NSUI National Secretary Accused of Submitting Fake Admission Documents

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DUSU Elections this year have been more like a saucy Bollywood film, full of twists, turns and a more than adequate amount of ‘masala’. The controversy surrounding  Ankiv Baisoya’s fake degree had barely been forgotten, when a new accusation was made by a PTI report regarding NSUI National Secretary, Akshay Kumar, allegedly submitting fake documents to fetch admission into the university’s PhD programme, in the Department of Buddhist Studies.
It is said that the matter was brought to light this January when the Department decided to carry out a verification of documents of all the students who secured admissions into the PhD course. According to an official who requested his identity to remain concealed, Kumar allegedly filed fake mark-sheets for the Post Graduate programme in order to secure a position in the PhD course. Apparently, the candidate, while securing admission in March 2017, submitted mark-sheets issued by Manav Bharti University in Solan district, Himachal Pradesh. Subsequent to verification from the University, it was revealed that the mark-sheets are counterfeit and the University denies issuing them. An FIR has been filed against the candidate at the Maurice Nagar Police Station on March 16, 2018. According to the official, decisions of such nature are not taken in haste, since they have the
potential to damage the career as well as the image of the candidate. Hence, a thorough procedure has to be compiled, which has been taken care of. The case shall now be forwarded to the Departmental Research Committee, from where it shall be forwarded to the Board of Research Studies.
The NSUI, on the other hand, though accepts that the FIR had been filed, states that the University failed to prove its allegations against their candidate. They feel that fuel is being added to the fire of this incident because the NSUI brought to light the fact that the documentation submitted by the new-betrothed DUSU President, Ankiv Baisoya are counterfeit. Ankiv’s power is not being disembowelled because the Varsity knows that if they do that any time before two months have elapsed, they will have to make the runner-up candidate the President, or carry out re-elections. On the contrary, if they do that after this stipulated period, the Vice-President, Shakti Singh shall be crowned the President, thereby retaining the position with the party.
In all of this, the student fraternity remains moot as such incidents expose them to surreal dilemmas. There’s a sense of suspicion amongst the voters since they cannot digest the frailty of the candidates. This has posed serious trust issues amongst them and as a result of this, even the otherwise “pure” candidates shall bear the brunt.

Feature Image credits: Hindustan Times

Aashish Jain
[email protected]

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