DU Colleges to Start New Certificate Courses

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Adding to the existing plethora of certificate courses, a few DU colleges have started new certificate courses at lower fees on topics ranging from Food Technology to Legal Literacy.

Some DU colleges have started a few new certificate courses on topics like Food Technology, Legal Literacy and Science Writing at a lower fee. Aimed at arming the students with the required knowledge, these new certificate courses cost less fee with the hope that this would attract more students towards these courses.

The Chemistry Department of Sri Venkateswara College, University of Delhi has started the industry-oriented, add-on course entitled “Food Science and Technology: From Farm to Fork”. With classes to be held on Saturdays and Sundays, the course is scheduled from 14th August to 9th November.

Sri Venkateswara College is the first college to start this type of course at Delhi University. Although few colleges of the DU have been offering B.Sc. or B.Tech. courses on basic Food Science but this course is entirely different as it is mainly focussing on industry requirements and new technologies employed there.
This course and training sessions lined up to blend well with the industry needs and thus guarantee to produce learned, well-informed, and efficient Food Science & Technology professionals to suit and complement role-specific responsibilities.

In this course, the industry professionals, eminent scientists, and Food technology experts across the country and even outside the country will do interactive sessions with the students to provide up-to-date information and training required to sustain and grow in the Food industry.

Today, with the growing challenges of climate change, global warming, disappearing natural resources, and the recent pandemic, the Food Processing Industry is still recognized as a dynamic and sunrise industry. Therefore, this niche course offers a unique blend of subjects that empowers the students with professional competence and expertise not only in food processing, packaging, food engineering but also hands-on training in various Food Technologies required in the Industry. So, I feel that this course adds an advantage to your BSc degree course of basic sciences with an essence of professional and applied course tag that garnishes your CV to make a career in the industry as well as in research.

Dr. Shikha Gulati, Convenor & Course Coordinator, Food Science and Technology.

Costing at Rupees 2500, the course is open to any student studying in courses of the science stream and e-certificates would be provided to students upon completion of the course.

Food technology is a sought-after and useful course internationally. Such professionals are required in the food processing, beverages and packaged food industries and wine companies. This course on FST will provide an opportunity to the students to learn various aspects of food processing, food preservation and packaging, food analysis etc. This would also enlighten the students with vast application in industries at international level, related to packaged food, nutrition supplements, beverages, bakery, confectionery and wine etc. Students would be getting exposure of all kinds of technologies including nano technology used in the food industries. An industry visit will also be organised if situation permits.

Dr. Sanjay Batra, Head of Department of Chemistry, Sri Venkateswara College.

Daulat Ram College is starting an add-on course called ‘Legal Literacy, Awareness and Aid’. In collaboration with the Delhi Legal Services Authority, the course will be in online mode in the academic year 2021-22 and the following academic year, the diploma course will be conducted offline. The registration process started on August 10 and will continue till September 10 and the minimum eligibility criteria are senior secondary pass.

The aim is to educate learners from different disciplines and backgrounds, specifically from the non-law field, about the theoretical and practical aspects of the legal framework.

Savita Roy, Principal of Daulat Ram College.

I was on the hunt for a good add on course since the first semester. I was really happy when I came to know the chemistry dept SVC is offering one of FST. It is a field I’m very much interested in and I’m hoping for a fun and productive learning experience. The course structure and timings also look comfortable as it is on Saturdays and holidays only.

Bharath Harikumar, a student attending one of these add on courses.

A certificate course on introduction to forensic sciences is already being conducted by the Hansraj College, for which the classes are being conducted on weekends. In addition to this, the college has also started another certificate course on science writing and communication. This particular course aims to enable students with the required skills for report creation and discrete writing on topics of medicine, science and technology.

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