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ABVP Releases its Manifesto for DUSU Elections 2019

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Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) has released their 2019-20 manifesto for the Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU) elections.

ABVP has released their 2019-20 manifesto for the DUSU elections, with the vision that when the University of Delhi (DU) celebrates its centenary year in 2022, it should be in among the top 200 universities in the world, and must top the NIRF rankings. The manifesto puts emphasis on the 5Ps-

  • Parisar (Campus)
  • Pathyakram (Course)
  • Pravesh (Admission)
  • Pareeksha (Examination)
  • Parinam (Result)


  • Parisar (Campus): Demands for state-of-the-art infrastructure and other facilities that are important to support students in higher education.
  1. ABVP initiated a campaign for “Paryavaran Yukt- Nasha Mukt” Parisar.
  2. ABVP demands a plastic-free, smoke-free, and safe and secure campus.
  3. ABVP stands firm on its commitment towards sports students of the University.
  4. New colleges should be opened with state-of-the-art infrastructure.
    1. University stadium, polo grounds and other sports ground should be [accessible] before all students.
    2. Diet rates for sports students should be increased in line with the price index. Attendance relaxation should be given to sports personnel and ECA students.
  • High-class sports’ equipment should be provided to students.
  1. We demand special assistance for sports personnel and ECA students.
  1. New hostels should be opened by the University.
  2. The overall infrastructure of the University should [be] improved and modernised, especially Tagore Hall, and Shankar Hall.
  3. We would also struggle for the establishment of East and West campuses.
  4. We would demand more beds at the university medical centre.
  5. We would try to get the Central and Arts Library fully digitised.
  6. We reiterate our long-standing demand to have one sports complex in the South Campus.
  7. Photocopy, scanner and printer shop should be in all colleges.
  8. We are also dedicated to struggle towards bettering hostel facilities in South Campus.
  9. Room rent control action should be executed most effectively.
  10. Free Wi-Fi services in every Department and college of the university.
  11. We would also demand to provide free computers with internet facility to the students on the college campus.
  12. Sanitation issues in colleges: Good and clean toilets for students in all colleges. ABVP also demands water coolers at every 200 metres at Chhatra Marg.
  13. The University Health Centre card should be issued for all students.
  14. To stop the exploitation of students who belong to outside of Delhi, Coordination Committee of Private Hostel owners, Land Lords and Students should be made.
  15. Open gym in all colleges.
  16. Free education for [the] transgender [community].
  17. Facilities for differently-abled students in all departments and colleges.
  18. Health Wellness Society in all colleges and departments.
  19. Healthy and subsidized food for students in all colleges and departments.
  20. Healthy and subsidized food canteen in North Campus.
  21. Formation of Gender Sensitization and Complaints Committee under DUSU to instil inclusivity for the LGBTQ+ community in DU.


  • Pathyakram (Curriculum): ABVP envisages that the Du curriculum should be subjected to the 3Rs: Review, Rational Debate, and Representation.

    1. The academic council of DU should have student representation.
    2. Remedial classes for all SC/ST/OBC/Economically weak students.
    3. The Central Placement Cell of the University should be more effective. It should also work in tandem with the Skill Development Department of the government.
    4. Dedicated staff should be employed by the University.
    5. Placement officer in all colleges.
    6. ABVP will try to provide social internship to at least 10,000 DU students in various government and non-government organisations.
    7. We would try to make Post Graduate class available in Hindi medium and provision for Hindi medium exam writing mode as well.
    8. Students should be allowed to choose their Generic Subjects as per their own choice; it shouldn’t be imposed on them.
    9. Effective utilization of MOOCs; credit transfer should be allowed if students wish to do their courses on SWAYAM or other MOOC platforms.
    10. Special departmental classes for training students to take the NET exam.
    11. English speaking classes for needy students should be introduced to make them more confident and employable.
    12. Notes and Reading Materials should be provided in regional languages.
    13. Value-based education through counselling.
    14. NSS, Yoga, and NCC should be offered as elective.
    15. Health and Wellness Society in all colleges for Fit India.
    16. Funding and Social Entrepreneurship.
    17. Effective implantation of EK Bharat Shrestha Bharat Programme.
    18. We would demand to introduce evening classes in every college of the university so that more students can get the chance to study at this prestigious university.


  • Pravesh (Admission): ABVP demands to further simplify the admission procedure to get into DU.
  1. One course, One Fee: ABVP will make sure that same fee is charged throughout the University for a Particular Course.
  2. The admission process should be made more student-friendly and priorities of the students should be taken care especially in matters of college and courses.
  3. We also demand to give concessions in admission to the students who belong to the rural background.
  4. Some colleges have introduced few specialised courses without proper infrastructure, we demand from the university authorities to first improve the infrastructure and then introduce new courses.
  5. We would work for the increment in the scholarships for SC/ST/OBC and demand to link scholarship with price index in line with the increase in DA.
  6. We would also try to get the vacant OBC/SC/ST/PH seats in various colleges filled. Various aspects of the fee structure of the university will be analysed so that we can make an effort to make it more equitable and logical.
  7. We would also struggle for scholarships to all SC/ST/PH students.
  8. Admission in sports and ECA quota should be done in a very transparent manner. ABVP supports students’ demands to fix parameters for ECA quota.
  9. Special Admissions drive should be started in all colleges after elections to fill all the vacant seats in all the categories.
  10. University should make inter-college migration policy transparent and clear at the beginning of the admission process.
  11. Centralised Hostel Application Form.


  • Pareeksha (Examination): ABVP demands that both admission and semester examinations should be held in a manner that provides students with ample time to prepare.
  1. Generic Electives and Skill Enhancement Courses (SECs) are scheduled on the same day in the morning and evening, which is taxing on students.
  2. Draft datesheet should also be shared with student unions and councils for their feedback.
  3. We demand that the university must start special supplementary examinations for the final year students of all courses.
  4. One-time special chance should be given by the VC to all the students to complete their degree.
  5. ABVP demands student-friendly Internal Assessment monitoring committee and grievance redressal cell.
  6. A review committee should be set up to increase the extra time given to specially-abled students.
  7. Regular Assignments and Exams should happen throughout the semester for continuous evaluation for Internal Assessments.
  8. Students should be given an additional chance to improve their Internal Assessments.


  • Parinam (Results): ABVP demands that results be declared on time and without delays.
  1. The university calendar should include fixed fate of result declaration.
  2. By this date, all the colleges and departments should necessarily declare the results.
  3. The results of supplementary examinations should be declared before the beginning of the new session so that the final year students can take admission in the commencing academic year.
  4. If students demand they should be given a chance to view their final exam sheets with a minimum cost if required.
  5. Teachers should not boycott evaluation and make students as a victim of their protest.
  6. All the students should get an online certified copy of mark sheet and also printed mark sheet of all the semesters separately.
  7. The result should clearly highlight the marks scored in different subjects with the bifurcation of Internal Assessment marks.
  8. University should develop a mechanism to expedite the printing and delivery of Degree to the students post their course completion.


ABVP has also introduced a manifesto for female students. The party claims that ABVP led DUSU will organise Mission Sahasi 2.0: Making of the Fearless to strengthen the educational facilities, safety, and security for women at the college and university campus, by making the following efforts:

  • Continue with the demand to make North Campus a compact campus.
  • To make girl students more self-confident by organising Self-Defence Training Camps in various colleges and university campus.
  • Try for the provision of police both near every hostel/college and make sure that there are female police staffs present at every booth.
  • Girls Activity Centre should be established, mobile apps for the safety of female students like I Feel Safe should be available to all, and awareness must be spread.
  • Patrolling of PCR vans around colleges and especially around girls’ hostels should be increased.
  • We demand a permanent DUSU office having a welcoming atmosphere, where students can visit any time to raise their problem or suggestion if any.
  • ICC elections should be held in all the colleges and departments in time and complaint box should be present.
  • Restrictions should be made on the entry of outsiders in the college campus.
  • CCTV cameras should be installed in colleges and departments.
  • Each college should have their security team 24/7.
  • Gender Sensitisation camps and programs should be organised by student unions of colleges.
  • Sanitary Napkin Vending Machines and Incinerators should be there in all colleges.
  • Girls Common Room should be made available in all colleges.
  • Proper signs outside male and female washrooms.
  • Female trainers in sports and ECA as per students.
  • Helpline should be introduced at the college level for students being abused on social media websites.

ABVP will be contesting with this manifesto in the DUSU Elections 2019-20 on 12th September 2019.

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