How to Build a Minimalist Wardrobe

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A Minimalist yet stylish wardrobe may sound like an oxymoron to some, but there are innumerable ways to achieve it.

1) Make a detailed inventory of your possessions- Make a list of all that you own. Ensure that you take into account whether those clothes fit you anymore. Once you have a clear idea of what all you own, re-organising your wardrobe would be significantly easier. Make a list of essentials and basics that you do not have. Over the months slowly incorporate these essentials into your wardrobe one by one. Since the point of minimalism is owning less, buying everything in one go would be against the very point of this exercise. Therefore, take it slow on the purchase front.

2) Buy only what you need and love- Remember that shopping is not a leisure activity that is supposed to fight boredom. Do not buy things simply because they are on sale or because you might fit into them one day, or because you think it looks fairly good. Buy only what is necessary or what makes you look and feel absolutely confident. Any piece of clothing or accessory that you buy should be comfortable and versatile. Think of buying investment pieces that may be costlier but will last longer. Avoid fast fashion, shoddily made clothes with a short shelf life at all costs; they lack the gravitas needed to become a part of a minimalist wardrobe.

Image Credits- Madamois-Elle
Image Credits- Madamois-Elle

3) Develop your aesthetic- When we aren’t sure of our personal sense of style, we end up buying things that look good on us but are not expressive of our personality. These pieces of clothing may be cute individually, but if they do not reflect our style we would not do justice to them. They would remain piled up in our wardrobe, adding to the clutter and taking up precious closet space. Experimenting and trying out new things is important, but buy something unconventional only when you know you will be using it.

4) Set your own definition of minimalism– If you are adopting minimalism, one would assume you are tired of excessive consumerism and clutter. Therefore, it is you who should determine how religiously you need to follow this lifestyle. Minimalism does not mean your wardrobe needs to be full of charcoal greys and blacks. Having a minimalist wardrobe does not mean you wouldn’t buy yourself fun clothes to wear on a night out. A minimalist wardrobe serves the purpose of making your life easier, not restrict your choices. Buy that glittery dress to wear on your friends’ birthday and remember, it is cool to repeat!

Image Credits- Madamois-Elle
Image Credits- Madamois-Elle

A minimalist wardrobe is an act of rebellion in this world of fast fashion. By adopting it, you would choose sustainability, organization, and peace of mind. Develop a minimalist wardrobe so that your morning routine is simpler and getting dressed seems fun, not a chore.


Feature Image Credits: Madamois-Elle
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