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DUSU President Denies Claims of Being Involved in Violence

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On December 16, 2019, Akshit Dahiya, President of the Delhi University’s Student Union (DUSU) was captured on a video escorting a student outside which later resulted in violence, the student along with All India Student Association(AISA) claims that the student was beaten up. However, Akshit Dahiya denies all claims.

At 9 pm, Kawalpreet Kaur, National President of the All India Student Association (AISA), posted a video allegedly claiming that a student was beaten up by the DUSU President for protesting peacefully at the Social Sciences Department in presence of the Delhi Police. The video even featured female students trying to save the beaten student from the President as well as the police.

Kawalpreet Kaur wrote, “Remove Akshit Dahiya From #DUSU President! Not our President! This is yesterday video of Delhi University. MA. Philosophy student can be seen beaten up clearly by ABVP led DUSU President Akshit Dahiya and Ankita Biswas, Sonal (these girls pulling his hair) Indejeet Dagar and Bharat Sharma. All of them members of ABVP can be clearly seen in the video. What was the fault of this common student? That he took part in his university protest against #CitizenshipAct. That he stood up with the constitutional values of this country.”

Attached below is the video discussed in the context:

On December 16, students from the Social Science Department organised a protest in terms of examination boycott to show solidarity to the students of Jamia Millia Islamia who had faced a brutal police attack from the police a day before.

The protest was put on halt after the students were allegedly lathi-charged by ABVP (Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad) goons called by the Delhi Police. However, the ABVP denied all of the claims stating that the students along with Leftist parties were trying to persuade and prevent other students from giving their examinations, and the students called the ABVP for help.

The above-mentioned video was shot on the same day and it was said by the victim as well as the AISA that the DUSU President used his power to beat up the students for peacefully protesting. The video features, Merin C. Rapheal, M.A. Philosophy, 1st year from the Department of Philosophy, being the victim of violence.

He said “I was physically assaulted and mentally harassed near the statue of Swami Vivekananda on the Arts Faculty campus as I was returning from the protest. I am extremely disappointed as I got to know later that you were present in the mob that attacked me. As my President in the student body, I expect in earnest and urge you in good faith to restore the decorum of an academic space and re-build the lost trust among the student community at large.”

In contrast, Akshit Dahiya, DUSU President, in conversation with DU Beat, presented his side and a different story, denying all violence claims.

He said, “How this video is being circulated is the false narrative. I was actually supporting the students, I even told them that I will stay with them on the ground as long as they are protesting even when some of the students were not from DU. In the video, I’m actually escorting this student outside who was provoking students to turn the peaceful protest violent. I’m one of the only DUSU president who has gone on ground zero to help them express their right to dissent.”


Feature Image Credits: ABVP

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