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Switching over to Examination Mode Post Diwali

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Deepawali is a flabbergasting time- a time full of fairy lights, festivities, and of course, tonnes of sweets. It is an enigmatical event, the hangover of which persists days after it is gone.

Given our date sheets this semester, and the fact that majority of us haven’t touched our textbooks (if you’ve bought them, that is), it is high time that we shift the throttle into examination gear. I totally agree that everything that I have written so far sounds nothing like feasible, since “we solemnly swear we’re up to no good”, but trust me, these ideas have been proven to help with increased concentration.


  • Check your syllabus
    Let us face it- we’re all enrolled into a University where not only do we cut classes, but majority of us do not have even the slightest idea about the scope of the syllabus. Therefore, the first step to take when prepping your mind to begin preparation for examinations is to check what, and how much, you are supposed to study. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to read extra chapters, now would you?


  • Buy the books
    One you know what your syllabus is, the next step is to buy the books. It may sound like a lot of work, getting into queues at book stores and procuring your books, but this is necessary.


  • Make your mood
    Having procured all the necessary material, prepare your mood. Remind yourself on a daily basis that the exam season has actually dawned upon us, and it is high time you start burning the midnight oil. You can do this in many ways, for example, you can draft a schedule, which reminds you of the upcoming examinations as soon as you look at it.


  • Never ask your friends how much they have studied
    One golden rule to always keep in mind- never, ever, ask your friends about how much they have studied because one thing is a fact- they never tell you the truth. We all have friends who say they have not studied anything for the exams, but score the highest. Thus, keep away from such ‘shallow’ people- we don’t need more negativity in our lives .


  • Study
    Once you’re done with all the preparations, you’re left with one last step- STUDY. For obvious reasons, nothing else can help you out other than putting effort into preparing for the upcoming examinations. Put in as much perseverance as you can, for it is a matter of another 15 days, after that period lies the golden age.


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Aashish Jain
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