#AuburnUmbrella-The Elegance Of Ethnic Casual: Junk Jewelry Serenades Street Fashion

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Junk jewelry is the newest casual-ethnic discovery, and is creating a furor on the streets of Delhi. In its latest addition of Auburn Umbrella, DU Beat brings to you the charm of accessorizing your kurtis with (not so) ordinary metal trinkets.

The newest fashion craze to dawn upon the Delhiite nooks and crannies famous for street-side fashion, might well be a game changer for the Boho-casual ensemble that college students have been experimenting with these past five years or so. That’s right: junk jewelry has finally caught on with the fashion savvy youngsters and is busting charts like never before.

The rich microcosm of fashion blends encompassed by these pocket-friendly trinkets, has exploded into a million colours on the relatively muter hues of North campus fashion. The colors of ethnic wear have deepened to richer shades of Maroon and Blue in order to match the grounded affluence of metal jewelry.

“The charm of junk jewelry for me is how popular fashion has never been more affordable! I can pair it with anything during more bold experimentations, and ethnic is anyway the go to look when I want to flaunt my latest finds.”

Sonia Rawat, 2nd year history student at Hindu College

While adornments of faux gold and oxidized silver have long ruled the roost, the trend of junk jewelry, or lightweight, funky jewelry, seems all set to displace their flattering elegance with an earthy panache.

Come summers, the by-lanes of the city, from Sarojini to Janpath, will be brimming over with fashion connoisseurs hunting for that perfect piece of accessory that can glow up their print skirts from a ‘no’ to a classy ‘boho’. The real reasons behind the popularity of junk trinkets is that they have brought jewellery to the informal realm, and that they blend with greater ease into everyday looks there by enhancing them.


As any Delhiite is bound to gush: the Delhi shopping experience is incomplete without a walk down the aisles of Janpath. While the market is generally renowned for affordable and chic clothes amongst university students, it has long been a hub of junk jewelry, even during the out-seasons of the trend in question.

From oversized rings and exultantly designed earrings, to one-of-a-kind choker designs, Janpath is a mountain of all the junk jewellery that your inner fashionista can possibly desire for. The prices, of course, are vastly negotiable so we suggest carrying along a friend trained in the art of bargaining. A more recent edition to the junk jewellery collection here is faux nose-pins. Go before the peak season to avail the best offers and grab the best pieces off the shelves.

“I shop a lot at Janpath. Most cancelled lectures find my clique strolling down its lanes. Though, of course, bargaining is something we sorely lack, and I would recommend being armed with this skill before visiting Janapth, and, less often, Sarojini.”

Hiba Nasrin, Hindu College


While Kamla is more of a complex than Janpath, and lacks the appeal of street-side fashion that the latter possesses, its occasional vendor with cartloads of metal jewellery at every third corner redeems it enough to warrant a mention here. Standing right beside the North Campus, its ease of accessibility is unmatched. While the prices are less negotiable than Janpath, the variety is way more intensive. An added advantage is Kamla being a clothes-oriented mart: you can here buy yourself the perfect print skirt  and match it withjunk accessories at the very next corner.



So you have bought for yourself the perfect junk necklace and danglers to match the piece. Why not pair it up with a printed kurti from your neighbourhood Sabhyata? Junks and prints serve as perfect complements to each other. Stand out with a bright kurti, white palazzos, and your Janpath conquest. Commonly, the metallic colour of junks is most highlighted by bright yellow kurtis.


The perfect poise of a sartorial blouse becomes ten times more glamorous  when juxtaposed with junk jewellery. A low cut blouse with boho necklaces is the go to fashion for the season. Adopted by influencers, the plain white sari with print flowers and junk jewellery, are a perfect couplet of the fashion verse this year.

Undoubtedly, two factors have been at play in this surge: the affordability and the rise of Instagram influencers. When fashionistas like Komal Pandey promote ordinary metal jewellery as an amphibious trend that can fit in with any outfit, the impact is obviously immense. The idea of such affordable ‘high-fashion’ knows no limit of appeal to college goers whose finances are barely put together. The junk jewellery trend therefore is one major success of the E-fashion and influencer era!

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Feature Image: Delhi Planet

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