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A Guide for Brothers with a Tight Budget this Raksha Bandhan

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The Indian festive season has kicked off on Sunday with Raksha Bandhan.  Raksha Bandhan in Sanskrit literally means “the knot/bond of protection”. On this day brothers take a pledge to protect and take care of their sisters under all circumstances, and the sisters pray to God to protect their brothers from all evil. The rakhi signifies the bond or the knot that sisters tie on their brothers’ wrists.

Brothers usually give cash or other gifts to their sisters on this occasion. The biggest question for all brothers in such a situation is what to gift their sister. While girls are said to be more sensitive and thoughtful when it comes to buying gifts, boys are said to lack the essence in this department. To make life easier for those brothers who are running on a tight budget this festive season, here is a list of some budget-friendly gifts that are also easily accessible:

Power Bank

If your sibling already has a smartphone, you can get her something that will help keep the device fueled. A good power bank can go a long way and it would come in handy, especially if your sister is a college-going student.

Organic Tea Combinations with Detox Products

Organic tea and detox products are the new ‘health’ trend in India. If your sister is a fitness freak and likes taking care of her body, gifting her teas infused with diuretics, laxatives and stimulants would make her happy, besides keeping her energy boosted and strengthening her immune system.

Smartphone Case

A smartphone case is an accessory that would help keep your sister’s phone secure from drops and falls. You can even get the phone case customised with an aesthetic design or an assortment of images of your sister.

Movie DVDs, Posters, and Merchandise

If your sister is a cinephile, you can buy her a set of her favourite movie DVDs or maybe take her out for a movie night. Besides, you can also buy her posters of her favourite movie stars or merchandise of her favourite movies


If your sister has to commute often-especially in the metro-and loves listening to music or is a T.V. series fanatic, she would not like anything more than noise cancelling headphones to make her daily commute bearable. Out of all technology-related materials, this is comparatively cheap and easily available as well.

Running Shoes

If your sister trains in the gym or likes taking long walks, you can gift her a pair of cross-training sneakers. You can also buy them online, which will allow you to save quite a lot of money. But just ensure that you buy a pair of the right size.


From clutches to handbags, bags have always been a must-have possession for both college-going girls and working women. Make sure to do your research first before picking a bag for your sister.  If your sister is a college student, you can gift her an elegant tote bag that is both useful and beautiful at the same time. If she is a working woman, gift her a bag that is large enough to hold all her essentials.


Feature Image Credits: Times Now

Vaibhavi Sharma Pathak
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