DU Notifies Formula for the Conversion of CGPA into Percentage

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CBCS System followed at DU is Relative Grading and not Absolute Grading. After many trials and rejections, DU has finally prepared a formula to take out the percentage from the CGPA.

The Examination Centre of the University of Delhi has prepared a formula using which the percentage of the final year students of undergraduate courses can be derived from the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). The University of Delhi shall adopt this formula for converting the CGPA into the percentage:

Final Percentage of Marks (%) = CGPA based on all six semesters × 9.5

The student community has welcomed this development with mixed responses. Srivedant Kar, a final year student of Cluster Innovation Centre (CIC) told DU beat, “I am happy, that at least they came out with an official clarification of this but with the lower patterns of grading they followed in the past two years, this decision should be supported by lenient marking to make this decision effective.” However, Kartik Kakar, a second-year student from Rajdhani College feels that the formula is mathematically incorrect as the maximum a student can score is 95% after calculating with the new devised formula.

Dr. Ashima Saikiya, a professor at Department of Geology says, “Neither percentage nor grades can help the students as long as they are not provided with the marks they scored in the individual subjects.” Indeed, our SGPA is not entirely dependent on our performance. It depends on how our classmates did in exam as well. It is more like they total the marks of all the students in that batch, average it, and then find the standard deviation from the average marks.

The above formula shall be applicable with effect from the undergraduate examinations under the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) to be held in May/June 2018 and onwards. The first batch under CBCS will be getting the percentage derived using this formula. Only the conversion formula will be printed in the certificates and there will be no mention of percentage.


Feature Image Credits: Hindustan Times

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