Fashion Musts and Blasts of the Past

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We probably have to thank good ruling ladies for the return of the elegant fashions, be it Adele with her cat eyeliner, false eyelashes, and beehive, or Lana Del Ray with her flower crowns, elegant gowns, and glamorous bouffant do.

There are trends in the fashion world we are glad to see make a resurgence, and there are times when we get an unexpected blast from the past we never asked for. Fashion is an undeniable roller-coaster of weird, wonderful, and innovative styles, both for better and for worse. Auburn brings you lists of evergreen fashions, sexier comebacks of past trends, and trends that better not make any riposte.

Preen Evergreen:

  1. Glitzy Sequins- Be it Michael Cinco sequined gowns or not, glitter and glamour in sequins are never out of fashion in any decade.
  2. Gingham- It is one of those cute, geometrical designs (the other being polka and florals) that will forever be associated with an airy and light-hearted look, and won’t be out of our wardrobes.
  3. Denim- Comfortable and trendy, east or west, denim is the best.
  4. Camouflage- A must in every closet, the military green, animal print and its camouflage design may not seem like a “hot” trend but it endures.
  5. The Casual Plaid Shirt- It is one of those trends that are timeless. The type of fabric used to make the plaid shirts vary from season to season, nevertheless giving the same elegance.

Blend that Trend:

  1. Chokers- Almost every tinsel town actress has been seen sporting this goth accessory. The Zeenat Aman inspired look from the 90s has made a stylish comeback being a well-nigh complement of everyday outfits for all the girls.
  2. Off-shoulder and Crop Tops- These tops and dresses have become quite the thing of late. And why not, they add just a dash of sexy without revealing too much!
  3. High-waisted Pants- It’s no secret that these pants keep making a comeback on the catwalk. They are flattering for the lower body, making one look taller and leaner.
  4. Overalls- Comeback of overalls means just that with the right combination, they could be your hottest look now.
  5. Round Glares- John Lennon brought these glasses into fashion in the 70s and 80s, however of late people have been carrying the look with panache. Hopefully, they are back for good.

Fashion Blunder:

  1. Crocs- It’s got a bad enough reputation to have ranked a spot on Time’s “50 Worst Inventions”.
  2. Super Low-Rise Jeans: Coming up next is yet another bastardized branch of an otherwise perfectly fine piece of clothing – the extra low-rise jeans that look so uncouth.
  3. Bedazzled Denim: It’s hard to look bad in denim until you go around looking like you are simply donning rhinestones. It’s probably best to stay away from these bling-dipped jeans.
  4. Half-and-Half T-shirts- The concept is pretty simple: cut two tees in half and stitch one side of each together but, RIP pour one out. This one went to the great hype graveyard in the sky and let’s hope nobody brings it back.
  5. Sweater vests- First, vests are just impractical to begin with but the sweater vest was a whole new level of blunder. They can usually be found on a ridiculously oversized shirt from the 90s and better stay there to never come back.


Feature Image Credits: Nuffnang Malaysia

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