The Marketing Society of Aryabhatta College organised Exult 2.0!

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The Marketing Society of Aryabhatta College organised Exult 2.0, a fun filled fest on 29th of October.
It was a one day event.
The day was filled with enthusiasm and energy. A day full of exhiliriating games, soothing music to delicious food and drinks! There was a soul to it. A soul that was vibrant, contagious and exuberant. The college was beautifuly decorated by the team members from the entry itself and was a perfect example of eye candy!
The minute one set foot inside the premises of college, one could feel the vibrancy. Outside the building various mini games were setup and stage and tents were put up on the football playground. It set the mood for the celebrations. The tone of decorations was very festive.

Various mini games from headphones games to Pictionary were held and various students and teachers loved to be part of it. With each game, the winner was awarded with various prizes like coupons of various outlets to cashbacks. Various other games like PUBG Tournament to Game of Clues were also organized. The games were mind boggling, adventerous and were filled with dares and thrill. The participants were from various colleges and were divided in teams and competed vigorously and were given a fixed amount of time to complete their tasks. The winners were awarded with various cash prizes and in kind.

The tents put up were occupied by various food stalls selling delicious food and drinks. From Dosa to Pasta to Vada Pao everything was finger licking delicious. The drinks did their job right on that hot sunny day!
The day slowly came to an end as the sun started to set. The day was undoubtly a success and did not fail to bring a smile on everyones face

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