Bazinga: DU Makes It Compulsory To Hold Online Cultural Fests

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Delhi University released an official circular which makes it compulsory for colleges to hold online cultural fests.

On 16th January 2021, University of Delhi (DU) released an official circular on its website which stated that it was mandatory for all colleges to hold cultural fests online. The decision has come as a relief to a lot of students who were drowning in sadness because of COVID-19 that severely hampered the conduct of fests.

January-February every year marks the fest season in DU. All the colleges get illuminated with zeal, excitement and thrill. One usually encounters crowds everywhere with students moving from one college to another to attend consecutive fests. However, the pandemic seems to have entirely changed the fest landscape of DU. DU Beat spoke to a few students across DU via virtual means, to capture their reaction towards the latest DU decision.

“I feel that it’s absolutely a valid and welcoming decision. Although I completely stand by the fact that offline fests with food and artists whom you can see closely from stage can’t replace a virtual fest. I still applaud the fact that DU has tried to do something in the arena of entertainment for its students.”

Anonymous, student, Delhi University

The detailed notice of DU has outlined a couple of guidelines and general points that the students will have to follow while attending the online fests. One such outstanding instruction was that students would not be allowed to call their friends and gather in one place to watch the performance of artists. This has been supposedly done to avoid direct physical contacts. Similarly, the DU administration stated that the consumption of alcoholic beverages like whiskey, beer, etc. would be strictly prohibited.

To keep a check on the same, DU has made it mandatory for everyone to keep their cameras open. Students can only keep snacks or soft drinks with them while watching. As far as performances are concerned, DU hasn’t provided any clarity on the same. But reports suggest that all the regular artists like Guru Randhawa, Jass Manak, Zubin Nautiyal etc. would not be invited this time.

” As a 3rd-year student, I do welcome the decision of DU but I am still disappointed because this was our last fest season and I thought I would attend it with my friends. Moreover, the guidelines by DU are also quite strict and I am apprehensive as to how will I enjoy it if I can’t get together with my friends.”

Anonymous, student Delhi University

DU is currently working on fixing the logistical issues with regards to conducting the fest smoothly because apps like Zoom and Google Meet only have a fixed capacity to accommodate students. As per reports, the university has conveyed it to individual colleges to conduct the fests by combining 2-3 departments to accommodate all students.

Thus, only small scale artists would be invited this time, which in turn has proven to be a welcome change. This time however one would miss the Khan Chacha food stalls that one encountered in offline DU fests, or the antique item stalls that would be flooded by students. It’s absolutely thrilling to imagine the idea of an online fest and it would be more welcoming to see how successful DU becomes in making it a smooth sail.

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