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CVS Professor Files Petition Against Roster Manipulation

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A petition filed by College of Vocational Studies (CVS) Professor Dr. Ravindra Singh Kushwah has alleged manipulation in the execution of a proper roster system by the college, which led to general category seats being converted into a reserved category. The Delhi High Court (HC) instructed that the College of Vocational Studies (CVS) cannot appoint any teachers without approaching the HC first.

On May 25, 2023, the Delhi High Court instructed that Delhi University’s College of Vocational Studies (CVS) should consult the High Court before recruiting any teachers since the services of a teacher “cannot be dispensed with” until the next hearing.

Dr. Ravindra Singh Kushwah, an assistant professor at CVS, filed the petition and claimed that the proper roster system was not implemented during the appointments for recruiting teachers due to manipulation and a lack of transparency. Kushwah alleged that a general category seat had been changed into a reserved one, so he could not apply for the position.

… the Teaching Roaster for the year 2023 is entirely manipulated which is ex-facie violence… as a result of which the Petitioner has lost his opportunity to even apply under unreserved category in the Department of Tourism.

– stated the petition filed by Dr Ravindra Singh Kushwah, through advocates Ms. Snigdha Singh and Mr. Kumar Shashwat

The petition was filed under the grounds of impugned advertised, impugned teaching roster 2023, and 2013. The petition also accused other manipulations conducted by the University and CVS. The petition further stated,

The respondent No. 2 [College of Vocational Studies] has diluted the authenticity of Impugned Teaching Roster for the year 2023 by making manual changes by hand and thereafter not even attesting the said changes with either initials or stamp. The same casts a heavy doubt on the veracity of the Roster as to whether the same has been approved by the University/Respondent No. 1 or not.

The President of College of Vocational Studies’ Teacher’s Body, Dr. Kumar Ashutosh, said,

There were four vacancies in our Department of Tourism, out of which one was unreserved. However, when the posts got advertised, all got converted to reserved posts. The court has made important points, including that Kushwah shouldn’t be terminated till the next date of hearing and that the recruitment process cannot take place without the court’s permission. Even in the History Department, an ST post was converted to an unreserved post, and the ad hoc teacher who was teaching against the ST post has approached the court.

– Dr. Kumar Ashutosh, President of CVS Teacher’s Body

Another petition by Mr. Mrinaal Pingua was also filed on the basis of manipulation by the University over impugned advertisements and impugned teaching rosters for 2023 and 2013.

…due to the manipulation in the Teaching Roaster 2023, post of ST Category in the History Department has been deliberately and clandestinely filled by another permanent faculty from unreserved category, and consequentially there is NIL vacancy for ST Category History Department – CVC in the impugned advertisement. Hence, the loss of opportunity for the Petitioner to apply for permanent teaching post against the ST Category.

– stated the petition

Dr. Inderjeet Jagar, the Principal of College of Vocational Studies claimed that the facts were not represented accurately.

Even when the posts were advertised in 2019, there were no unreserved posts. There are a total of four posts and the one unreserved post that is there already has a permanent faculty member. Currently, the vacancies are for three posts only… As per DU rules, ad hoc appointments are made for four months and services can be terminated without notice. Due to changes in the workload, the sanctioned posts also keep increasing or decreasing when this particular ad hoc appointment was done, we appointed whoever was available.

– Dr. Inderjeet Jagar, CVS Principal

The ad hoc crisis at Delhi University (DU) has been contemplated for quite some time. The committee recommended that whenever a vacancy transpires in four months, an ad hoc teacher will be temporarily recruited by a selection committee. Ad hoc teachers need to have their services renewed every four months, yet some have remained with the University for over a decade.

However, the college administration claims that the matter is restricted to this issue itself.

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