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Irshaad by Columns & Comics

A rooftop with blingy fairy lights, cushions and sporadically lit cigarettes across the room, mildly comfortable seating and a tiny little stage, with a mic. This was what an artist’s paradise looked like, before coronavirus arrived; and now that we’re locked indoors, we miss the laughter, the emotions, the poetry and most of all, the feeling of meeting someone for the first time. And we are sure you do too, which is why we bring to you, Irshaad by Columns & Comics – a virtual open mic event as close to reality as can be. While the screens can be a little annoying, they facilitate a gathering that transcends geographical limitations. This event is nothing but an attempt to ensure that budding artists get a platform to showcase their talent, that extroverts get a stage and a gathering, and that introverts do not have to step outdoors. It is an attempt to make people like you and me feel at home, at home.

Columns & Comics

Who are we?

A community of people who run a digital publication.

What do we do?

Well, basically, just help you fill the gaps in terms of information and express yourself better, without telling you what is right or wrong.

Columns & Comics is a nascent, digital publication which operates with two primary objectives. The first one being the propagation of unbiased education on various socio-economic and political issues and the second, amplifying the voice of ordinary young individuals, provided they are ready to lend an ear to others as well.

It was conceptualized out of a persistent vexation with the existing trends of polarization, intolerance, impatience and the absence of well composed and informed expression of opinions in almost all spheres of social life; and the desire to address and change it.

We accept independent submissions from students on various topics, including fashion as well as opinion pieces. If you have something you’d want to say to the world, we can make sure it reaches at least a part of it. All you need to do is reach out!

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For any media-related collaboration, drop a mail to Ashwini Iyer, at with the partnership proposal and the content to be posted.