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NSUI Launches #AawaazUthaoSeeti Bajao Campaign

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On Tuesday, 27th August 2019, NSUI (National Students’ Union of India) inaugurated a campaign called “Aawaaz Uthao, Seeti Bajao” insisting students to “blow the whistle” against the prevailing inequality in University of Delhi.

According to statistics, there are 3,93,604 students in University of Delhi (DU). There exists a pervasive inequality between campuses, colleges, students (caste, region), linguistic (rural, urban), morning and evening colleges.

NSUI, with the help of this campaign, aims at eliminating this rampant disproportion between the students by focusing on the ideology of “One University, Equal Opportunity”. NSUI also successfully proclaimed how it fought for University of Delhi to be awarded the “Institute of Eminence” stature like several other educational institutions of the country and as a result of which, University of Delhi will henceforth get an additional INR 1000 crores from the government which is roughly INR 75000 extra per student, with which NSUI plans on ensuring equal educational opportunity for every student. Furthermore, NSUI ensured certain additional facilities like transportation and hostel for all, establishment of a common placement cell for students of every college, and a 24X7 available library. 

Apart from this, NSUI also publicised certain unfortunate and controversial cases of some members of the opposing party, ABVP (Akhil Bharatiya Vidya Parishad).

Shashi Tharoor, Member of Parliament, Congress, said, “India has the largest youth population in the world; ensuring equal educational opportunity for them is a key government responsibility. But there’s rampant inequality at multiple levels even in the capital’s Delhi University. #AwaazUthaoSeetiBajao campaign aims to set it right.”

Ruchi Gupta, Joint Secretary, AICC and National in-charge, NSUI said, “The NSUI is committed to equal educational opportunity for all Indian youth. Our DUSU panel is reflective too of our commitment to women empowerment, social justice and equal opportunity across class and caste #AwaazUthaoSeetiBajao for an equal and egalitarian Delhi University”. (sic)

The campaign also acquired the support of India’s first boxer to win an Olympic medal, Vijender Singh.

Some students strongly believe that this idea of equality among students is unjust, as they believe that inequality prevails because some of them have worked harder than others and reached that level where they hold the privilege of better courses and better colleges, which makes them entitled to certain status and benefits. Contrary to which, other students have said “This idea of equality is an amazing initiative, as it will encourage harmony and sense of belongingness because it’s unfair to judge somebody’s capabilities on the basis of marks and measure their success, thus everybody deserves equal opportunity.” 

Feature Image Credits: NSUI Twitter

Avni Dhawan 

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