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The Onset of Winter in Delhi

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With a sudden drop in mercury inside glass tubes, the National Capital is under the influence of a cold spell – because of which lifestyle now comprises of shivering morning and evening walks, along with pleasant afternoon strolls.

It is that time of the year. The time when you unpack your woollens and your wardrobe is fraught with the disturbing yet satisfying smell of naphthalene- the time, when you’re lucky to find unexpected treasures in the pockets of your coats and jackets. Knocking on your gate are those days, when the most favourite pastime of those travelling by public transport becomes gulping peanuts rather than poking noses into others’ conversations. Not to mention, it is also that time of the year when you begin to take your end-semester examination date sheet seriously, and schedule your “kal se pakka padhunga”(“I will definitely study from tomorrow”) moments.

Gone are the days of icy-cold shakes, lushly thickened with humongous scoops of ice-cream topped with whipped cream as the demographic now makes a transition towards soothing warm tea and coffee. Some of us will carry our containers to keep the tea/coffee hot for longer. Crowds darting around Sudama Ji in North Campus have become frequent sightings (not that it doesn’t happen otherwise).

With an utterly sultry August, followed by a somewhat similar September giving way to a drastically cold and dry October, there has been a surge in patients at doctors’ clinics. Added to that is the yearly premonition- stubble burning in Punjab and Haryana, which has already begun. In the already polluted city, that adds to the problems, specifically in winters when the air density is high because of lower temperatures. Soon, newspapers and news channels shall overflow with clichéd images of people roasting hands (not literally, obviously), over those cute little angithis (fireplace). In about a month’s time, we all will not only allocate a larger portion of our pocket allowances towards books, but we shall also start reading them for the semester exams at the eleventh hour, like we always do.

There is something about winter that really carries us away into a realm of joy. Bright daylight or the joy of bonfires? I wish I had a particular answer to it, but frankly, I love both. I love sipping hot tomato soup in winters as much as I love chugging brain-frosting smoothies in summer. Shorter days and longer nights, it is not long before you realise that it’s already the fest season in the Spring Semester. All of this, of course, garnished by the constant echoes of “yaar aaj bohot thand hai”(“It is really cold today”) and “apne garam garam haath kaano par laga de yaar”(Please warm my ears with your hands”).

Indian lives are encapsulated within these half-yearly changes. In fact, these are what make our lives dynamic and full of life. In each season, there is an intrinsic characteristic joy that’s embedded to it. The key to a happy life, lies in making the most out of what each of them has to offer and living in the moment rather than cribbing.

Feature Image Credits: Study Breaks Magazine

Aashish Jain

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Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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