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Now that trends influence everyone’s style, let’s finally separate the hype from the real deal.

I’m playing fashion police today- waving goodbye to trends that are potentially tired while giving some overdue love to the seriously underrated ones. Let’s set things straight once and for all.

Overrated fashion trends-

  1. Birkenstocks- These iconic sandals have been the epitome of comfortable footwear for a very long time. However, their chunky design makes it hard to integrate them with most outfits. So, while they’re definitely made out of quality material, the prices aren’t justified for a sandal used for casual wear.
  2. Sheer clothing- This provides the opportunity to play around with layers and textures which could be so fun! But, the comfort and practicality of sheer clothing is questionable. They can prove to be itchy and the synthetic materials are not very environmentally friendly either.
  3. Mini sunglasses- These are a departure from traditional eyewear by far. Indeed, they are more about making a statement than functionality but it’s impossible to see properly in them, let alone walk. Big yay for the look and all the fun colours they come in, but utility garners negative marks.
  4. Statement sneakers- The debate about their place on this list would be an intense one. While I agree with (and even partake in) sneakerhead culture, some designs are clearly more about flashiness and prestige than quality and comfort. While a good pair can transform a look for the better, a flashy one could push it slightly into the tacky category.

Underrated fashion trends-

  1. Dad shoes- ‘Dad’ shoes are those that are not necessarily considered very stylish but provide unparalleled comfort. They are the most ideal choice for extended periods of walking and their resurgence in recent times is a testament to a shift in fashion priorities, where comfort is taking precedence. It’s great to have an awesome sneaker collection but also get yourself some of these. Dads have always known best.
  2. Neutral tones- They deserve more recognition instead of being considered boring. Neutral colours exude understated elegance and should be staples in our wardrobes. They are easy to style and serve as the perfect backdrop for statement accessories.
  3. Timeless prints- Their appeal lies in being a reliable option for both formal and casual outfits. They have stood the test of time and their charm goes beyond that of passing fads such as animal prints. Most of them are eternally relevant but I’m still not so sure about polka dots, though.
  4. Fanny packs- The outdated designs have been revamped in recent times and are incredibly convenient. While I am a fan of tote bags, having to fish for my keys for 5 minutes is not fun. Fanny packs are thus a great accessory for on-the-go lifestyles.

Fashion has always existed as a means to express yourself. None of it could ever be the ‘wrong’ way to do it. Obviously, it’s important to wear what you like and are comfortable in. While certain trends may not resonate with everyone, they still contribute to the fashion landscape. If you like Birkenstocks and are rocking them, good for you! But do yourself a favour and buy some Dad shoes today.

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Power dressing and its impact can be incorporated in our everyday college wardrobe. Read on to know more.

Power dressing emerged as an alternate style of dressing that allows you to convey that you are in a position of power. Its whole purpose is to emit authority, confidence, and strength. The main motive is to dress smart, and feel like it. Now, what does power dressing look like? Giving patriarchy its due credit, now power dressing focuses on putting the well-dressed in the position of power and that position has been enjoyed by men since time immemorial.

Hence, power dressing is masculine in its foundation. It comprises of suits as it is basically workplace dressing. However, based on the concept of “dress to thrive”, power dressing is now evolving to be about more than just clothes. It’s your body language, posture, confidence, and even your hair.

Even though power dressing focuses highly upon corporate culture, there are ways to incorporate it into our daily style, especially with winters right around the corner.

Strive on structure:

Tight silhouettes with broad jackets make you look more uptight, improving your body structure, and give you the needed curves, making the outfit provide you a sense of self-confidence and alertness.

Choose matte: 

Power dressing is formal in its origin, hence, it fails when paired with bright textures. The entire point of power dressing is to look calm while emitting your authority. Therefore, matte textures in black, brown, blue, and burgundy go a long way.

A-line kurtas are A-plus: 

A-line kurtas provide you the perfect tight structure you are longing for. Choose vertical patterns over horizontal ones to add height to your outfit. Stay away from anarkalis and patiala suits, and you will be good to go.

Choose the right fabric: 

Choose fabrics like cotton, silk, chanderi, etc, rather than fabrics like chiffon and georgette. The stiffer and  tighter the fabric, more formal the attire will be.

Layering is the key: 

Any mundane t-shirt can be made edgy with just wearing an old shirt over it. Power dressing has great emphasis on layering as it’s the easiest way to add structure. Go for jackets, shrugs, and even t-shirt over t-shirt layering for a more concluded look.
Power dressing may provide external strength, but always remember what really matters is how you feel in what you wear, so if a long t-shirt with shorts is your thing, wear it with confidence!

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Chhavi Bahmba
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All that is old is gold; this holds true in the case of khadi which is, the clothing material that played a massive role in the struggle for Independence.

“Swaraj cannot come through the machine. But if two hundred million people with full understanding produce khadi with their own labour and wear it, the face of India will be transformed,” Gandhi ji’s courageous confidence in khadi was one of his most articulated convictions, and when he said that wearing khadi can change the spirit of India, he was right. He proved himself by making khadi the synonym of swadeshi.

The humble khadi clothing has now transformed itself into a style quotient. To change is to live, and to adapt is to grow; which is absolutely true in the growth trend of the humble khadi. Khadi not only can be produced in variable counts and weights, making it suitable for all weathers, but it is also eco-friendly, and has a low carbon footprint as compared to other types of cloth. Here is how you can style it to make a statement:

Outdoorsy Kurtas

Outdoorsy kurtas can be sported with either a pair of denims, or pyjamas. For footwear, settle on a couple of Kolhapuri chappals that will loan you an ethnic yet contemporary look, which works everytime.

Image Credits: Jaypore
Image Credits: Jaypore

Pastel-coloured Khadi Shirts

Light coloured khadi shirt teamed up with linen bottoms, chinos, or simply denim will surely add to your personality. Furthermore, khadi shirts are moistureabsorbent and skin-friendly, ensuring allround comfort. A sleek look would be to style an oversized shirt, cinched with a statement belt at the waist, paired with comfortable leggings.

Image Credits: I Wear Khadi
Image Credits: I Wear Khadi

Nehru Jacket

The Nehru jacket, paired with a white kurta and pyjama, or with a shirt and trousers, is the go-to for a more casual but effective look. Printed versions add a unique flare to the outfit.

Image Credits:
Image Credits: India Mart

Khadi Sarees

For job interviews or professional settings, a khadi saree is the go-to for a look that is easy to carry yet makes an impact. A range of fabrics from pure khadi to silk khadi, offer a wide range of options.

Image Credits: The Loom
Image Credits: The Loom

One of the biggest khadi exclusive stores in Delhi is in Connaught Place’s Outer Circle, which offers a wide range of products. So, get out there and explore your options with the versatile, comfortable, homegrown and sustainable fabric of khadi!

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Image Credits: Magic Pin

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Bhavya Pandey

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With most of us being outstation students, we should be teaching you how to wash your clothes, but here we are, with a better alternative, or is it?

At times, we find ourselves standing in front our closet door, exclaiming, “Kuchh pehen-ne ke liye nahi hai,” (I don’t have anything to wear) and wearing the same tried and tested clothes again and again, without giving a second thought. Here are five tips to make the best out of your limited wardrobe, and to add some style to your boring old clothes.

  • Tailor it out!

This goes out especially to those who love a casual day bargain at Sarojini Nagar. Get your clothes tailored, from the money you save, it might take some time to find your perfect fit or your perfect tailor, but trust me, it’s worth it.

  • Shirt Tail Guard

Being college students, we don’t generally feel the need to tuck in our shirts. But once in a while, when that special interview, or that special date comes along, that’s where the troubles begin. Tucked in shirts have a potential to get baggy in response to the slightest movements, and that gets annoying to adjust repeatedly. A simple shirt tail-guard will attach to your shirt’s and socks’ ends, and keep the shirt tucked in, appearing  freshly ironed throughout the day. While being hidden beneath your pants,  these tail-guards do the trick , without that suffocating belt.

  • More Confidence Than Cologne

Every now and then, you would get some ideas of mix-and-match that you would like to give a go, but are afraid to do so. Confidence to pull of anything is essentially more important than knowledge of fashion or colours. Don’t worry, you have got this.

  • Ek Anaar, 100 Bimaar (White Sneaks, Colour Mischief)

Most of us own a classic white or black pair of sneakers. Sneakers are the best casual wear. You can buy some different coloured shoelaces to go with your pair, and mix-and-match according to your will. Remember, it’s the shoes that get noticed first!

  • Beg, Borrow, Steal

If nothing works for you, you can always borrow from your roommates or friends!

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Finally, after a long delay, an intense and fairly elongated wave of humid monsoons has hit the National Capital. It has brought several skin-related problems that need to be addressed.

Despite the declaration of a dry monsoon for North India, Delhi has witnessed several spells of monsoon rains. The students, who are exposed to the humidity for about 10 hours each day, have been complaining of skin and hair problems. These are triggers that need to be checked, before they shoot into major allergies or infections.

Aditya from Hindu College said, “My skin has become relatively more oily and my hair more sticky. With a busy schedule and packed timetable for college every day, it is increasingly difficult to take care of my skin properly. Plus my pocket money doesn’t allow me to buy expensive products, so I usually use milk and honey, and some besan to prepare a pack, that keeps the skin hydrated and also reduces the stickiness.”

Products like face masks, scrubs, face wash, face packs, shampoos and conditioners, and toners are helpful, but it becomes difficult for students to buy them from expensive, and upmarket brands. But as Kashvi, from Kirori Mal College suggested, brands like Khadi Bharat, MiniSo, and Patanjali provide quality products at much cheaper rates, and have a better and long-lasting impact (not to forget that they’re organic!). They help in controlling the sebaceous activity and reducing oiling on the skin.

The other option is home remedies. Popular belief associates home remedies for skincare to be a part of the knowledge of mothers and grandmothers. However, these home remedies have time and again proven to be effective. For the arsenal of the University students who want to take care of their skin, two essentials are haldi (turmeric), and rosewater. Rosewater is an amazing anti-oxidant and works as an amazing toner. Bottled rosewater can be used as a super cheap substitute. For those students who are inclined towards do-it-yourself options, recipes to make rosewater are available online, which are quite simple to follow.

Turmeric is known mostly as a spice for food, but people fail to realise that it is great to combat acne and pimples. To make a turmeric face mask, turmeric needs to be mixed with a liquid, like lemon juice, which acts as an astringent; raw honey, which is known for its antimicrobial properties; or milk, which can be used to brighten the skin. Use these face packs once or twice a week, and you will soon start seeing results. This is top-notch and, on a budget too, as the ingredients are already available in your kitchen, or in the local grocery store.

Turmeric is known mostly as a spice for food, but people fail to realise that it is great to combat acne and pimples. To make a turmeric face mask, turmeric needs to be mixed with a liquid, like lemon juice, which acts as an astringent; raw honey, which is known for its antimicrobial properties; or milk, which can be used to brighten the skin. Use these face packs once or twice a week, and you will soon start seeing results. This is top-notch and, on a budget too, as the ingredients are already available in your kitchen, or in the local grocery store.


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Prabhanu Kumar Das

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With the cut-offs frenzy and admission formalities done for, it’s finally time to start college and settle in with some new fashion statements in your wardrobe!

Starting college is an overwhelming change and can be hard to adjust to. Now that all the craziness of securing a place for yourself in the University of Delhi (DU) has finally ended, some questions might be plaguing you – what to wear and how to prepare? Some of the essentials for your college wardrobe are simple fashion classics, but there are necessities outside of those classics that will help you get through your college years.

  1. Sturdy Denim Shorts, Skirts, and Jeans: 

This one is a no-brainer. Classic denim that is comfortable, stylish, and goes with pretty much everything, is going to be your savior for mornings where you have a total of 15 minutes to get ready and reach college. Increase or decrease the length of the leg to suit your needs.  

  1. Street-side Jewelry:

Be it Sarojini Nagar, Kamla Nagar, or any other street shopping place that is near your college, street buys often make for statement pieces that can light up a boring outfit. For the days you don’t know what to wear, put on a white t-shirt and faded blue jeans, and the jewelry pieces that will add that much-needed oomph

  1. Basic Tees:

These are great to stock-up on since basic tees can be paired with anything and you can create new looks with different combinations. They are the go-to for when you have no new ideas for outfits, and can be styled in infinite ways.

  1. Graphic Tees: 

Aside from being great conversation starters, graphic tees give you an outlet for expression. Be it your favorite comedian, book-series, or TV show, you can let the world know your choices just by donning these comfortable and foolproof garments.

  1. A Good Pair of Sneakers: 

Be it a last-minute errand before class, or a sprint to catch the metro on time, a comfortable and robust pair of sneakers will do you a great service. Go for a solid color and stay simple, or experiment with patterns and prints to suit your style.

  1. Flannel Shirts:

Practical, useful, and basically college-wear by default, flannel shirts are a timeless clothing essential. You can wear them unbuttoned over a shirt, or buttoned-up and tucked-in – the possibilities are endless.

So, get out there and make the most of your three years! Roam, look, learn, and grow.  

Feature Image Credits: P.V. Purnima for DU Beat

Bhavya Pandey 

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It has captivated us for ages now and this Auburn will help you pick out GG inspired outfits that do not get restricted to your Pinterest likes.

Along the steps of  University of Delhi, a revolution is heard. Will S win the battle with her bohemian-chic outfits or will B and her minions’ crush the efforts with affluent seasonal picks? It is a battle worth finding out.

Gossip Girl has been a guilty pleasure for its engaging dramatic content and its glamourisation of the affluent. What made this series ever more charming has to be the amazing fashion choices pulled out by all the characters, yes even Rufus!

Find out how you can create your own Gossip Girl inspired outfits at a budget:

1.“Tights are not pants”

Thanks to B.Waldorf’s bold choices, it is acceptable now that dressing up in rouge isn’t half as bad!

Queen B also made us fall in love with yellows, ensuring that it can also be styled and worn in a million confident ways possible!

Definitely a bold choice, but try out any patterned tights with solids, or a cross-pattern work to enhance your outfit’s appeal. Pair it up with an eclectic bag which you can find at any thrifty store or a flea market, to add some desi flair to your outfit!

Image Credits: Pinterest
Image Credits: Pinterest
Image Credits: The Luxury Spot
Image Credits: The Luxury Spot

2.Easy and breezy like S

Serena Van der Woodsen’s style has been bohemian, and yes she doesn’t shy away from trying on the coolest outfits ever. Through the seasons you may have witnessed her outfits comprising of flowy summer dresses and oversized sweaters and chunky jewelry, making the appeal for the boho-chic ever brighter! Do not restrict the summers for a more casual and flowy look. Invest in oversized sweaters and cardigans and pair them up with dresses and tights, or the usual skinny jeans and thigh high boots for the perfect laid back look!  Add bright summery skater skirts or palazzos with a solid tank top and uber cool flats to complete your summer look!

Auburn tip: Check out the men’s section to find the best collection of oversized and comfortable sweaters.

Image Credits: Harper’s Bazaar
Image Credits: Harper’s Bazaar

3. Little J Day

Jenny’s style was more towards gothic and comprised of more tight-fitting clothes and heavy smokey eyes, the appeal is pleasing nonetheless.

Here is how you can create a Little J look which would be a perfect outfit choice for a night out or for a concert. Fishnet stockings and high-waisted jeans with boots, followed by an eclectic accessory collection does wonders. Definitely load up on the smokey eye and pair it with the grey’s or the blacks. Grunge redefined!

Image Credits: Bustle
Image Credits: Bustle

4.Suit up like Chuck Bass

The raspy voice wasn’t the only thing which added more to Chuck Bass’s appeal. This UES boy featured one of the best menswear in the entirety of the show. Be it checked blazers or pink suits, nothing could beat the Chuck Bass appeal.

While his style will definitely not come off as casual, to suit up like Bass, invest in a proper formal wear outfit. If a blazer seems too much, stick to suspenders to give it a cool vintage vibe, but also look extremely presentable at the same time.

Image Credits: Pinterest
Image Credits: Pinterest

5. Dazzle unlike Lonely Boy

It seems that the only person who dresses up like an actual teenager/youth in the entire series is Dan Humphrey, hence being a big source of outfit motivation. A typical Dan Humphrey outfit would entail flannel shirts and denims. For a smart casual look, a solid tee with a blazer and jeans and an impressive pair of oxfords will complete the look!

Image Credits: The way I see it
Image Credits: The way I see it

6.Mama Lily sans her weddings

Lily Bass/Humphrey/Rhodes defines elegance and charm. With her sleek buns and enviable jewelry collection, she leaves all of us dazed and that too with her added calmness, even in the crumbling world around her.

The sleek and elegant look can be attained by pairing your outfits with a befitting bun up-do. A sleek low bun with a middle part and simple studs and a nude lip tone will make your look sparkle and scream sophistication. Here’s to all of the department fests coming up where you want something edgy or different!

Image Credits: You know you love fashion
Image Credits: You know you love fashion

 7. Brooklyn it up like Vanessa

She is bold and definitely proves that style shouldn’t be synonymous with money. Vanessa appeals to a more bohemian and carefree look, but being an assertive and independent woman at the same time. This marks as the ideal daily wear for college, now that summers are approaching.

Include Aztec print shorts or skirts alongside tank tops and chunky jewelry to glam it up like V! Throw in a bohemian or eclectic handbag to give a complete carefree vibe. What is better is that this entire look can be created by visiting your favourite flea markets and won’t pinch a bit! So what is the wait for?

Image Credits: Pinterest
Image Credits: Pinterest

8.On your way to replace headbands with tiaras

It was the Blair Waldorf fever which made us all aware that headbands are an essential in our wardrobes and not something restricted to just little girls! Ranging from bandanas to scarves and headbands, there are so many of them to choose from. They are extremely versatile and go with both- the Indian and the western outfits!

Definitely invest in headbands and wear it like a crown so you step out and seize the day!

Image Credits: Pinterest
Image Credits: Pinterest

9.Ever more Trench

Trench coats are a perfect piece of clothing. They are warm, look extremely chic and make us look tall!

From patterned trench coats to solid ones, you can pair it with your dresses, jeans and boots or even over sweaters! Complete the look with a beret cap and a bold lip colour to make a perfect style statement.

Image Credits: Celebrity style guide
Image Credits: Celebrity style guide

Spotted on the steps of the Met: an S. and B. power struggle. Whose fashion would appeal to DU more? There’s nothing Gossip Girl likes more than a good fashion fight. And this could be a classic.

Avnika Chhikara

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Plausibly, the first question that would come to most people’s mind would be, ‘what exactly is a pheran?’ It is a long cloak-like tunic that is traditionally worn in Kashmir, in keeping with the spirit of winter and the subsequent provision of warmth.

These tunics are normally knee-length and worn by both men and women, however, the ones for women often have more handiwork, particularly around the neck, the cuffs, and the hemline. Traditionally, these garments are made of wool or tweed, but are now even stitched from cotton for warmer months. There is also a luxurious variant which had gold or silver embroidery (tilla) on it, and works especially well for the darker hours in the day.

However, warmth is not the only purpose it serves. Pherans have come up as a trendy, modernised version of their erstwhile self, and could be styled in multiple ways depending on the occasion. They could be especially useful for DU students in these winter months, because they are both stylish, and practical.

How to style it:

  1. Worn with jeans: A simple pheran in colours like navy blue, black or brown would go wonderfully with a pair of jeans. If it is getting too cold, a sweater could be worn inside it.
  2. With boots: Brighter colours like deep reds, or whites could be worn with woolen leggings over moto or ankle boots. The outfit looks very put-together and chic.
  3. Styled with scarves: Scarves, especially bulkier ones, are great accessories for pherans. Experiment with colours which are outrageously contrasting with your pheran.
  4. Hooded pherans: A close western substitute would be the hooded cape worn by Little Red Riding Hood. Hooded pherans might be difficult to find in Delhi, but, that by no means, should stop you from going to your tailors and asking for a custom-made pheran.

Where to shop:

  1. Dilli haat: Dilli Haat has a good collection of pherans, with locals from Kashmir selling them. However, be sure to bargain with them.
  2. Connaught Place: There are more than a few stores in CP which deal in Kashmiri Handicrafts, and have, among other things, Kashmiri pherans in stock this winter.
  3. Online: Websites like kashmirkit.com have an abundant selection of pherans to choose from. Besides, there are third-party websites which also stock these garments.

Although some of these tend to be a little on the pricier side, but a pheran is a just investment, and will stay good as new for years.


Image credits: Mamanushka blog

Maumil Mehraj

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The exam season is over, and the new semester has arrived in all its glory of hectic schedules as well as the excitement of college fests.

It is finally time to get out of the blanket, and dress up for the designated socialising. Here are five sweater styles
you must try this winter to ace the appearance and the comfort factors:
1. Turtleneck
The thing about turtlenecks is that these are hard to resist because of the wholesome vibe in freezing winters.
They are favourable for winters because every inch of the torso feels uniformly warm. Add to the warmth with the
regal and sophisticated appearance turtlenecks have, and then make sure to add this king of sweater styles in your
wardrobe’s must-have list.

Image Credits: Yes Style
Image Credits: Yes Style

2. Fisherman Sweater
With the best type of knit, the cable-knit adds to the aesthetic of this sweater, the Fisherman makes you fall in love
instantly upon wearing. The knit makes it the warmest style of sweater, and the styling is easy-going. To make the best of your attire, wear a fedora hat and boots with it.
3. Ribbed Sweaters
More tame than the versatile fashion of cable-knit, this style of sweater provides more textures to experiment with. The many layers one has to don to brace the cold, the texture provides a way to overlook the bulk. When oversized, these stylish sweaters give a fresh look of an entire dress. Pair with white sneakers for a cool and chic look.

Image Credits: Namshi
Image Credits: Namshi

4. Cardigans
There is no winter wardrobe more incomplete than the one without good cardigans. Available in a wide-ranging variety of options in patterns, fabrics, and colours, they make the best everyday companions. The cropped cardigan look is also an excellent choice for pairing with pants, skirts, or denim. Cropped cardigans make for a cute
appearance with frocks and blend just as beautifully with tops.

Image Credits: Diksha Rawat
Image Credits: Diksha Rawat

5. Zip sweaters
Due to the many, many clothes one has to carry around in the winters, the lives of outstation students become
a packing nightmare. Having half-zip or full-zip sweaters to your wardrobe increases your styling options due to the
versatility. These are amicable towards other sweaters, for you get to wear button-down shirts and many other things underneath. Throw it on while heading to the destination in the cold, and take it off if you feel warm in an indoor setting.

Image Credits: LLBean
Image Credits: LLBean


Feature Image Credits: LLBean

Anushree Joshi
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Here’s looking at various fashion trends that will help you up your style game instantly and let you be the Pataka that you are.

Diwali is right around the corner and everyone is frantically browsing through the various fashion trends, looking for inspiration online, and scouring the streets of Chandni Chowk for their desired outfit. There seems to be no end to this madness that engulfs people every year at this time.

Let us look at some ways that could really help you to make a style statement:


  1. Sarees
    This Indian attire exuberates elegance and never goes out of style. The timelessness of a saree is what makes it a personal favourite. Go through your mother’s saree collection and grab what suits you best. You could either opt for a silk one to amplify the elegance or pick up a more modern and sheer silhouette like chiffon to look chic. You can even experiment with the draping techniques. Blouses can be substituted with printed, contrasting crop tops, or if you like, go for a blouse cut that pleases you the most.


  1. Palazzos

It baffles me time and again how comfortable palazzo can be. Either opt for a plain Kurta or a tank top and printed, colourful palazzo or a Kurta that is rather heavy and pair it up with complementing, plain palazzo. You can add a scarf to this mix and you would be Diwali ready. A variety of these could be picked up at Delhi Haat or Sarojini, or even chains like Westside.


  1. Jhumkas

If there is one accessory that could complete your whole look, it would probably be Jhumkas. To add that extra flash and traditional touch to the whole attire you can pick these up on the basis of size and colour depending on your attire as a whole. Understated silver ones as opposed to a chunkier colourful one might do the trick if you are not going for something too dressy. Jhumkas can easily be bought at Lajpat Nagar, Chandni Chowk, and Sarojini.


  1. Juttis or Kulhapuris

It is better if you opt for flats over heels, as they would be more comfortable and always provide you with the mobility that this festival demands. Walking around in heels for hours at a stretch can be severely uncomfortable and there are a number of medical issues that sprout up due to its prolonged usage. At this point, it is better to go for Juttis or Kolhapuris that might look even chic and fashionable.

This Diwali, let’s vow to not burst patakas, but rather be one. Happy Diwali!

Feature Image Credits: Fashion Buzzer


Anoushka Singh

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