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While taking a stroll around a locality or a campus, we generally look around for a food joint or a daily needs shops, but we sometimes ignore the shops with posters of Zayn Malik, Justin Bieber, David Beckham or Honey Singh.

Being an Indian man, I was told from my childhood that men are always supposed to have short hair. The situation has changed, and Indian men are now more concerned about their hairstyles, evident from them checking it out every other minute or just being concerned about how their hair looks every second of the day. Whether you are going for a classic side part or a crazy hairstyle, hair needs constant maintenance and the occasional touch of an expert. There are Barbershops that can give you a haircut for as cheap as 50 INR, but very few actually choose these kinds of places, maybe because these are for men only or because they might not be as good as a ‘Professional Salon’.

Here are some tips for you to get an amazing haircut, even from a barbershop!

  • Keep realistic photos of yourself handy

Most of the barbers that you will encounter possess the same, or even better skill set as compared to your so-called “professionals”. They might not be accustomed to the terms that you might use like mohawk, sideburn, step cut etc. but they do have the potential to execute them. Keep a photo of the haircut you desire handy and even better if you keep a realistic photo of yourself and not a google one because it would help with their understanding of the photos are provided in multiple angles.

Young Indian barber in his barbershop cutting a boys hair, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India
Image Caption: Young Indian barber in his barbershop cutting a boys hair, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India  Image Credits: BBC
  • Talk to him with patience

Local barbers are used to attending customers that don’t really know what they want and just want the job done fast. That’s why they don’t discuss the haircut and discuss other random topics like politics or neighbourhood gossip. If you just ask them to wait before the haircut and explain to them exactly what you want, there would be no communication gap and you would get the desired results. If you leave the things in their hand, you might not get the desired results, because their understanding of a desirable haircut might be different than yours

  • Zyaada chhote mat kaatna (Do not cut it too short)

Coming back to the type of customers they are used to attending, barbers are used to cutting hair really short. The simple solution is to tell them not to do so!

Image Credits:
Image Credits: Athanasios Papadopoulo
  • More expectations, more disappointment

At last, don’t expect your first experience with a local barber to go so great, it might take some time for them to get used to your needs and it might take some time for you to get used to communicating or choosing the better one from your locality but it is worth the effort for all the money and hassle you save! Also, Local barbers do not really use a lot of products and just keep the process simple, so it is beneficial for your hair as well!

Good Luck!

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Akshat Arora

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Read on to find out how the simple, yet versatile bindi can be styled to ooze up your traditional and fusion attires.

As Indo fusion moves along its perpetual crest, pay heed to the humble bindi. Even the Government recognises its importance, they kept bindis outside the gambit of the Goods and Services Tax while still taxing sanitary pads. But the writer digresses. In addition to its affordability, the bindi brings with it a great deal. The small adhesive adorned on the centre of one’s forehead can grant a real sense of completeness to a look.


  • Keep it classy with a monochromatic bindi 

For those averse to flashy fashion trends, a monochromatic bindi is a subtle yet effectual accessory. A simple black bindi is compatible with anything and will never feel out-of-place. Bindis offer a vast spectrum of colours and sizes, giving the wearer immense flexibility and space to make it unique to their preferences and sense of style.


  • Reverse appropriation

Appropriate white people and look Coachella ready with an intricate design of bejewelled, sparkly bindis etched on to your forehead.

Image 2


Featured Image Credits: Etsy


  • Channel your Indian TV Saas Bahu Vamps

If you truly wish to stand out, take a page from Indian TV’s iconic Saas Bahu vamps’ fashion journals. Drop the simple, circular bindi and befriend the linear or paisley bindis.  No, the writer is not joking or suggesting this as a gimmick. The morally ambiguous characters always have the best sense of fashion.  The writer was jesting about the one preceding this, though.

Image 3

Featured Image Credits: Screencap

  • Wear it with pride

As feminism in India is strengthening and taking hold of its indigenous roots, adorning traditional attire is often an effort to acknowledge one’s background. Thus, some consider the visual of a bindi to be an insignia of femininity as well as contemporary indigenous feminism.


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Prisha Saxena

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It’s time that men rethink their colour choices. Repeating the same colours is not the only option at hand. There is a colour right under your nose, to upgrade your look.

Black, white, grey, blue, and maroon are the colours every guy conventionally has, and these are repeated throughout the week. These used to be the trend, years ago. They can move aside because here we are talking about Pink. New times need new changes. Why stick to traditions if they don’t even allow you to explore the colours that you might have wanted to try on, but couldn’t because of reasons that even you don’t really understand? So, if you have not already added this magical colour to your wardrobe, then it’s time that you are introduced to the many wonders this colour can do to your style.

Pink, according to colour psychology, has a great calming effect on the observer. It not only calms your mind but can also aid in concentration. This characteristic not only makes it an important colour for you during exams, but it also allows those around you to feel calmer. Many football teams like, Manchester United, have started using pink kits, and celebrities are not far away either, with actors like Ranveer Singh breaking the taboos around men exploring the world of fashion with what are stereotypically perceived as feminine colours and attires.

Here are a few Auburn tips to rock Pink and be “the man”:

  1. A light pink tee with darker denim is spot-on. You can also accompany a lighter shade of pink with white shorts.
  2. Not just tees, one can also pull off a great look with pink shorts accompanying them with a button-down shirt of a lighter shade of pink, white, or grey. It will all add up to a look of casual comfort.
  3. Pink shoes are trending now with footballers donning pink sports shoes on, and off field. This accessory will tell the crowds that you are serious about your game.
  4. A peek of pink socks with your shoes can add a statement to not only your footwear, but for the whole look as well.
  5. Pink can also backfire if you pair it with a lot of pink. Too much of a single colour can ruin the look. Try out shades which are lighter to balance the look. A bright colour can also spoil the look, if not paired up right.

So, guys, it’s time that you try out pink. You never know that it could be the best fashion choice for you!

Featured Image Credits: Ayush Chauhan for DU Beat

Abhinadan Kaul

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Stephen Mathew

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Stoles are inexpensive, light and easy to carry which work with almost every outfit.

Here are a few ideas to add stoles in your everyday outfits.
1. Kurtas– The classic Delhi University wardrobe can be easily enhanced by adding colourful, light and gorgeous stoles to it. So, next time wear those Kurtas, wrap a colourful stole around your neck and let it work its magic.
Auburn Tip: Use printed, colourful and contrasting stoles with plain kurtas and plain stoles with printed Kurtas to enhance your look.
2. Sling Bags– Add spunk to your boring beige sling bags by tying a colourful stole around the strap and creating uber cool street style fashion.
Auburn Tip: Use this style specifically with summer cotton gowns or dresses for a simple casual day out in the sun.
3. Hair Accessory- Stoles can easily be used as bandanas or tied around pony tails and buns so, channel your inner retro looks by adding statement scarves to your hair and fashioning your outfit further.
Auburn Tip: A simple colourful bandana in your hair with an all-black outfit would work wonders for a club or party night.
4. Indo Western– Pairing your favourite palazzos, long skirts and crop tops and shirts now seems boring? Innovate the outfit by adding contrasting scarves and experiment with the Indo-Western looks.
Auburn Tip: Loosely leave the stole around your neck rather than wrapping it up to give a more casual daily-wear vibe.
5. Use it like a shrug– Wrap the stoles around your shoulder over a tank top or spaghetti top to accessorize boring and bland everyday outfits.
Auburn Tip: Get the chick look using a stole with tassels to create a contemporary, inexpensive and beautiful shrug.
Feature Image Credits: Fashion Buzzer
Sakshi Arora
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The past never leaves us and definitely not in fashion. Welcome your 2019 wardrobe with a smacking debut of prints.

They make their own share of entries and exits in the fashion world, but the prints are back and we always end up loving them and incorporating them in our own unique way.

Let’s take a look at the different prints and how to style them. While animal prints have shared trashy connotations, we explore different looks through the four animal prints from leopard to snakeskins and other vintage prints, which are hurdling towards your 2019.

  • The classic leopard print

It’s bold and it definitely makes a statement. But it can also scream a fashion faux pas if you are not careful about your outfit combination. You can get it easily either in the flea markets or in the proper retail shops. Always pair the print with a solid garment and other solid statements to maintain the balance of your whole look.

Image Credits: Chictopia
Image Credits: Chictopia
  • Stripe it like a zebra

Zebra prints are a more personal favorite print. They look chic and elegant and they are very adaptable. Wear a black solid skirt and boots with a zebra print sweater, or the other way round- a solid black sweater and a zebra print skirt for a classy look. For a brunch or daytime outfit, you can pair your sweater with white jeans to add the white glam.

Image Credits: The Hunt
Image Credits: The Hunt
  • Roar like a tiger

Nailing a tiger print is quite tough, but not impossible. A tiger print jumpsuit with a black blazer and kitten heels make the perfect glam outfit for your night out. Complete the look with golden accessories like chokers and rings or hoops.

Image Credits: Lyst
Image Credits: Lyst
  • Rattle in snakeskin

Here is another animal print, which comes off as bold but vicious. To rock the snakeskin print, invest in snakeskin pants as they make for a good outfit choice. Pair it up with a solid top wear. However, if you wish to keep things subtle, invest in good and catchy snakeskin clutches or slings.

Auburn tip: Invest in pieces which you feel can be used season after season. There is no point splurging a lot if you feel a certain print outfit is a one-time wear.

Auburn tip: Buy mix and match animal print outfits as even they present a unique look.

Image Credits: Pinterest
Image Credits: Pinterest
  • Vintage chain prints

Vintage chain prints are a good choice if you are in the mood for a bright outfit. They come mostly in satin prints, so pairing a solid, especially your whites is a good choice. Complete the look with a chic wallet and peep toes for a complete look.

Image Credits: Pretty Little Thing
Image Credits: Pretty Little Thing
  • Geometric and abstract prints

Abstracts are of different styles and motifs. They are predominantly modern and have come in the recent years. Invest in statement dresses and t-shirts for a modern chic look.

Make your 2019 more trendy and bold with these prints.


Feature Image credits: Trend Hunter

Avnika Chhikara
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This winter, ensure you have a healthy skin by following these morning routines!

 Who doesn’t love a healthy and glowing skin? While the cosmetic industry has tarnished the idea of a good skin by incorporating the ideals of our complexion to be white or light, a healthy skin, on the contrary means to have a well hydrated skin with an even texture, to prevent environmental damage. It is pivotal to look after our skin, especially in this day and age with the growing concerns of pollution.

Here are some of the morning rituals one should observe and try on a daily basis, to make your skin more immune and susceptible to the changing weathers.

  • The blissful union of honey, lemon and water

It is one of the most common and easily prepared things, and you should definitely start your day with it. Drinking honey and lemon mixed in hot water kick starts your metabolism and ensures all the toxins are flushed out of your system. Lemon has oil controlling qualities and hence aids in removing the excess oil from the skin’s surface. It is a good drink to improve your immunity as well.

  • Lemon Tea

A slight variant of the above concoction, this drink is divine in taste and purpose. It gives you the Vitamin C kick in the morning. Try adding honey instead of the sugar in the tea to ensure you have a healthy sweet variant in the morning.

  • Curd and Honey

It is a healthy and fulfilling snack in the morning. It is a perfect and ultra tasty combination to achieving a healthy skin. The two provide exfoliating properties that give you a glowing skin and an even texture.

  • Enjoy the season’s fruits and vegetables to the finest

Indulge in carrot and orange juices, eat them fresh or simply take them as your go to meal. The more natural intake is increased, the better the toxins will drain down the system. Besides, having juice in the morning really wakes you up and tries to put the jump into your blanket and sleep state of mind at par!

  • Goodbye to chapped lips with Mustard oil

While this sidelines more as a night time ritual, but applying mustard oil on the belly button or navel is a good way to ensure waking up to a moisturized skin. It is a great way to prevent the constant chapping of lips. The navel is the most important part of the body, being the meeting point of a lot of nerves. Massaging the belly button with mustard oil, hence is a great way to ensure you take care of the nervous system as well!

  • Saffron Tea

Winters are not complete without enjoying the luxury of saffron. This expensive spice imparts exceptional benefits for the skin owing to its anti-bacterial properties. It aids acne prone and dry skin and daily consumption of saffron tea ensures a glowing skin as well!

Another variant of this ritual is drinking hot saffron and turmeric milk before bed every night.

  • A good diet!

It is everything that happens in the internal which reflects on the external. While face packs and cosmetic products remove the exterior problem, the roots stay unaffected. The key to a good and healthy skin is a good diet. Consume a lot of fiber, in the form of fruits and vegetables, have sufficient water and eat fatty foods or junk in a controlled amount. A conscious effort towards skin care is pivotal!

  • Ensure proper exercise

Sitting in the house or simply working all day long is not an ideal lifestyle. We all need some work out activity from time to time. All of us have extremely busy lives, but even sparing a mere thirty minutes to health and fitness in a day proves sufficient. A morning session of running, jogging or even yoga is a good step to ensuring your path to fitness.

  • Identify your skin type what suits your skin best

Use moisturizing and skin care products which really suit your skin. Depending on your skin type, it’s essential to invest in skin care which really suits your skin the best.

Almond oil works as a good toner and moisturizes the skin. You can use that or almond based products, if it suits your skin.

  • Stay hydrated

Winters don’t really entice us to drink gallons of water, however, staying sufficiently hydrated is a must. Water is a key essential and helps in increasing energy, regulating complexion and flushing out toxins. It also helps in boosting the immune system.

Hence, these winters, stay protected and give your skin the best treatment ever!


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Avnika Chhikara
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Here’s looking at various fashion trends that will help you up your style game instantly and let you be the Pataka that you are.

Diwali is right around the corner and everyone is frantically browsing through the various fashion trends, looking for inspiration online, and scouring the streets of Chandni Chowk for their desired outfit. There seems to be no end to this madness that engulfs people every year at this time.

Let us look at some ways that could really help you to make a style statement:


  1. Sarees
    This Indian attire exuberates elegance and never goes out of style. The timelessness of a saree is what makes it a personal favourite. Go through your mother’s saree collection and grab what suits you best. You could either opt for a silk one to amplify the elegance or pick up a more modern and sheer silhouette like chiffon to look chic. You can even experiment with the draping techniques. Blouses can be substituted with printed, contrasting crop tops, or if you like, go for a blouse cut that pleases you the most.


  1. Palazzos

It baffles me time and again how comfortable palazzo can be. Either opt for a plain Kurta or a tank top and printed, colourful palazzo or a Kurta that is rather heavy and pair it up with complementing, plain palazzo. You can add a scarf to this mix and you would be Diwali ready. A variety of these could be picked up at Delhi Haat or Sarojini, or even chains like Westside.


  1. Jhumkas

If there is one accessory that could complete your whole look, it would probably be Jhumkas. To add that extra flash and traditional touch to the whole attire you can pick these up on the basis of size and colour depending on your attire as a whole. Understated silver ones as opposed to a chunkier colourful one might do the trick if you are not going for something too dressy. Jhumkas can easily be bought at Lajpat Nagar, Chandni Chowk, and Sarojini.


  1. Juttis or Kulhapuris

It is better if you opt for flats over heels, as they would be more comfortable and always provide you with the mobility that this festival demands. Walking around in heels for hours at a stretch can be severely uncomfortable and there are a number of medical issues that sprout up due to its prolonged usage. At this point, it is better to go for Juttis or Kolhapuris that might look even chic and fashionable.

This Diwali, let’s vow to not burst patakas, but rather be one. Happy Diwali!

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Anoushka Singh

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Due to factors like lack of space in PGs and hostels, and the chance of moving places after you graduate, it is always a good idea to have a minimalist wardrobe so that there is one thing in life that you have sorted.        

A minimalist wardrobe includes clothes that are dynamic and durable. It focuses more on quality over quantity, because you have the intention of not only having a select few clothes with you, but also keeping them for longer periods of time.

The best way to immediately determine if the quality of a clothing item is good is by looking at what the thing is made out of. “Try thinking about shopping for clothing the way you shop for food. A lot of us look at the ingredients our food is made out of, why don’t we look at the materials our clothes are made out of?” questions Ingrid Nilsin, YouTuber fashion guru.

To declutter, you first need to decide what’s important to you and what makes sense to you. Choose comfort and your personal aesthetic and get rid of the things you’re not happy with. What will remain will be a beautiful amalgamation of pieces that bring you joy which you can dress up or dress down.

You need to focus on classic items, that withstand the test of time rather than going with trends.

Some essentials for both men and women:


  1. Black/white crew-neck T-shirt: A T-shirt is something that almost everybody wears several times a week, and a crew-neck is both practical and stylish. Colours like black and white are the safest options because they go with just about everything, but you could play with colours like olive, brown and grey.


  1. Blazer: A blazer immediately makes you look put-together and creates an impression of you being serious in life. This could come in handy for you ,as students, because there are interviews, seminars, and conferences, etc. popping up every now and then. A good blazer is definitely something you should invest in.


  1. Denims: They don’t kid when they say, “live in Levi’s”. A good pair of jeans will support all of your clothing single-handedly. Plus the variety of cuts, shapes and styles ensures that everyone is happy with their purchase.


  1. Trousers: a more sophisticated alternative to jeans would be a good pair of trousers that fit well and are comfortable. Bonus points for good-sized pockets!


  1. Classic button-down: nothing says I am ready for the world louder than a crisp button-down shirt. These can be dressed up with heels/dress-shoes, or dressed down with sneakers, and look equally good in both cases.


  1. A denim/leather jacket: if you find a good jacket, run with it, and never look back! These could be life-savers for people who possess minimalistic wardrobes and will instantaneously lift up your look.

Apart from these, accessorise like a bag that you trust, a few good pairs of shoes, and a watch will do wonders to your daily look.



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Maumil Mehraj

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Skirts are everlasting pieces of clothing in your wardrobe. Read on to find ways to dress and accessorise them accordingly.
Historically, skirts are the second oldest piece of clothing. They are comfortable (looking at you, skinny jeans) as well as chic, and you can carry them with the utmost ease. While the same skirt can be styled for different occasions, a plethora of variety is available to us these days.
  • Gored Skirt
This skirt has been used for centuries and suits women of all body types. They are now available in knee-length and buttoned-in-front fashion. They
can be paired with a crisp formal shirt, depending on the occasion. A dark- coloured gored skirt can be paired with an over-sized white or light coloured t-shirt and sneakers, giving you a modern-classy look. In winters, it can be paired with close-fit sweaters and boots.
  • Denim Skirt
Whether long or short, a denim skirt is your friend for every occasion. They go well with a boyfriend-tee tucked in, off-shoulder top, spaghetti strap top, and a patterned formal shirt, and give you the trendiest look. Pairing each of the above with white sneakers and a small pendant will give the perfect 90’s vibe.
  • Wrap-Around Skirt
In South Asia, we have given the wrap- around skirts a traditional twist with Indian patterns. They are the most comfortable skirts to pair with plain
tees on days when you are running late for college. By simply adding silver earrings, the look can be made sophisticated and ethnic. They can be worn as semi-formal outfits, with shirts and even sweaters in winters.
  • Circle Skirt
Short circle skirts are the “in thing” during college fest season and other events, and go with the “you got it, so flaunt it” tag. They match perfectly with bodycon and off-shoulder tops. Pairing the outfit with big loop earrings and heels can make for the ideal date night attire.
Having different types of skirts in your wardrobe can go a long way. Skirts can make any outfit look fashion forward. Happy Skirt-ing!
Look good, have fun experimenting, and most of all, be comfortable.
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Prachi Mehra

The University of Delhi since its very inception has represented a clash between the oriental and oxidant. A number of its constituent colleges were founded by the British to educate Indian youth. One’s choice of clothes speaks a lot about the demographic culture they belong to. Thus as a student of this university, wearing an outfit which is a fusion of the oriental and oxidant actually represents the legacy of clashes between the academia of two great cultural civilisations.

This staple ethnic garment comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and cuts; and can be styled in endless ways that are
both ethic and a fusion of the east and west. In fact, the Kurta and jeans which is the unofficial uniform of DU, is a prototype of Indo-western wear. So discard your Patialas and salwars, rather pair them with jeans or military pants, to make a statement. A Kurti coupled with a pair of shorts can go a long way especially on hot summer days. This is the perfect street-style look that will work best when out for shopping. If you want to go bold with your fusion look and are comfortable playing around with fashion, use your Anarkali kurtas as dresses, pair them with metallic and broad belts to create a sensational look. Discard your regular juttis or chappals and wheat them with boots or ankle lengths to give a biker chic look.
Bohemian Dresses
If you are really not sure or think you aren’t imaginative enough to put together an outfit for yourself. Don’t worry; the simplest form of Indo-western garment is the bohemian dress. Pick dresses that have prints and designs. The fact that it is a “dress” adds the western touch. However choose your accessories in a careful manner. Ensure that there are both Indian and western elects present while you pick them. A scarf along with junk jewellery
and neutral, chunky boots can look extremely trendy. A hippie headband or head wrap can further be used to
maintain standards.
Nehru Jacket
Shirts and Nehru jackets paired together produce the most stylish outfit ever! The look is extremely effortless. In case of informal settings, avoid tucking the shirt. A plain Nehru jacket becomes super stylised with some printed buttons or with a pocket square to match. Pairing a light fabric jacket along with a formal or casual shirt with dark pants will make you look super trendy and stylish. You can play with unique colour combinations of jackets. Leaving the buttons open makes it look even more casual. To up your fashion game go ahead and pair them with ripped denim jeans.
Palazzo/ Long Skirt
Discard the myth that petite or short people can’t wear a long skirt or palazzo. Just be careful to not go for long and billowed up skirt models. Go with straight cuts, and preferably with vertical stripes. The design makes
you look taller by creating an illusion. This will produce a simple outfit that screams summer – airy, breezy, and chic. A basic block printed skirt/palazzo made of cotton, chanderi, silk, or a mix fabric along with a spaghetti
top is a classic outfit. Make sure there is a contrast between your top and bottoms. Nothing is more disappointing
than a monotonous outfit. Play around a bit with colours, patterns, designs; however strike a balance between the
solid and the prints. Pleated maxi skirts in pastel colours with undertones of peach, pink, mint green, olive green,
etc. give you an elegant silhouette. Pair that with bold chunky necklaces or
dangler earrings.
Ethnic Junk Jewellery
The basic hack to make any India outfit indo western is by adding to it a touch of ethnic by your jewellery. Silver jhumkas, a loud nose ring or nose pin, gold or silver bangles are a raging trend. Silver rings or bracelets can also be worn at anytime. However make sure not to overdo the jewellery and select one statement piece.

Feature Image Credits: Komal Pandey

Bhavika Behal
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