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Itinerary of Single Folks on Valentine’s Day

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If you are single and you know it, during that time of the year, clap your hands! You might as well want to give yourself a shout-out for refraining from commitment because no one else is going to.

Before you sulk and pride simultaneously over your relationship status, you would want to give a pat on your back for courageously having been through that one- most- cringe-worthy week of February. That one entire week which has a series of unproductive days, simply there, to give build-up, momentum and amplified expenses to Valentine’s Day. Your patience needs to be applauded, your endurance deserves a reward. But before you put Halsey on repeat here is an itinerary for you to consider:

1) Sleep through the day.

Your mattress always had your back and you can’t be treacherous to her, fall back and take that extra nap, not that it isn’t something you don’t do, on just about any other day as well, but the more you sleep the less you have to socialize. That’s an inverse relation you always ship!


2) Take a stroll of your room and while you are at it, please CLEAN IT.

You don’t have space, not only in your heart but also on that sofa and that chair and that bed and roundabout any other thing which can hold onto stuff. Clean and organize. You might discover things which will surprise you. Imagine surprising your own self, that’s some sport.


3) Feed yourself

Pamper yourself, don’t let hate and negativity bloom. Most of you do not acknowledge being single as that big of a deal on the surface, but deep down crave significant other. Count yourself lucky that you saved yourself from going broke from buying someone else’s gifts, instead spend your bucks on yourself and try not to go broke. It’s not cool. 


4) Netflix and chill for one

Your former partner may not be with you now but their Netflix password might be, so exploit that. If and when their memories start to flash by, let it. Don’t cumulate gloom inside rather release it through music, books, movies, whatever feels like it. (Movie recommendations: Queen, How to be single, Begin Again, Gone Girl, etc.)


5)Have a dose of self-affirmation

Now this will include you googling celebrities who are still single so that you feel good about yourself and imagine being in their squad. While you are it you may discover that there’s a Chinese Valentine’s Day which comes later in August so you have bought yourself some time to feel good about yourself, and then crawl back in the quilt to put Halsey on repeat, because you have the privilege.


Here’s a word of caution: You may or may not follow this, but just remember to shield yourself from excessive PDA and watch chick flicks at your own risk!

Let no one make you feel lame about yourself which is inclusive of your own conscience. Self-love is not secondary and definitely not a backup. You don’t have to fall back to it just because you can’t find it through other people. It should be a priority not just any form of ego defence mechanism.

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Umaima Khanam

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