How to Ace Your Yellows and Oranges: A Guide to Wearing Bright Colours

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Bright clothes are no longer cringe-worthy or scary to wear. We guide you on how to ace the brightest hues with uber chic-ness.

There are times when colours haunt you, and what’s more, we all have that one piece of clothing in our wardrobe which was our guilty buy during binge shopping sessions, which has been locked away in the closets, without getting worn, or something which doesn’t make you feel like a confidence machine all throughout.

Here are some tips and tricks to ace your ‘brighties’.

  • Polo T-shirts

Polo t-shirts are a great way to incorporate the daring and rather bright colours which you may have been ever more scared to add in your wardrobes. Also, nothing can go wrong in a polo t-shirt. It is something which looks good on every skin and body type, so don’t shy away in investing in your polos right away.

  • Bright + bright = disaster

If you need to witness a fashion faux pas, it is the delirious combination of a bright top and a silhouette. The best way to go about styling bright colored clothes is to be mellow or have calmer or understated accessories or clothes. A pair of white jeans with a yellow top or a pair of white sneakers with an orange sundress can never go wrong. Be wise to choose the right colour! No one wants to witness a walking highlighter in case you plan on going all bright on.

  • Steer away from neons

While the trend of neons keeps making impromptu comebacks in the fashion scene, stay away from endorsing a yellow or orange neon. Not only is it a killjoy for spending your precious money on it, but it will attract extra attention to your body, and not in the right way.

  • Be ultra-careful in orange decisions

Orange can be the new black yes! While it may not be a complete rockstar for your upper body wear, however, a pair of orange flared trousers can be a perfect new addition to your wardrobe. You can pair it up with tank tops to give a more casual look or to seem more formal, tuck a formal button down and some heels to complete the look. A carrot coloured knee length pleat skirt is also a good option as it gives the perfect vintage vibes. Pair it up with clouts and a braid and walk around the town like a retro bohemian queen. Orange is a dicey colour when it comes to wearing it in the form of tank tops or sleeved tops. One can always look out for graphic tees in this color, as it would have a good combination of colours and help you a great deal to pick out the right trouser or bottom wear for it.

  • Make your winters bright with trench coats

It is a good investment, a warm trench coat and a pair of chic boots. Who said that trench coats are only reserved for the typical winter colours of your blacks and greys or even burgundies. Try out an orange trench coat! Weird! Yes! But something which will look amazing and make you feel like a teen vogue cover girl. A yellow blazer is also an interesting touch-down and equally amusing. It will cheer up your spirits on a gloomy ‘dilli ki thand’ day.

  • Ethnic empire of brightness

One place where you can experiment with bright colours to your heart’s desire is the ethnic wear. Be it a canary yellow kurta or a sunset orange kurti top, it is the one wardrobe essential which not only looks great but is also a must-have. It makes up for something you can wear on a normal college day and also on an auspicious day with sheer andaaz.

So are you ready to be more daring and give your bright friends- yellows and oranges a good chance to up your fashion game?


Feature Image Credits:  Sejal Kumar

Avnika Chhikara
[email protected]

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