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A Brief Study in College Vacations

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Comparing my first college vacations to my summer vacations back in school, I realise that one word that I associate with these holidays is ‘voluntary’. Read to find out why.

Summer vacations in colleges are certainly ‘voluntary’. For two months students are left without subordination, projects or stress about studying. Unlike school vacations, one does not have to worry about constant supervision by parents or heavy load of holiday homework. These two months college vacations are your own to enjoy, work, read, study, play, travel or catch up on your favourite shows.

Despite being unsupervised, these vacations do not remain as carefree as one expects them to be. Himanika Agarwal, from Gargi College said, “College vacations bring a load of insecurity along with them, I am always curious to know what my friends and classmates are doing. Some are doing internships, some are completing language courses, everyone around me is doing something productive and that pushes me to also take part in something which enhances my CV.” Along with her, many others also feel that there is an intense pressure of not letting your vacations go to waste.

On the other hand, Praachi Ratra, from Jesus and Mary College said that she is grateful for this time of peace because she was able to utilise it to go on a trip with her group of girlfriends. She added “My school friends and I have been planning this trip since our boards ended, but that time is too hectic and we didn’t get enough time throughout the year., Tthis summer vacation gave us the opportunity to actually go on that trip and fulfill our dream.”

Comparing them to schools’ summer vacations, Gaurvi Rustagi from Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies added that these vacations are far more relieving and relaxing. According to her, she has been successfully able to utilise this time for her artistic tendencies and complete her volunteering at an NGO.

Many students also feel ecstatic when they get a chance to go back to their hometown for a longer and unrestricted period of time. Students who come to the University from far away cities believe that the summer vacations bring with them a remedy to their long established homesickness and make them ready for another year in Delhi.

For many, this year’s summer vacation might be the last vacation they have in (or outside) the University. Post this, they might end up navigating through the boulders of life; getting a routine job or prepping for a competitive examination. So, utilise this vacation to the fullest. Do not hold back from exploring new interests or polishing your old ones. Go intern for a new experience or travel to create new memories. Breathe in the positivity of doing nothing, or stay busy with load of projects. Wake up every morning with a purpose, because this time never comes back.

Feature Image Credits: Sakshi Arora for DU Beat

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