project built using Zulip API which received goodies worth $100:
Lone Wolf from BIT Mesra
Overall winners:
– 1 st  –  Team Whack from Bharatiya Vidyapeeth College of Engineering, New Delhi, who received a cash prize of Rs. 25,000, wireless headphones from Zebronics, coupons from Eckovation and goodies from Bugsee worth $500.
– 2 nd  – Team Arcade from BIT Mesra, who received a cash prize of Rs.15,000, coupons from Eckovation, fitbands, goodies from Bugsee worth $300.
– 3 rd  – Team Cubs from IIT Kharagpur, who received a cash prize of Rs.10,000, power banks, coupons from Eckovation, Bugsee goodies worth $200.
– 4 th – Team A_H_A from Heritage Institute of Technology, West Bengal, who received goodies from Zebronics, pen drives and coupons from JetBrains and GrabOn.
– 5 th – Team Defaulting from ISM Dhanbad who received goodies from Zebronics and Skillenza, and coupons from JetBrains and GrabOn.
– 6 th – IIIT Kalyani Coders from IIIT Kalyani who received goodies fromZebronics and TopCoder, and coupons from JetBrains and GrabOn.