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Wake Me Up When December Ends

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An account on surviving and randomly introspecting on the last two months of the year.

If the months of summer and spring are like a flashy entertaining musical, the closing months of the year following fall and winter feel like a sombre artsy film. The calendar starts running out of dates, and we humans start accepting the year with a sigh of resignation, waiting for the next year to open its curtains and be better (hopefully).
When the year starts, people have ‘a new hope’ and ‘great expectations’ for ‘ache din’ but then as the dates and months pass by, we start going with the flow mechanically and all the hopes and expectations disappear like dust. This is intensified especially in the months of November and December. Days gets short and the nights start getting colder. The goals that we had set to achieve, which we felt would be real soon, seem like old news. Wanted to maintain your health? Or did you want a good attendance record? Or did you wish to boldly drop out of college and do what your heart and soul wants? smells like some good old passionate teen spirit. Then again, if ten months weren’t enough what will two months of an awakening do? Insead, action is once again postponed and the phrase “Maybe, next year.” is used liberally.
The Bible and other scriptures regard slothfulness as a sin. In that case, we all should spologise to God or whichever high-power sits on a heavenly couch, for in his eyes we all will be labelled as sinners in the last months of the year. This is the time of hibernating in thick blankets, and also when bathing turns into a Herculean task. The exam season is followed by the merrymaking of the holidays and the New Year, and post this, the cycle of working, studying and procrastinating begins once again.
The funny thing about this time is that we can look at it from both, a pessimistic and optimistic point of view. We can get sad thinking about all the things we wished to do, but could not achieve. At the same time, as the year draws to an end, we can recall how we discovered new things, rediscovered old things, and how these experiences can be the ingredients to a better dish of our life in the future. So, it is up to you what you need to make out of the closing chapters of this year’s book. Meanwhile, I will retreat to my cosy blanket. Wake me up when December ends.


Feature Image Credits: Dhruv Dhawan
Shaurya Thapa
[email protected]

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