MASH Project Foundation is looking to hire interns for Winter Internships!

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MASH Project Foundation is looking to hire interns for Winter Internships.

About the Company:
MASH Project Foundation is a youth-led non-profit social enterprise, working to create an ecosystem for young social change-makers. It regularly organizes cause based community meetups, consults non-profits, conducts experiential workshops, provides support to events and campaigns and lends media support to inspiring grass-root stories. MASH Project is among the fastest growing community of social entrepreneurs.

Internship Profile Title:
MASH Project Winter Intern

All Courses, All Years

• Certificate of Participation
• Access to high quality exclusive events, conferences, workshops and mentors who are domain experts.

Minimum 6 months (Work from home + 1 day to office in a week)

Application Process:
Interested students can apply at the following link: https://bit.ly/2AopPSD

In case of any queries, please contact:
Bhavya Taneja

For any media-related collaboration, drop a mail to Sharvi Maheshwari, at [email protected] with the partnership proposal and the content to be posted.

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