Admissions 2018

Things Every DU Aspirant Will Relate To

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As an aspirant of the University of Delhi (DU) we all go through the same troubles and fantasies together, no matter where we are. Therefore it is on multiple occasions that we are able to relate to one another. Here are five of those incidents.
1. Going fanatic over cut-offs
If you are a University of Delhi (DU) aspirant, chances are you would have applied for several other universities and given other entrances. Even if you would have cracked them, you would check the cut-offs of DU like this is your only chance. And once you get it, the cracked entrances don’t matter anymore.
There are so many cut-offs and colleges to check out, that sometimes it becomes difficult to keep a track of them all. However, you’ll surprise yourself by remembering the cut-offs of the colleges you want better than the names of your family members.
2. Getting stuck in the tug of war between course and college
When there is a grand variety to choose from, you are bound to get confused. The one major confusing tug of war will be between the college and course. You will find yourself questioning which one to prioritise. Here, you will also face a tussle between your preference and the societal reputation of a certain course or college. The key is to talk to people who have been in your situation and be well-informed of what a certain prioritisation would imply in the future.

3. Craving for North Campus
One of the biggest factors affecting your decisions during the admission season would be your crazy craving for north campus. Some of us love it for the proximity between colleges, others for the aura. Whatever may the reason be, you might find yourself swept away by the famous campus of DU. Most of the time, the aspirants may not even have a reason to like North Campus, other than the fact that it is such a craze amongst the other DU students.

4. Making action plans
Now that school is over, you have left behind the subjects you didn’t like so much. You have taken up a subject you love, most probably. You are in the atmosphere of freedom that a college will give you soon. Therefore, you begin to make action plans, but not regarding academics. Your action plans will begin to revolve around Hudson Lane and Satya Niketan. The DU lifestyle brings so many fests, amazing food outlets, and concerts that there really is no time to make any other action plan. If only you and your best friend get into the same college! Even though you have not gotten into DU yet, you’re excited about planning everything out and making sandcastles in the air. They’ll be tangible soon!

5. Changing loyalties
We all believe in the popular perceptions around us about which college is the best in which field. As an aspirant, we want to achieve whatever we have been told is the best. However, not all of us get there. One phase of being an aspirant is seeing your loyalties change. You begin to get firsthand experience and turn emotionally biased towards wherever you settle. Needless to say, your loyalties will deviate from achieving what the ‘best’ is, to proving that whatever you have is no less.


Feature Image Credits: Times of India

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