Commerce Student, Short on Money, Kidnaps 3-year-old

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College students are always short on cash, no matter how much pocket allowance they are given. In order to make up for the difference, they adopt different tactics. Some cut down on wasteful expenditure, while others take tutions or do internships but what a first year commerce Student from Ramanujan College did to bridge the gap between revenue and expenditure, will leave you stumped.
According to media, in an attempt to acquire easy money, first year commerce student, accompanied by her brother, studying in class XII, kidnapped their landlords three-year-old son. They demanded a ransom of INR 50 Lakh to release the child.
Initially, an amount of INR 5 Crores was demanded as ransom by the duo. However, the not-so-good-at-bargaining commerce student settled for INR 50 lakh. The negotiations were carried out over WhatsApp, the internet connection for which, came through an internet hotspot. What’s interesting here, is that the duo had been planning this since August, and had rented a room in the nearby area to hold the child in. News 18 reported that, “Based on a missing complaint filed by the victim’s father on Thursday, a case was registered at the Vasant Kunj police station.”
Adding to these details, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Delhi-Southwest), mentions that the woman and her brother were arrested from their home within 24 hours of this incident. The child has been rescued and is now safe. During investigation, it was revealed that the accused demanded the ransom amount from the victim’s father through whatsapp messages, Devender Arya, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Southwest) said.
This incident brings to light the decrepit condition of the student pocket allowances and the raising criminal tendency. It must be noted here, that under such circumstances, the parents must be approached for raises, rather than children be kidnapped.
Feature Image Credits: The Telegraph
Aashish Jain

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