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Sweater Styles to Slay

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The exam season is over, and the new semester has arrived in all its glory of hectic schedules as well as the excitement of college fests.

It is finally time to get out of the blanket, and dress up for the designated socialising. Here are five sweater styles
you must try this winter to ace the appearance and the comfort factors:
1. Turtleneck
The thing about turtlenecks is that these are hard to resist because of the wholesome vibe in freezing winters.
They are favourable for winters because every inch of the torso feels uniformly warm. Add to the warmth with the
regal and sophisticated appearance turtlenecks have, and then make sure to add this king of sweater styles in your
wardrobe’s must-have list.

Image Credits: Yes Style
Image Credits: Yes Style

2. Fisherman Sweater
With the best type of knit, the cable-knit adds to the aesthetic of this sweater, the Fisherman makes you fall in love
instantly upon wearing. The knit makes it the warmest style of sweater, and the styling is easy-going. To make the best of your attire, wear a fedora hat and boots with it.
3. Ribbed Sweaters
More tame than the versatile fashion of cable-knit, this style of sweater provides more textures to experiment with. The many layers one has to don to brace the cold, the texture provides a way to overlook the bulk. When oversized, these stylish sweaters give a fresh look of an entire dress. Pair with white sneakers for a cool and chic look.

Image Credits: Namshi
Image Credits: Namshi

4. Cardigans
There is no winter wardrobe more incomplete than the one without good cardigans. Available in a wide-ranging variety of options in patterns, fabrics, and colours, they make the best everyday companions. The cropped cardigan look is also an excellent choice for pairing with pants, skirts, or denim. Cropped cardigans make for a cute
appearance with frocks and blend just as beautifully with tops.

Image Credits: Diksha Rawat
Image Credits: Diksha Rawat

5. Zip sweaters
Due to the many, many clothes one has to carry around in the winters, the lives of outstation students become
a packing nightmare. Having half-zip or full-zip sweaters to your wardrobe increases your styling options due to the
versatility. These are amicable towards other sweaters, for you get to wear button-down shirts and many other things underneath. Throw it on while heading to the destination in the cold, and take it off if you feel warm in an indoor setting.

Image Credits: LLBean
Image Credits: LLBean


Feature Image Credits: LLBean

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